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I agree with you- it should be fixed.
You're trying to sound "classy" as if Dolby Digital is great?  Dolby Digital Sucks compared to any lossless format (DTS HD-MA, Dolby True HD, etc)- so no need to act like Dolby Digital is so much better than an a/v system simulating it. If you care that much about audio/video presentation, go pop in a Blu-Ray.  That's what I do when it's a movie that deserves top-notch A/V.  Not some spare movie off Netflix.
Don't cord cutters have friends or parents with cable subscriptions?
That's not what we'll hear from the Apple haters. "The only difference is it has an apple on it". I can hear it now...It reminds me of when I was a kid and wanted a furby. Furbys were sold out or too expensive and my parents got me a Wuv Luv and told me it was the "same thing". If it was, why were Wuv Luvs $20 when furbys were being after marketed for $100+?Oh android people. Enjoy your Wuv Luvs. They're basically the same as a furby.
I disagree- you can be taught to be a better speaker by learning the right words, phrases, and cadence.  Clearly it's not all taught- there are born-with talents that separate the "great" from the "Craigs" "good" 
Hah- I'm not jaded.  I just try not to use the word "great" when it isn't warranted.  I also said that Apple isnt just nerds and developers- so I agree with you. There are motivational speakers- thousands- that make livings because of their deliveries- not just high school and college.  Not saying Apple should hire one to do the keynotes.  But when I watch Craig- I don't think "wow- that guy is an amazing presenter!"- I'm much more interested in the product- which is what...
Ive seen the Samsung mess-up with Michael Bay.  but to answer your question- Nope.  And I'm a tech fan.  I would venture to say the majority of people who watch those are developers or nerds.  Whereas Apple has developers, nerds, and plenty of fans that watch.I didn't argue that Craig wasn't better than any speaker samsung, MS, or HTC has.  I'm simply stating he's not a great speaker. Not by any means. To answer your 2nd question- thousands upon thousands.  Now if you were...
You clearly haven't heard a truly "great speaker" if you think Craig Federighi is.  Is he a great speaker for a software engineer?  Absolutely.  But he ain't Zig Zigler.
Oh ya- duh.  Forgot they plug into Lightning- brain fart
Fine.  But "It's nowhere near the same" clearly stands.
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