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Clear cut proof a 5.5" is not coming. So loud and clear a mute man could smell it.
Ya- such a shock that he doesn't make any sense.Still curious why AI thinks a 5.5" is coming- what is one piece of evidence outside of Ming saying so?
Not really- Its an ethnic group with a common religion But that doesn't change my point
 Tell it to the Japanese during WW2.  See them yapping around asking for reparations and handouts for crap that either they directly experienced or their immediate family did? How about being a freakin Jew!  See them yapping around for their centuries of slavery and hardship unlike any other race on the planet? How about you just honor your great great great great great grandpa and his resilience to persevere under a struggle.  He was taken against his will and likely sold...
Great breakdown.  Just proof that Apple hires based on strengths and not race.  Is this shocking news to anyone that Asians are motivated and enjoy the tech field and gravitate towards it?I'm fine with Asians taking the jobs away from White, Hispanic, and African Americans if they are more skilled and a better hire. Tim Cook's comments and this whole thread is truly ridiculous.  This is 2014, not 1964- am I correct?
If there is a post about anything tech related, sog35 litters up the entire thread with "Proof the iPhone 5.5" is coming" rhetoric.  If it's a beats or diversity post- sog35 litters up the thread with "We are all racist" posts.  Can we put a can on this guy's mouth please?  My ignore feature is useless when half the posts are him- and the other half are responding to his lunacy.
Why are there not more white players in the NBA?  Granted, they might not be as qualified- but hey- we need diversity.
Have you held the new iPod touch in your hand? It's pretty freaking impressive- even with a protruding camera.I'm not a fan of he protruding camera; honestly, but signs are pointing to making it thin enough as a 4.7" to claim "1 handed operability". Very much looking forward to the keynote.
Say your high school senior has an iPad you bought him for Christmas.  He goes to college and wants to take notes.  Do you buy him a $150 keyboard, or do you buy him a new $900 MacBook Air? It's not a terrible idea, the uses are just extremely niche- thats one of the reasons why the surface was a colossal failure.
iPhone color?  iPhone Pro?  Please just go away....
New Posts  All Forums: