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I did the same late last year.
Macmall or even best buy is usually still less. We spend around $10-20k a year but don't use their corporate discounts. Cheaper alternatives. Maybe if we were blue tier
I want a browser for hotel rooms tallest. Most hotels still have security log ins that are web-based. Without a browser you can't connect your Apple TV directly to their wifi. I have to share my Ethernet connection from laptop as a workaround. This is less expensive hotels like choice hotels to higher end ones like omnis and Marriotts. I come across it at about 80% of my hotel stays.
I think that plays the bigger role.  TSMC just screwed up massively with Asus
Look- I was correcting peter in that roku isn't the market leader. You then went to jump and defend him when I clearly said they aren't.Never did I say roku as a product isn't impressive. Never did I say roku a market share isn't impressive. Never did any of that get said. You keep bringing iT up- why? I assume to deflect the original point- apple is he market leader. Peter was wrong. You were wrong to defend him. Nothing more needs to be said.
Of course it's the strongest- as shown in my chart above. I also like the idea of a lot if their things- such as their headphones in remote.I'm just trying to keep the facts straight- and not skewed. 13 mil is bigger than 5 mil (I'm sure there is an even larger disparity now).So again- for anyone out there curious- apple is the leader in both sales of hardware and media by a very, very healthy margin.
Roku announced April 2013 that they have sold 5 million units since launch in 2008 with Apple having sold 13 million. Your chart isn't close to correct as it's based off a study of 10,000 US households.http://gigaom.com/2013/04/10/roku-five-million-players-sold/I really don't understand what your angle is- you're pretty anti-apple. Did you even read the article where you got that chart- it clearly says apple is the largest share. Here. Read...
In what way? Because if it's sales of units or sales of media on the unit- Apple TV is the clear cut winner- by a healthy margin.
Forgive me if I have this messed up- haven't ever used a Chromecast- but doesn't chromecast allow you to "mirror" anything on the Chrome browser to your TV?  Say I was watching a rerun of Survivor on CBS' webpage- I could stream that similarly to Airplay (although a more inferior version).
That was my point.  I'd rather spend the extra $49 and stick with a Roku 3. But I don't understand their point.  Outside of looking like the Chromecast- it doesnt do what the Chromecast does.  The only benefit to this vs the $49 Roku box is that it is a little more portable?  Not sure that was worth the R&D/packaging costs though...
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