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Not true- I gave you a couple reasons in a previous thread and you agreed. I just don't remember what it was- but I'm sure it was great. LolI know one was a screensaver app with sports scores or news scroll, Photostream, and whatever music streamer of your choice. Maybe the other was karaoke. Hah
People were suggesting that technology on this forum for the home button long before January.   Maybe with this + NFC, Passbook will be a functional app finally
Here's hoping they surprise us this fall with some more Apple TV news.... There's really no need to upgrade the ATV to another iteration until they change something with the software or increase it's capability. The A5 is more than enough. Although I'm sure some want wireless ac.
When you register your product through your Apple ID- the Serial number is entered as well.  And you set your appointment up through, guess what, your Apple ID.  :)
I've bought them both ways, but it doesn't matter, as $1k isn't much money to me- I don't even consider a computer an asset.  When buying a house- you don't say "I also have a MacBook worth $1.3k"  A car, on the other hand, I do consider an asset.  Although extremely wealthy people don't- because $30-60k to them is like a computer to us.  My point is, if you consider a car an asset or "investment", then you are unwise to suffer that large a hit on depreciation of a new...
Rogi- at this point, I'd almost say its a certainty.
I understand your frustration. What I do is use a bumper and a media devil front and back wrap. The media devil one is perfect because it is super clear and the back aluminum section is matte. As for the bumper, it still keeps the phone super thin and sleek, while still maintaining protection for the front and back glass. If you had no case on the 5C- and were prone to dropping- could still break the glass- much like the 3-3GS.
  Lol... says the guy paying how much a month on a car (or cars)- and I pay $0.  Like my dad always said- a $400 repair beats a $400 monthly payment any day.     Do you happen to work for our government by chance?  You have similar fiscal policies   Edited: I don't mean to sound like I'm kicking you in the nuts anant- I understand the benefit.  Particularly when people are taking their cars they had a 72 month finance on and trading them in at 40 months.  Substantially...
Thats the problem though.  A 3 year life cycle isn't ideal for the average person.  Americans keep a new car an average of 71 months, and a used car an average of 50 months.  A 5-8 year cycle would be fantastic- and only achievable through removeable hardware.  This isn't a cell phone where you upgrade every 2 years- it's a car.  And if you could update the internals- some would upgrade annually- I know I would.   Dec 2014 was when his lease was up.  2015s get released...
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