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Is anyone really buying Samsung phones for business anyway? It's more for the unemployed, correct?
It would still require DirecTV.  Although you could always bum it off a buddy's account. 
Id wait until the October iPad announcement. That's when they released the last one. If not then, you likely wouldn't see it until March at the earliest.Something to consider though- it's only $99 ($79 refurb from apple store)- and if you sell it when the new one comes out, you'd be able to sell for $60 at least. So not a big "loss". Of course that's all relative.
I believe it. Still waiting to buy a silver and a gold. Apple can't make them fast enough! The 4th quarter report is going to be amazing.
That's good news. Tapping is no bueno. Let samsung run out the gimmicks- Apple doesn't need them.
Stupid that they have to tap. Can't it just give you a prompt when you're within range to set it up. Who are we- Samsung? I don't like it.
Nailed it
Ok... Now I think they're doing it just to be funny. No one can be that idiotic... Well, maybe so.
You won't see it this year. Internals are still a surprise, but external casings are leaked weeks, sometimes months beforehand, and are continuously accurate. So you'll know about a "mini 2C" before it gets released.I also think that's a bad idea. It's $329 for heavens sake for the mini- Not $550 like the 5C. I'd rather it sport an A7 and retina and be $379 before I see a crapped out version for cheap.
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