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Really hoping this is the key to implementing a universal search function in Apple TV.  Only TiVo has it- but it doesn't benefit them at all, whereas having an iTunes purchase option would benefit Apple.  I really like this acquisition.  And for a minimal cost.
That's like saying that iOS being the #1 mobile browser is off because there are so many more smartphones sold that aren't iPhones.  The margins don't add up with sales, but we've seen that plenty.   Roku is a great product- they have a great technology and they do it well.  So does Apple TV.  I don't mind good competition.  It's the Chromecasts of the world that are bad competition.  No one abandons a platform faster than Google.     Edit:   Just saw this- Soloman...
You're on the wrong forum.  Everyone will yell at you and say how horrible NFC is and its not secure and completely outdated.  That is, unless Apple releases it.   I, on the other hand, agree with you completely.
Woman are awesome.  Love them.  But do you think men are clamoring to buy US Weekly?  Women love drama.  Not all of them- but as a general rule, you can count on it.   Drama is being created with the ridiculous complaints.  Hence- stop acting like a (stereotypical) woman.    
I don't doubt it at all. In fact, I think this is why this app was acquired. Finally, we are on our way to a unified search across all platforms. I've been calling for this for a while now.Unified search is revolutionary. It's obviously not as easy to do as it sounds, as another set top box would have done it by now. I'd assume the creator of matcha cracked the code.
And... back to $59.99.   In fact- everything is fixed now   Lol... might just check throughout the day
Deal is back at $9.99 now
It's fine- you know what it's gonna be before you click on it. So stop your complaining and don't read it! A bunch of women on here...
Well- he has a point. Up until this year, we had an iPad in March-April and twice last year. Up until last year, we had an iPhone every summer. And up until two years ago, we had iPods every fall. So... Ipad in spring, iPhone in summer, iPods in fall with a sprinkling of Macs, airports, and Apple TV to fill the holes.What have we had this year, airports and MacBook airs. That's it. Now we will likely get the MacBook pros, iMacs, Mac minis, iPad, ipad mini, iPhone, and...
They could always be two different colors as well.  I forget where I read that a dual flash with varying colors helps with color reproduction.  Or did I dream that?
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