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What happens to iTunes Radio; does it stay or is it eliminated when Apple Music arrives?
OK, re-read his post; my bad. Initially just saw my name quoted NolaMac and erroneously assumed he was writing about me.
WOW, guess someone must have thought that I was mivgod. Have you mis-identified me as "mvigod" or what?
Well now, it takes more than 5 minutes. I hate waiting in line more than 5 minutes.
Well I'd rather not spend the 5 minutes calling my CC Company and screwing around updating my new CC number at Payment Sites. Guess your not an Internet user utilizing payment sites. Most individuals seem to use them to pay their bills electronically, it's really convenient.
No. I'm just in disagreement with you as to it's no-problem or hassle to you if you lose your credit card. If Apple Pay works, great. If Apple Pay doesn't work, fine I'll use my credit card the old fashion way. However losing your credit card is not a "no problem occurrence" as you seem to see it.
mvigod, I guess loosing a credit card isn't much of a hassle, and maybe even a delight to you. You might even enjoy throwing all of your credit cards on the ground near some criminal detention center to see how fast some folks pick them up.But for most folks losing their credit card, it's a pain-in-the-ass. If you lose your card, you wonder where you lost it, so you first check to see if any unwarranted charges where made by checking the card website, then you contact the...
It's ridiculous that DiscoverCard is holding out from ApplePay, are they planning on joining MCX? I've had DiscoverCard since it started as a Sears creation in 1985. It's been my primary credit card since then. Well no more, just applied for a Capital One Quicksilver Card a few days ago. When it arrives I'll exile the DiscoverCard to storage, redeem my rewards dollars, and probably won't use it anymore. My iPhone 6 should arrive around Nov. 20th, looking forward to...
Couldn't find a topic category so I asking a question at this Forum. I'd just like to know if Apple Pay accepts VISA from Capital One, the Quicksilver version, that has 1.5% back as a reward on purchases. To my dismay I discovered that my GM MasterCard by Capital One was not accepted for Apple Pay because of the reward feature to a 3rd party (General Motors). Has anyone been able to get the VISA Quicksilver by Capital One as qualifying for Apple Pay ?
I'm a little pissed that the two CCs that I use, Discover & GM MasterCard by Capitol One, aren't covered by Apple Pay. I knew that Discover wasn't in as yet, but thought they would be shortly. So, no problem, I can use my GM MasterCard since the issuer bank is Capitol One. To my surprise GM MasterCard is not in Apple Pay ???? After getting the card rejected, I contacted Apple and was informed that the reward aspect on the MasterCard for GM dollar rewards, excluded the...
New Posts  All Forums: