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At least they keep the same name. Google is even sadder
Unfortunately, I think you're right. Although that would be great if they had the 32 as base
Again- it's just a rumor. No need to be upset. Like I said earlier- if the iPad mini or ipad are an indicator, there won't be a spec difference. I mean, apple just got away from that.
Of all the things Google does wrong, nothing is more laughable than their TV crap. It epitomizes what kind of company they are: -Throw noodles on the ceiling and see what sticks -Be quick to try to adopt and be "FIRST!" and then don't support or do it completely half assed. Maybe even call it "beta" so it's allowed to be half assed -Repeat Google TV Nexus Q Chromecast- although the google drones will march in here and tell us this isn't a chromecast replacement, just...
Dang... They released the new iPhone and I missed it? Please provide a link on apple.comOh, you took an analysts word as fact? You poor little thing
After they made the iPad mini have the same feature set as the iPad Air, I simply don't see them releasing two different feature-sets. Different prices? Maybe 50-100 difference, but I think everything else outside of screen will be identical. Only idiot phone manufacturers cripple their smaller-screened brethren. I'd hate to see Apple follow in Samsung and HTCs idiotic footsteps.
Curious- what competition does apple have internationally? Isn't Roku almost strictly US as well?
Is that before the $120 price break from retailers?Weren't you the one piping off about how it should be $899? How is $70 off your "dream" price so ridiculous? And $60 less if you have an .edu acct. at $830. How is $830 a bad deal for schools? Id love to hear the drivel you'd spit regarding that.
I'm confused by your statement.  Did I insinuate that or something?  I'm just having trouble following what you're saying...
If I buy a movie in Amazon's prime app on my iPad- Apple doesn't get a cut from everything Ive read...
New Posts  All Forums: