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Umm- you don't have any idea how Ifixit makes their money- do you?They are a website that tears things apart and make money on easily upgradeable or repairable items- so they sell the tools or aftermarket parts for repair. And they make $.Why the hate today for Ifixit? They have the best teardowns and photos of anybody on the web and do a fantastic job of documenting and explaining parts used. I think they're great. I also don't expect them to give something that can't be...
I get all the criticism- but everyone comparing this with the MacBook Air is missing the point. They are trying to replace the MacBook Air and also have it double as your tablet. Only having 1 device instead of two. So to get an accurate price, you need to add an iPad WITH the MacBook Air price. This is a tablet- let's remember.Just trying to be fair.Me? I'd rather (and do) have an air and an iPad and would prefer the two.
They updated the remote app too. 3.0 Edit: guess I should read above me first. Sorry
These last few years have really let me down with anticipation. When you hear Lion, Mountain Lion, new iMacs, etc are to be announced on a certain month or season, but then it happens on the last day or week of that season. I get excited November 1 for the iMacs but have to wait 30 days. Dang you Apple! I don't remember it being like this in the past- when they said a month, it seemed to be as soon as the month started to pleasantly surprise everyone. Now its always at...
Photoshop Elements too please. Maybe end of 2013 with PSE 12?
I'm about to get a new company car- would love eyes free- but wow- those cars are tiny. Wish they did it across the line in 2013. Oh well
lol... a $1,199 Macbook Pro for sale for $962 brand new on Amazon? The lowest price a MacBook Pro has ever been in the history of Apple?  A 20% discount?  Ya... "nothing".   Here's hoping you don't sell your house at a "nothing" 20% discount...
I didn't say the air was better- I said amazon warehouse deal was better. At the time, the MacBook Pro was $860ish- it's now sold out.
Yes- amazon does cyber Monday. But I'm sure the online outlets do it for competitive reasons. "Don't go to Walmart, just stay home and buy from us". Then Walmart matches their prices online to their store deals to compete with the online people. It all benefits us, the consumer- as long as your smart and get just what you need (which is very little of the population that does this- im sure)
Their amazon warehouse deals are even better. A 13" air can be had for $932...
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