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Man, that phone is ridiculously thin.  Love it.   Also- until you hold something in your hand and see it in person- you really shouldnt judge the appearance too harshly.
In DFW they are all over the place.  Not sure where you live.  So I disagree completely. Where I do agree- is that I never see them being used.  And the reason you haven't ever seen them used?  Apple hasn't put one in the iPhone.  The day they do that, the day you'll see it used all the time. Then we'll hear the typical android call of "We could do that 4 years ago".  And our retort will be "ya- but no one did or cared".  Both of which will be true.
Can I take those versions with my iPad on my business trip next week? No? Then apples/oranges.I'm sure the price will drop after several months.
Psst- guess what was made and assembled in the US?That could also be a key reason.
Please make it Tallest!
Me too.  If we don't get 2 iPhone sizes, Mac mini, Retina iMac, iWatch, and a revamped Apple TV- then they are clearly doomed.  Seriously though- I want an Apple TV refresh more than anything else...
FINALLY- A Full-fledged Apple Television!!!
Me either- because I'm not in the gaming scene- I never even heard of XCOM- wow... what was I missing?  What awesome gameplay.I look forward to playing this- haven't bought it yet, but am flying again soon, so this'll make the cut!
You need one for you where it shows about 30 arrows to the "quote" button within the text field.
You mistook what I was saying- I wasn't trying to sound accepting.I'm accepting of gays and lesbians. I'm not accepting of transgender because I don't believe that "genders"- should even be mentioned. It's archaic and stereotyping- but that's for another subject on another day.So while I'm accepting of gays- I am not accepting of a ridiculous and idiotic dialect. So while I'm not Gay- let me speak as a Texan, born and raised- and trust me when I tell you I'm not accepting...
New Posts  All Forums: