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What happens when the size of the iPhone increases next year ?   Do I spend another $99 for a new controller ?  I think not.
Really wanted to see Touch ID. Now that KeyChain has been implemented in iOS7, it would seem that Touch ID might be a more significant feature to possess on the iPads.
In all probability the folks at NSA could "hack" the sensor in no time at all.  They may not want to inform whomever that they did it, no matter how much cash, wine, or Bitcoins are offered.
So all that the that the ID Thingy can do right now is unlock your iPhone and open your iTunes account.  WOW !!!!  Gotta do more than that.  I have about 100+ websites that request a password; the ID Thingy does nothing for those?  Will it ever?
I see rumors about the iPhone 5S to arrive sometime in June/July, but nothing about the new 9.7 iPad; does anyone have a clue?
Rather than increasing the display size, processor speed, increased storage size, NFC,.... what Apple needs is something that no one else has. What I would really like to see is some type of authentication which would eliminate the necessity for passwords. I've read that Apple is looking at this, if it comes to fruition whether it be by finger-print or retina eye scan, that could be the feature that the potential buyers would just say WOW, Gotta buy that.
Just wondering is there any technology in the World today that could improve the VGA display in FaceTime? Can Apple use something other than VGA? The display for FaceTime that exits in iPad2 or in the iPad that we'll have on March 16th is pretty-crappy; you'd think that Apple could do better than that.
Are there any improvements in FaceTime display quality in the "New iPad"? I've seen numerous stories about improvements in the rear facing camera, but very little if any in the front facing camera which shows the other party during facetime calls. IMHO, the quality at present on my iPad2 is sub-standard, will doubling the pixels on the New iPad improve facetime picture quality or will it remain the same. Tony
One of the features that I'd like to see improvement in the iPad3 or iPad2S (whatever it's called) is an improved FaceTime display. I'm hearing/seeing alleged improvements in rear-facing camera and more pixels in the overall display; but the front-facing display for FaceTime is severely lacking when compared with normal video and picture displays with the current iPad2. With the assumed improvement towards "retina display" type quality in the forthcoming successor to...
Nice improvement by RR2, however you need Airplay. RR2 is a great game, the best racing game on iTunes. But I wish they can provide more cars, especially I you reached the level to be "gifted" their fastest car, the McLaren F1 GTR. At this point, I haven't played RR2 as much, because there's nothing to play for.
New Posts  All Forums: