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but.. but... I thought no one wants the 6 plus...
 It's strange that Chromecast is their target, considering Chromecasts best feature is it can mirror similarly (although inferior) to Airplay. This Fire Stick doesn't.  In fact, it more closely resembles the Apple TV and its own Fire Box than it does the Chromecast- outside of design. Amazon is run by morons.
That's fair. It obviously wouldn't be as thin and/or battery life would be greatly different (due to less efficient parts)- but Ya- they could've had a 5" iphone 2 yrs ago.They didn't.I have a feeling we're going to repeat this in 2-4yrs about a 4" iPhone we could've had in 2014 or 2016
Its that air gap in the screen, bro.  ;)
 Exactly- and even if you're playing an intensive game at full brightness that kills it in 4-5 hours- all it takes it a $40 portable battery backup that can fully recharge your iPad twice if youre on a transatlantic. Me?  I'd rather carry my portable battery backup the .1% of the time I need it, rather than carry a thicker, heavier device with battery life I don't need 99.9% of the other time. People are idiots.  And that's why they're blogging instead of engineering.
Im picking up my 64gb Slate iPad Air 2 and my 27" Retina iMac today.  Can't wait!   Would have upgraded my iPad Mini 2 if they wouldn't have crippled the 3 with a pathetic "update" (I thought we were past that after last year, Apple?).  And also would love to upgrade my iPod Touch... wonder if I ever will be able to?
What a joke! Nice to see Ming downgraded from "connected analyst" to "noted analyst". Didn't that moron say the 6 Plus would be delayed until next year, too? A week before the announcement? These guys don't know jack squat. It could come out this week, next year, or never. That's the extent of that moron's "knowledge"
Ya- but all 4 Major US sports blackout local teams. So unless you live in a different part of the country, it's uselessI love in Dallas, so even if I spent the $100-200 for NBA, NHL, and MLB passes, I can't watch the Mavericks, stars, or Rangers (thank god I couldn't watch them this last year )On another note- How bout them Cowboys?
Look at the last 10 posts from this clown. Can we ban him yet?
While I agree with all of that- it's gonna be a hard sell in comparison to the iPhone. Particularly with the new shell game the carriers are playing- people actually see the real value of the iphone- not simply "$199" anymore.So now, the same camera, with bigger screen, faster processors, more ram- all for $250 less- just sounds weird.Apply pay in the phones will help elevate that some. Don't get me wrong, I hope they do- it's just unlikely. I feel like we'll get an A8...
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