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Uhh- the carriers and where it's being sold matters little. It's all going to boil down to- how fast can apple make them. They'll be sold out and in high demand all quarter regardless of how many carriers they have.
Of course. Everything except final cut is free now. And technically FileMaker
When they say "third party applications"- does this mean we can get actions? If so- that'd be huge for the general consumer- essentially competing with Photoshop elements
None of these streamers make money.
Why is Craig F. behind him there?  ;)
While I get your sarcasm- I will say that I don't know of a company (particularly in fast food) that does more local food campaigns and charity work than chick-fil-a. And I'm not talking on the national community, I'm talking about the local community and people like you and me- not some giant institution with CEOs.Additionally, Cathy Truett has done a phenomenal job with his wealth in regards to teaching his family work ethic and responsibility. Im fascinated reading...
As if this guy needed "outed"
You realize that America is still vastly more progressive than the majority of the world- right? How about being murdered for being gay. There's your serious problems...As far a Tim Cook is concerned, who cares? Even if you HATE gays, which is a problem in itself, that's like not watching a movie with an actor, director, or producer that supports homosexuality. Good luck!Now if Cook decided he wants to be a woman and starts wearing female clothes and schedules a gender...
I wish. Although the 5th gen touch was an A5 after the A6 was announced, so I'd guess an A7. Not to mention the A8 is gonna be slammed with keeping up on iPhone, and ipad salesTo those saying, why this and no iPhone:I don't want my 5 year old to have an iPhone. When I'm flying to Hawaii, her watching doc mic stuffins on that and taking pictures on it is perfect. Not an iPad mini, and def. not an iPhone.The iPod touch is phenomenal for those purposes.
There you go again."Apple will never increase the price of the iPad mini or make it the same specs as the full sized iPad"Figured you'd learn your lesson by now.We'll most likely see an updated model launched alongside the iPads this October- and if it happens I'll be buying one day one for my 5 yr old (who had the current touch). See how I don't make definitive claims so that I don't look like a complete idiot if they happen?
New Posts  All Forums: