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You can't find it because it doesn't exist.And that picture is absolutely nothing like the XBox controller.  So do care to retract this obvious mis-truth? 
Then we'll just have to disagree.If they consider themselves women because of their "gender"- I consider them men with feminine attributes. I won't be calling them women.
Incorrect!  A man born a man- who now considers himself a woman- and dates a man- is now a heterosexual relationship.  Period. Thats the lunacy of this thing! If you disagree- then you agree with me- thats not a freakin' woman its a dude who lives in this fantasy world where he thinks he's a woman!  Again- please address the point:  Be gay, wear a dress- whatever you want- do it!  Just don't call yourself a woman if you were born a man! And if you think you are a woman,...
I was using "gender characteristics" as a premise for defining a gender.  How else would you define your gender?  DYI- I also read how the "World Health Organization" defines it and it is similar.  See: Gender Characteristicshttp://www.who.int/gender/whatisgender/en/ To make a less clear-cut example.  Say you have a person who was born a man (male genitalia, etc) but culturally is very feminine and relates/defines himself as a woman due to his femininity.  Then that person...
Ugh- can't you see that is the most empty argument ever? We have friends- The woman works full time and is a regional president for Aetna. The man is a stay at home dad, and very nurturing and raises his 3 sons.  So She is a woman, and he is a man.  But because our culture has women making less, women staying at home, etc- So his sexual orientation is a man, but his gender is a woman.  And likewise, her sexual orientation is a woman, but her gender is a man. Dumbest, most...
Not really- that was Oct 2012.  A year and a half ago.  Prices were almost identical as now. 
So much Panic.   Remember when the iPod Touch because $299 instead of $199- but storage went from 16gb to 32gb?   This could be the same- cool- no problem.  Let's do it.   Side note- that mock-up is awesome.  I'd buy the 5.5" just for the hell of it.
I hope they release a 8" phone just to piss guys like you off. That 4.7" looks amazing- although I, too, hope for smaller bezels.  Take my money- September get here soon!
Those aren't Apple's guidelines! Where is the link to Apple's guidelines that tells them to make it "X-boxesque"?  How about you don't give me a bunch of pictures from 3rd party manufacturers and tell me "See- Apple told them to make it like that"- when Apple mentions nothing about the controller layout in their guidelines- only what the function should be.  So Apple copies Microsoft because some 3rd party manufacturer from Korea decides to make a controller that looks...
I didn't say that. I said I was tolerant of transgendered people- just intolerant of the act- and choose not to recognize their claim of being a different gender. No different than I chose not to recognize that some blonde lady dressed up like Cinderella at Disney World really was Cinderella. Of course, the difference is, that if that lady genuinely thought she were Cinderella, we'd all think she was nuts. Yet somehow Transgenders get a pass
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