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I would like to state that I could use either of those screens one handed- so whichever is legit, I'm fine with.  Can't wait.If people would stop quoting him than my ignore feature would work.  Can everyone just not feed the troll?  We can all but be assured there is no 5.5" (I would have loved it, but still thrilled with 4.7").  An October launch is WAY out of the question- there hasn't been a single leak- and it's August 10th.  Only way it could potentially happen is a...
I actually have first-hand experience of this.  My 3rd daughter had a chromosome abnormality and a Cong. heart defect.  Open heart surgery at 9 days old, and we spent more time in the hospital than at home during her life.  And when we were at home- we couldn't go anywhere due to her immune system.  A cold would send us back to the hospital.  She passed away at 14 months old Christmas Day 2012.  She's so much better for it.  Ya- it sounds heartless Maestro- and it was the...
Always the worst comment regarding anything.  Kids were around for 1000s of years without antibiotics or vaccinations.  Does that make those pointless?  It's the equivalent of "My grandpa smoked every day and lived till 90".  Oh- so that means smoking is fine. To give a better example- kids did fine before baby monitors, but one of those absolutely eased my wife's fears on our 2nd daughter after our first daughter was stillborn. While I agree completely- what if it learns...
Congratulations! Get your sleep now- when that kid hits 2-3 weeks- that's when the "fun" starts.
You should be able to tell easily, but I guess it's a good safeguard.  Particularly during teething on why they might be fussy.   All in all- I like it.  Helicopter moms will faun.  First time parents will swoon.  2nd time parents won't care.   Side note: That commercial is great.  1:13 is hilarious.
Yes- he's easy to make fun of, but in his defense- the stuff he says at least makes him sound smarter than a bolder boulder.
So excited for this. Wish we could get a 5.5", but clearly we have seen no 5.5" case leaks, so can we shelve that idea already? We saw the 4.7" leaks, what, 2-3 months ago?
I know they've been doing it a few yrs now- but Samsung is so scummy they even copy the pun announcements apple does. Imbeciles buy Samsung. Simple as that.
And that's supporting only a handful of local regions- think about if they supported all the local regions.   The PBS app, for example, uses your location to determine what programming you get.  Why couldn't ABC do the same?
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