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This will double their tablet sales. I'll bet they sell over 200 this quarter
Exactly- iOS doesn't need 4 cores.  The only reason I could see them implementing it now is if legitimate multi-tasking is planning on coming to the iPad in the future and they want to make sure it has backwards capability. Again- That's a long shot.  I just don't see the need Where I do see the need with Apple's A7 (and subsequently A8 SoC) is some more RAM.  1.5-2gb (particularly on iPad) would go great lengths at expanding capabilities there.  Anandtech mentioned the...
Thats actually a Dallas based company.  One of my employees is actually good friends with the founders.  Ridiculous commercial for that.  Watch it here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKLnhuzh9uY:D
I could see that- but couldn't that annoy some customers who are like me who always gets the newest phone on release day? I'd prefer 5.5, and would be pretty bummed if a 5.5 came out a couple months after I just used my upgrade.
Whole lot of leaks for 4.7", yet all we get are "rumors" of a 5.5".   Thinking it might just be one size.
-And universal, Paramount, and Disney titles include iTunes HD codes included as well.
I watched "Bad Words" last night w/ Jason Bateman on iTunes HD last night.  Who needs Blu-Ray quality and sound for that movie?  Lone Survivor- which I also just watched, I absolutely preferred Blu-Ray.It doesn't have to be either/or for priorities- you can enjoy both formats.  :)
The thing that truly separated the iPhone and made it where it would take years for anyone else to catchup (And they still haven't).   More brilliant than any other feature IMO.
Outside of dark scenes (like Star Trek)- iTunes holds up pretty well with image quality IMO- It's the sound that is the biggest difference to me.  This is on my 60" in the den at least (from about 18' back).  But it's much more obvious on my 130" projector screen in the media room. But for most movies- I just prefer the convenience of Apple TV/iTunes with the exception of great movies where "immersion" is more important (Saving Private Ryan, Braveheart, Lone Survivor, etc)
Playing around with it and thought I'd mention- this allows me to stream original versions of films too.  I have tons of movies that are extended- example- Lord of the Rings Extended (I actually prefer the theatrical)- now I can watch either/or.  Same with dozens of others: About Time, Adjustment Bureau, Admission, Adventures of Tintin- just mentioning my As.  :)   Edit:  My mistake. It isn't that there are theatrical versions- its that those have the old iTunes Extras-...
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