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You need one for you where it shows about 30 arrows to the "quote" button within the text field.
You mistook what I was saying- I wasn't trying to sound accepting.I'm accepting of gays and lesbians. I'm not accepting of transgender because I don't believe that "genders"- should even be mentioned. It's archaic and stereotyping- but that's for another subject on another day.So while I'm accepting of gays- I am not accepting of a ridiculous and idiotic dialect. So while I'm not Gay- let me speak as a Texan, born and raised- and trust me when I tell you I'm not accepting...
I can explain to you why someone from South Central speaks the way they do- even though I'm not from there- and "ignorant" to that dialect.  I can explain to you why someone from Wisconsin speaks the way they do- even though I'm not from there- and "ignorant" to that dialect.  I know, and associate with several homosexuals who speak normal- in fact, I just hired a very intelligent and great employee who happened to be homosexual two months ago. I'm ignorant to the...
Why do certain gay people choose to talk like that? It makes absolutely no sense to me. It's not anything geographic, it's not a trait they learn from their parents. They simply just want to sound "gay"- whatever that means. If I were a homosexual, that dialect would annoy me to no end.
I'd love to see it- if for no other reason to not have to hear anymore rumors about it.
 Clearly, you have no concept of what "close-minded" means. 
You can still do that- they just added the "one at a time" deal.  I actually always forget about the "1 at a time" and do it the old way via settings.  It's the "Menu" category if I remember correctly.
No I don't.  I go to Movies- and go to purchased- and stream from the cloud. The beating of watching local video is going to computers and having to have your computer on doesnt have anything to do with the UI- it's just inconvenient- period.
In most cases- I agree.  I cant see a 12" iPad being more than a niche.  But I'm willing to listen to what others think the advantage might be- so far no one has said anything outside of drawing... 
I accept the challenge.  I want to watch an iTunes movie- I click "Movies".  I want to listen to music- I click "music".  It might not be the prettiest- but simple, it is.
New Posts  All Forums: