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I'm wondering if MCX establishments don't accept Apple Pay or Google Wallet, what's to stop Apple or Android phones from accepting and loading an MCX app on their mobile phones?
Would be nice if Discover Card entered the Apple Pay arena.
Have a couple questions: 1. Can you un-bend it back to the original shape without cracking it? 2. Does bending it as shown in the video damage the phone, the battery, etc.
Thanks for the quick response. Found out that I could confirm that it was a 4s by opening iTunes on my computer and connecting the iPhone. The iTunes screen identified it as a 4s.
I'm selling an old iPhone that I called "Tony's Phone" in the General>Name field.  I believe it's an iPhone 4 or a 4s; however I'm not sure.  It's model identifier in the specs is MD270LL/A .   It's an AT&T iPhone but not sure which one it is, a 4 or a 4s .  Can someone give me a response, thanks.
ASP, I believe it was a type of snake the bit and killed Cleopatra about 2,100 years ago.
How does one use Apple Pay in a check-out at a restaurant where normally a tip is added at the discretion of the customer?  Does the customer using Apple Pay initially pay the charge on the bill, then request another charge, separately for the tip?  Seems awkward.
Believe the biggest news from yesterday (9/9) isn't bigger phones or the "Watch",... in my eyes it's Apple Pay.  However I have a few questions on the card authentication process that some might be aware-of, but I haven't seen described.   1. I'm assuming you take a picture of your card, also inputting card number, the card's security code and somehow send that information to the card issuer to receive another alpha/numeric code via return text to authenticate the card. ...
Well, I don't believe Apple Play will track your every purchase like Google Pay does at this time.  Goggle then sells this info and you get those wonderful emails from vendors you didn't know you had.
Most of the posts discuss the looks & dimensions of  the iPhone 6/6+.  I'm a bit more interested in seeing how Apple-Pay works in real life, say next month when I'll hopefully be using my new phone.  Here's a couple questions that maybe some can answer:   1. Kinda disappointed that Discover wasn't included as qualified Apple-Pay credit card, that's the one I primarily use.  In fact my Discover Card Rewards will be used to purchase the iPhone 6+.  Hopefully they'll be...
New Posts  All Forums: