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The Jews as a whole seem to be doing pretty well for themselves. Or was their slavery and imprisonment over centuries not as bad?For the record- I think Asians, blacks and Hispanics are doing well for themselves as well. I hate this reverse racism.
Lost what?  You can't lose a race you never enterSo you're here for....
I already had to tell a guy at lunch today that it wasn't iCloud related because people were taking pics on blackberrys and android phones.   Too bad the "news" already broke it was iCloud.  Now that's engrained in less informed minds.
 Practically twins... lol 
Just so we're clear- they use an exaggerated and poor version of Siri's voice, and they use a human voiceover for theirs?
Since you have a hard time comprehending anything- let me express to you what a "bet" is and isn't.A bet is two parties agreeing to termsA bet is not one person saying "bet me, bet me" like a child- and the other person never betting.
I'm finally believing the 5.5" is a real thing. Really look forward to owning one- hoping it's released at the same time!
 I think it'll have similar features as what the other smart watches claim now.  But just like everything Apple does- it will be easier and do it better.  We're 7 years into iPhones and the others still can't get it right.  I'm not worried about them copying- it'll be more like "Ours already does all that"- but no one will buy the others.
If they announce and don't release it for 2 months- people will wait. If they announce and don't release it for 5 months- people will wait.   Apple can do whatever they want here.
 Unless you prefer not to support an unethical and despicable company who are blatant thieves.  Then Samsung is never the right choice. Now if you would've said "Microsoft" or "HTC", I'd agree.But let's teach the kids a lesson out there:Samsung is never the right choice.
New Posts  All Forums: