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 This is probably both of their best performances IMO- so tell me which is better in your opinion: 3:40-5:00 2:45-3:30 Lady Gaga has to trick it up because her voice isn't "fantastic".  Is her voice as good as Adele's?  Who, by the way, doesn't trick it up? Please stop throwing around words like "fantastic" and "hella talented" when they simply aren't.  Save those for the ones who are truly fantastic, otherwise, what do we call those like Adele?  Really fantastic?
Rapping- sure. Although not as good as lil Kim in most casesSinging? Please... She ain't Lauren hill. She's average (compared to other singers) at best.Song writing? Meh- again.You know how you can judge truly superior talent? They don't have to twerk trick it up.
... at shaking her ass
Apple is making a bigger deal about this than any even in the recent past I can remember. This is gonna be huge.
Didn't know that.  Catcher should offer a couple scholarships- but only for people who are tattooed.
Hey- studies show that people with tattoos are more likely to leak parts online.  Gotta follow through on that doubling down!
90s alternative would beg to differ.
To which the world will resound with: "There's a Surface 3?"
You're still wrong. 32gb @ $199 obviously costs Apple more than 16gb @ $199.  But you're wrong still when you say 16gb is their highest margin phone- or that it would remain so.64gb and 128gb @ your proposed $299 & $399 price points would still be higher margins than 16 @ $199.
The Jews as a whole seem to be doing pretty well for themselves. Or was their slavery and imprisonment over centuries not as bad?For the record- I think Asians, blacks and Hispanics are doing well for themselves as well. I hate this reverse racism.
New Posts  All Forums: