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"You have a hole, let me plug it." That's my pickup line I always use too before I screw someone!
not a game mentioned, but Ive been playing "Vain Glory" for free for over a week now. Holy crap it's amazing. I'm likely going to get divorced because of it though...
duplicate post
I actually liked those star treks also. So me and you on an island.Tallest- there is no doubt that last dinosaur-thing would go on a massive raping spree
I've upgraded annually and only lost $50-$70 on the 16gb version (selling after announcement but before launch).  That made it very easy to keep upgrading for essentially no cost (or less than Apple Care).  The last two times- 32gb iPad 4 & 32gb iPad Air, I've sold for way less.  Not that I don't love my iPad Air 2, but the "cost savings" isn't quite there anymore like it was.   Resale market is definitely worse than before.
  I'm with Falcon here.  Only if there are no other possibilities do you use Samsung.  Why give them a supportive arm of their business to help prop up their fledging problems.  A world with no Samsung is a better world.  There are plenty of good companies- or should I just simple say, not despicable, companies- out there that can step up and fill in Samsung's shoes in every division- from Semiconductors to Washing Machines.
Did they mention how much a trampling or stabbing is?  Been looking for those...
Wifi on my 2014 retina iMac has been 300-400kbs on downloads when it was 2.4mbs. 2011 Mac mini, 2012 iMac, and 2008 MacBook pro have been fine and unaffected. It really does blow on the retina though. Very annoying since that's my primary downloading computer. I have the newest ac 3tb Time capsule also- as an fyi
Uhh... Not sure if you know this, but all disney discs include itunes digital copies (as does fox, universal, and paramount). Essentially WB, Sony, lionsgate, and a few small ones are Uv only.In fact, I have 596 itunes movies and 14 Tv seasons and have never bought one directly through iTunes. There are sites where you can simply buy the codes or they're from movies I own and bought. But you enjoy your $15-$20 movies, I'll enjoy my $1-$2 ones. Disney is doing what all...
Ding ding (or should I just say "Ding!")- thats why I love Southwest.  The employees are first class.  If I'm domestic, I do southwest as well- they're fantastic- and Dallas based.  And they're brilliantly owned and operated.  Dont believe me?  Just look at their profits the last 40 years. That plane looks great too.  Don't really care about the music aspect, but I'll give it a try as I get free wifi with them anyway
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