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I'd rather have a thinner, lighter phone than a thicker, heavier one.  Even if it meant 10 hour battery life instead of 16.  There's a tradeoff in size and battery life, and Apple has hit that mark since they started I believe.  Need I point any doubters to the Macbook Pro Retina or MacBook Airs?
I made an argument in a thread for an App Store several months ago. But here it is in a nutshell:-games made for the ATV which would eliminate any lag via Airplay-provide an accepted standard. That way- if amazon wants to put prime on- but the standard doesn't allow in-app purchases, then we might have prime in a few months.-television channels that developed for the standard quicker- Vudu (which understandably, apple wouldn't want- but if it applied to the standard- like...
-Universal Search that goes across all apps (Like TiVo's)- and is accessible via typing or speech.  TiVo's is the only streamer that has universal search, but there isn't a streamer with universal search via speech.  This would be monumental. -Safari (strictly for hotel/internet wifi connection) -App Store with guidelines that include no content purchasing option and include integrated universal search if a media app.     I don't ask for much Apple.... I'm even fine...
Ive played, bought, and completed 2 console games-   Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic XCom: Enemy Unknown     I loved both of them- worth every penny.  I haven't played a console since the Playstation 1- Madden 97'- I'm loving these consoles on my iPad- because I only have time to play in a hotel or on an airplane.
I don't think the sound on the iPad Air is lacking, but I'm all for higher quality sound when possible. The air def. Made a decent jump in sound quality vs the iPad 4- mainly due to the speaker location. Curious what bigger holes means- or what the advantage would be.
Except there is no iPhone 5.5"- at least not until we see a single leak for it. And there certainly won't be an A8+ for it. Bored this morning?
So you admit that Apple could have bought Shure and made it more stylish and the brand name Apple and command a price premium? It isn't about the headphones!If it was- its a ridiculously dumb acquisition.
Of course.  But when you're talking in-ear it's pretty negligible.  Over-ear, no brainer- but that's apples-oranges
 Is it easier for Apple to create the best sounding headphone or the best designed? Would it not be easier to purchase a great headphone (that most people don't even know exists)- and make a style that appeals to the masses? No- they'd rather get a stylish headphone and then redesign the technical aspect to make it better.  Of course, now they'll have to hire engineers specifically focused for that, because both Apple and Beat's current offerings aren't technically...
You mean the free ones that comes with the phone?  Ya- they're worth every penny I paid for them. Skull Candy sucks too.  Ignore that until I google to see if theres a black owner over there so I don't get labeled a racist.
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