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If they can do the local affiliates, that shoots aereo off my phone. Anyone know if it airplays?
"I'm on my way... to the gym to bulk up so I can lift that watch."
Great article.  A must read!
The reason for short supply is one word- Demand.
 What about your heart rate and oxygen level?  A pulse-ox is about as basic as it gets with a fingertip clip and easily the most important aspect in hospitals.  On a personal note- I'd LOVE to see my O2 levels during a workout- it would help me adjust my workouts tremendously.What about blood pressure?  The most accurate way to check your blood pressure is through a watch-like device that records the pulse-wave and mathematically calculates the pressure close to your...
TheOtherGeoff brings up a good point. If it's an insurance/FSA/HSA expense- that would be brilliant. Talk about moving product... I like talking about what the product could be- what they could do with an iwatch, the next Apple TV, the next iPhone, etc. Predictions of volume on an unannounced speculation is beyond ridiculous.
I like the colors- and the phone feels great. Outside of cost, obviously- I'm curious why they picked plastic instead of the colored aluminum like that of the iPod touch. I still think that's the best engineered device they've had in the last 5 years. The iPod touch is gorgeous, and ridiculously light and thin.
I guess beggars can't be choosers, but I don't know if I like this. It's now lining up for ipad, ipad mini, and rMBP announcement in two weeks. Obviously the Mac Pro and mavericks will be featured prominently as well.Where I don't like it is that it almost assures us we won't be seeing an Apple TV update at the keynote. Alas... Maybe springtime....
This won't stand a chance against Apple TV in the gaming department- not even close. The games nor the hardware will be close to the specs of the ATV (particularly once it gets refreshed). I normally like Amazon's decisions, but this isn't wise. Now if this can go after Roku or Chromecast- fine. But why would Netflix and others want to team up with Amazon/Amazon Instant Video? Apple and Roku are the only real players here.
New Posts  All Forums: