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Seriously... you even make money on it if you put it into their money market.
No they aren't- there will be one new model. I don't understand why AI is so up on this guy's nuts.  He didn't say anything that other members here (myself included) didn't say days before he did.  We're just as "well-connected" as he is.As you can see here  To stay on-topic.  I'd much rather do business with Taiwanese companies than Korean.  They are much better allies to the US.  Yes, I know you international people don't care about that- but to fit into the stereotype-...
If it ends up being created, we'll just wait for the leaks and then all these analysts can revise their predictions. Clearly the expected sizes will have changed because of "constraint issues" on the supply line.
You are Kuo aren't you? You've been so far up his ass for the past two years.He's had one unseen/uncommon and accurate prediction- And almost a dozen completely inaccurate ones. Saying an iPhone is coming in September does not a genius make. Additionally- it's obvious there won't be a 5.5 the same time there is a 4.7- if at all. We haven't seen one leak. It's simple, really. He isn't Nostradamus.
Ming must read this forum. Several of us said it wasn't going to happen two days ago because there hasn't been a single leaked part of the 5.5". So, umm... Why aren't we getting paid and breaking news? We have as much credibility.
The truth is hat even with robots, the workforce here would increase substantially for supervision/QA and general things they might not want a robot doing. Hundreds of jobs? Unlikely- more like thousands. That's how they should announce it. Instead of even mentioning robots- just say "bringing manufacturing back stateside creating x thousand jobs" It'd be a win everywhere.
But... But.... But.... we have AMOLED!!!
Thats just how we are.  We love Apple- we hate the rest. (kind of kidding)Id recommend hanging out here for a couple months- particularly when the new iPhone gets released.  Watch and observe the trolls gushing in- and you'll then understand our hatred.  I will say; however- This is Samsung.  They are the worst of the worst of the worst.  I can point you to a Roku/Apple TV thread a couple back where Roku is kindly talked about because they make a solid product.  Same with...
This will double their tablet sales. I'll bet they sell over 200 this quarter
Exactly- iOS doesn't need 4 cores.  The only reason I could see them implementing it now is if legitimate multi-tasking is planning on coming to the iPad in the future and they want to make sure it has backwards capability. Again- That's a long shot.  I just don't see the need Where I do see the need with Apple's A7 (and subsequently A8 SoC) is some more RAM.  1.5-2gb (particularly on iPad) would go great lengths at expanding capabilities there.  Anandtech mentioned the...
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