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Also known as- less features.Oh to be a teenager again and have the ability to ask out girls without even having to talk. Only problem then is even the ball-less kids ask girls out too. More competition- although easier girls. So it evens out
I read yours after I wrote it and thought "What would Samsung do?"  Then I changed it.  :)
Being completely transparent- I use my parent's account's log-in and I recently cut the cord several months ago.  I started paying their portion of my Cellphone bill, and in return, I use their log-in credentials.  It wasn't that I couldn't afford cable- I mean- with the combo promo that U-Verse had with my internet, it was maybe $35/month to add most channels.  But it was more a matter of me not wanting to just have the TV on for no good reason- which I found myself...
Lol Sorry, I should have more to contribute. Here it goes.... Hahahaha
Of course- I meant before they release their new iteration of it. Without looking up the exact names:Example- the app sorting application company they bought- they were going to use that technology in their own search feature in the app store.  Why not keep that app around until they add it into their app store- then shut it down? Same thing here- why not keep Swell, and when they add personalized talk radio in iTunes Radio, then shut it down?  Otherwise- every current...
*excluding museums and cemeteries.
I'm always curious why Apple shuts down the apps they purchase. Doesn't that open up the door and force the people who use that app to find an alternative? What if they like that better? It couldn't take much to continue that app in its current form.
Curious if it is possible for apple- or preferably a third party accessory maker to create a screen cover that makes the iPad read similar to eink in some way.
An online petition from average joes beat big business. Small win for 'merica
But the "well-connected" Kuo said we'd get an iPad update in July/August.
New Posts  All Forums: