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I'm a 30 year old man and my wife is 32. We both love it. Maybe the colors are something a crogety old man can't love. But you can go ahead and leave iOS. I hear windows 7has the very drab colors you'd love.
I agree with this for sure.
So much for doubling down on secrecy!!!   Sorry- what's a thread without that though?
Or you have another time wasting outlet- like this forum.
Youth don't use Facebook. As soon as their parents started- they stopped. Twitter is headed that way- but still relevant. It's Instagram and vine mainly until their parents catch on to that. And snapchat of course. Oh, snapchat....
Deleted Pandora from all my iDevices... sorry- iTunes Radio for me.
 "But I'll keep checking this thread to see how the nerds respond to me".  Who's the Joke on?
"Mine downloaded in 12 minutes"   -The guy who downloads at 7pm tonight
 And yet you check the same webpage as us.  Birds of a feather.... Congrats on your first post!  Equally insightful!
New Posts  All Forums: