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Sorry- did I read it wrong? Did she take a video?No? Ok- so your point is completely irrelevant.
When will people realize that their iPhone camera is significantly better than their iPad camera?Forget the fact you look like a douche parent at a dance recital...
Id be extremely interested to know if they would allow VOD purchases on there. That would clear the amazon argument up right there. I would bet money that's the sticking point. Although- Even if they did allow it, we wouldn't know if Apple would get a cut or not All of this is moot- give me my new Apple TV and App Store!
How refreshing. Or you could be Samsung and just say "nuh uh" and do it anyway.
I'm turned off by "freemium" apps.  I'd rather pay money and buy a game like $10 XCom or $3 The Room, than get one free and feel the urge to buy to "help me get along".
Have a colleague that bought a note 3 six months ago. He is an android fanatic- loves them and is very knowledgeable about them. He didn't like samsung and their business practices, but still picked the note over the lg g2 (at the time), because the chip was better and an extra gig ram. He also says he thinks samsung makes the best hardware but absolutely terrible software. He rooted his note 3 and took all of samsung's bloat ware off his phone and got a full gig in space!...
Uhh no thanks with Samsung. As if they could run a business legally. Laughable. Let's replace them with HTC, LG, Microsoft/Nokia, etc- and I'll agree with your statement. If Samsung would go out of business- the tech world would be better for it. Their behavior is inexcusable- and when others see them benefit from their despicable tactics, it sets a terrible precedent.As a side point- Patchy never said that google should stick to search and not compete with Apple. He was...
At least you can admit you were wrong on half of what you said.  Now for the admission of the other half- True or false:Google wants iOS users to be Android users True or false:Google wants people to purchase through Google Play vs iTunes True or false:Google wants to be in your living room instead of Apple True or false:Google bought a streaming music service a month after Apple bought a streaming music service Do I need to continue?  You're clueless.
This. The things Samsung does best are strealing, bribing governments, and turning a blind eye for a decade while their employees get cancer.  They have those 3 things down to an art.
You're the one who said this:
New Posts  All Forums: