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He didn't buy Pixar- he simply bought the rights to the technology.  I'm more curious what his original intentions were on what to do with that technology.
Good point- and highly unlikely he would have. And even more in that line of thinking- if he had never left Apple, would Apple have the rejuvenation it did with his return?
I think this is most accurate from any of the other kind of crazy ones ya'll are predicting.  Although I think they'll keep the 5S as is and not put a plastic case on it.  Also- the 4.7 wouldn't be called the Air if the 5.5 is. Except its not just the cost of the storage they're thinking of.  That's being simple-minded.  It isnt the $5 difference in storage costs.They are calculating how many "upgrades" theyd lose from people who pay $100 extra for 32gb- which is what I...
I find it highly unlikely- dare I say impossible- that the 6 will have an A7.  Itll be A8 for both and the "6c" (if thats what its called) or "5S" will be the A7- todays specs.  If I were to guess I'd guess we'd see a 4.7 6, a 5.5 6, a 4 5S (99), and a 4 5C (free).  Not sure why they'd change it up this year since thats how its been for years. The 'free' iPhone will likely have the A6 as well- which, according to the past, would be the 5c.
That 4.7" phone could easily fit into a pocket. And it isn't that much larger. Additionally, if it's as thin as we have seen rumors showing- that will expand the ability to reach further. The main point is- wait until we see the final product to pass judgement. This could easily be a slightly taller and wider phone but less total volume and weight- like the iPhone 5 was. Apple will knock this thing out of the park. Side rant- for one handed operation, all you have to do...
Forgot about those- thanks!
Answered my own question.  Interesting read: Why does Kenya lead the world in mobile money?
Curious- why is mobile payment so popular in the developing countries and essentially non-existent in the developed nations?   It couldn't be strictly because of the internet cafes, could it?
Uhh- the carriers and where it's being sold matters little. It's all going to boil down to- how fast can apple make them. They'll be sold out and in high demand all quarter regardless of how many carriers they have.
Of course. Everything except final cut is free now. And technically FileMaker
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