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You realize that America is still vastly more progressive than the majority of the world- right? How about being murdered for being gay. There's your serious problems...As far a Tim Cook is concerned, who cares? Even if you HATE gays, which is a problem in itself, that's like not watching a movie with an actor, director, or producer that supports homosexuality. Good luck!Now if Cook decided he wants to be a woman and starts wearing female clothes and schedules a gender...
I wish. Although the 5th gen touch was an A5 after the A6 was announced, so I'd guess an A7. Not to mention the A8 is gonna be slammed with keeping up on iPhone, and ipad salesTo those saying, why this and no iPhone:I don't want my 5 year old to have an iPhone. When I'm flying to Hawaii, her watching doc mic stuffins on that and taking pictures on it is perfect. Not an iPad mini, and def. not an iPhone.The iPod touch is phenomenal for those purposes.
There you go again."Apple will never increase the price of the iPad mini or make it the same specs as the full sized iPad"Figured you'd learn your lesson by now.We'll most likely see an updated model launched alongside the iPads this October- and if it happens I'll be buying one day one for my 5 yr old (who had the current touch). See how I don't make definitive claims so that I don't look like a complete idiot if they happen?
Welcome to costco. I love you.
Good point- YouTube is so little talked as a success vs search and maps- but man, that was a brilliant purchase that a lot of people didn't think was good at the time. There isn't even a competitor.
Really? Which android tv "stick"? There been so many. Could you imagine developing for them only to have them pull the plug a year later? Pathetic. Knee jerk would have been on the first, maybe 2nd iteration. This is the fourth in four years!And my criticism isn't unique to google. Go to the most recent Apple TV thread and you'll see plenty of valid criticisms- mine included. But give me a slow-to update streamer that is consistently supported and updated over a new...
At least they keep the same name. Google is even sadder
Unfortunately, I think you're right. Although that would be great if they had the 32 as base
Again- it's just a rumor. No need to be upset. Like I said earlier- if the iPad mini or ipad are an indicator, there won't be a spec difference. I mean, apple just got away from that.
Of all the things Google does wrong, nothing is more laughable than their TV crap. It epitomizes what kind of company they are: -Throw noodles on the ceiling and see what sticks -Be quick to try to adopt and be "FIRST!" and then don't support or do it completely half assed. Maybe even call it "beta" so it's allowed to be half assed -Repeat Google TV Nexus Q Chromecast- although the google drones will march in here and tell us this isn't a chromecast replacement, just...
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