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So if smaller always means cheaper, how come there are no four inch Android media players at around $75 to $100 mark? I mean now when there are Seven inch tablets at $200. They should make a killing at that price level since the new iPod Touch is THREE times more expensive?   I like how people now completely expects everyone to release hardware at (or below) cost. What do you think this will do to the rest of the Android tablet market? It will completely collapse since...
  So when a new Android 7 incher gets released every two months, that means that it would be impossible to make a purchasing decision at any given point in time? Which is probably true since that is mostly what i read on android related posts in tech forums. People declaring that they won't buy a product because a "better" one has already been announced (and of course Apple hate...always Apple hate even though the post has nothing to do with Apple).   It's progress. If...
  So when the tegra 3 is packaged with a different GPU it's a completely new generation becasue "there is a difference"?   That would would be a lot of generations of Tegra 3 just this year... Fantastic pace of innovation!
  So if they sell one....you will be wrong?
So let med get this right. I just saw the news that the number of global mobile subscriptions just passed six billion. And still the naysayers are absolutely claiming that Apples markets are "saturated"? There is still massive potential for growth on the table in the smartphone (and table) segment but for some reason Apple is the only one who is not even going to be able to grow in absolute numbers, despite it still being relatively small in China and basically...
By the time those factories and robots have been developed to be able to assemble  for example the iPhone 5, Apple will already be marketing the iPhone 7. Robots aren't flexible enough when product lifetime is a few years. People are! Remember that Apple releases a new product every year that sells more than all of the previous iPhone sales put together. The ramp up is massive and is probably impossible to do without being able to tap into a pool of tens of thousands of...
  "Ultrabook, inspired by Intel" ?
  I find it hilarious that there are double the amount of hits to Maps from iOS users compared to Android users. As in web-browsing, Android users does not seem to actually use their smartphones as actual smartphones. And to expect Google to willingly miss out on all that usage (and exposure to ads) by NOT delivering a Google Maps app for iOS ASAP would probably be wrong.   They will not have the balls to leave all those users (and revenue) on the table.
So what do you call this then?   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_acquisitions_by_Google   Twentynine (29) since Jauary 2011.   Apple has bought exactly three (3) companies in the same timeframe.
  A couple of days ago I saw a post detailing how Apple is currently grabbing 83% of mobile gaming revenue in the US with iPhone/iTouch and iPad. Do they really need to be more aggressive then that currently?
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