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I've done the same.  I'd encourage you to email 21st Fox as starting January 1st this year they stopped including iTunes & UV copies and are UV only now.Disney, Universal, HBO, and Paramount are the only Holdouts.  Starz, Fox, WB, Dreamworks, Lionsgate, MGM, New Line, and Sony have dropped iTunes
So many of the repliers make me embarrassed to be a Christian. I'm with Ghandi.
For anyone interested in building up their disney collections-This is the cheapest way:http://forum.blu-ray.com/showthread.php?t=221740You end up with 9 movies for $80-$89. If you enroll with ones that include digital copies, you'll get the Blu ray, iTunes HD, and dvd. Heck- sell the Blu ray and dvd or even give it away and it's still half off buying them in iTunes.
The guy I use to paint some of my properties is "Jesus Ojeda"- great guy.  But my contact just says "Jesus".  I crack up anytime he calls me or when I have to tell someone- "Hold on- Jesus is calling me" or "Jesus is on the other line, can I call you back?"
Worked fine for me- but it's interesting how they get your collection.  They obviously use your iTunes account, but it also uses your Disney Movie Rewards points that were Vudu/Ultraviolet eligible.  Example- in my Vudu account, I never redeemed Peter Pan Return to Neverland or Pixie Hollow Games from a Blu-Ray I bought- But I did redeem the DMR points, and they are in this app now.   Likewise, other movies like the Little Mermaid 2 & 3, Oliver & Company, etc that I...
I'm sorry- what? Why are you forgiving homosexuals? How have they wronged you? You aren't God rand- they don't need your forgiveness.We encourage other believers and hold them accountable. They will know you are a Christian by the way you treat other people- and you're rude, judgemental, and intolerant.It's amazing how some of the most versed Christians lose sight of what matters most. Again- I implore you to have a genuine relationship with a homosexual or homosexuals...
Stop it! Save bible verses for your bible study- or a Christian forum.You're not doing any good here- you're just further creating stereotypes. I don't talk with scriptures to non believers just as I don't want them bringing them up to me. You're on two different levels.
I take exception to a couple of things here Mobius. The bible is extremely relevant. Love your neighbor as yourself and the entire example set by Jesus is one to be revered- whether you are a Christian or not.Secondly- how is your intolerance to Christians any different than intolerance to homosexuals? Intolerance is intolerance as far as I'm concerned.The problem is people like rand who come on a forum thinking they can change the mind of a non believer. And then quotig...
I agree completely. I, too, am I committed Christian and it angers me as well. People come to know Christ because of our actions and our relationships. Who wants to have a relationship with someone who hates and judges. We are called to have relationships and that's what leads them to Christ- not by bible thumping.
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