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I could care less if every financial institution in the World has Apple Pay. How about getting vendors to accept Apple Pay, it's October already and I haven't seen more vendors in my location accepting Apple Pay. All I heard in the past is wait for October 2015 for the vendors to come around. Well, I'm seeing the new terminals but not seeing more accepting Apple Pay. Do we have the year right or is it now wait till October 2016?
Really don't care about adding "500 Banks"; now if we can add 500+ retailers that accept Apple Pay, that would be a better outcome. I realize that retailers will be updating their credit card terminals soon, however the rollout for more retailers has been slow. All I have around here are McDonalds, Panera, Wallgreen, and Staples. There's no Whole Foods, have Fresh Market & Publix. Also wondering if Gas Station payment terminals are getting the upgrade from the...
More banks aren't a concern for me, I'd like to see more retailers accepting Apple Pay. I live in Central Florida, unfortunately no Whole Foods near me, Publix is the main grocery store. Any chance that they're coming aboard soon?
What happens to iTunes Radio; does it stay or is it eliminated when Apple Music arrives?
OK, re-read his post; my bad. Initially just saw my name quoted NolaMac and erroneously assumed he was writing about me.
WOW, guess someone must have thought that I was mivgod. Have you mis-identified me as "mvigod" or what?
Well now, it takes more than 5 minutes. I hate waiting in line more than 5 minutes.
Well I'd rather not spend the 5 minutes calling my CC Company and screwing around updating my new CC number at Payment Sites. Guess your not an Internet user utilizing payment sites. Most individuals seem to use them to pay their bills electronically, it's really convenient.
No. I'm just in disagreement with you as to it's no-problem or hassle to you if you lose your credit card. If Apple Pay works, great. If Apple Pay doesn't work, fine I'll use my credit card the old fashion way. However losing your credit card is not a "no problem occurrence" as you seem to see it.
mvigod, I guess loosing a credit card isn't much of a hassle, and maybe even a delight to you. You might even enjoy throwing all of your credit cards on the ground near some criminal detention center to see how fast some folks pick them up.But for most folks losing their credit card, it's a pain-in-the-ass. If you lose your card, you wonder where you lost it, so you first check to see if any unwarranted charges where made by checking the card website, then you contact the...
New Posts  All Forums: