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1960: America's past time- Baseball 2000+: America's past time- Bitching
Maybe because you don't read the articles, you just scan them.     He didn't- she observed it.   I don't think he should have gotten refunded, and I think he needs to beat that girl- but you're the third person who has said this, proving once again, that several people fail to actually read the articles and just form an opinion based on the topic, not the actual story.
Didn't you hear- it got updated at the end of the 1st quarter... his prediction chart says so.  :)
Well said.       Its not like we're hearing production problems with the Surface.  That's because nothing sells in volumes like Apple's- hence the production problems.  The iMac on the other hand... that was a big production mistake- hopefully Tim learned his lesson there.
Exactly.   Outside of the iPod Touch 5 modification- which was impressive- where is the Apple TV and iPod Nano?  The MacBook Air was late.  And what a stretch to say the iPad, iPhone, iMac, and Mac Mini will be refreshed in a year's time.  Not to mention, it's almost August now- where are our rMBP updates from June?
Haswell will be a pretty minor bump on the iMac due to not needing power savings.  I'm curious if Apple will either drop the price $100 or so, maybe drop prices on customizations, make Fusion standard, or something else in addition to the small processor bump.  Oh 2014... please be the year of the retina.     You don't know hyper-critical until you make your GF your wife.  
It used to be by default (which was idiotic)- but Apple has since changed it- as they should have.  I also agree that the refunds should have been given in those cases. This one on the other hand, is just ridiculous.    
Dude- shhh. Do you have to make this political? please for the love of God.But since you did- libertarians are by far the party that desires personal responsibility. I'm also not blind enough to think either major party thinks of personal responsibility.Disclaimer: I'm not associated with any party (including libertarian). Although my views do line up with that more than the other parties. But my views rarely line up with any party.
While I agreed strongly about the improper usage of in app purchases and felt that both Apple and the developers should have been held accountable for the previous issues- mainly having no mandatory password by default. But That's long been fixed and there is absolutely no excuse now. 4 months of charges and he doesn't notice? This guy's a derilect. Don't give him a freakin dime!
I'm doing my part- got a 15" rMBP last year and will get a 13" rMBP this year if the refresh reviews better than the current model (Intel 5000 vs 4000).  And itching to get a new iMac, just waiting for Retina- which is inevitable.
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