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Uhh... Not sure if you know this, but all disney discs include itunes digital copies (as does fox, universal, and paramount). Essentially WB, Sony, lionsgate, and a few small ones are Uv only.In fact, I have 596 itunes movies and 14 Tv seasons and have never bought one directly through iTunes. There are sites where you can simply buy the codes or they're from movies I own and bought. But you enjoy your $15-$20 movies, I'll enjoy my $1-$2 ones. Disney is doing what all...
Ding ding (or should I just say "Ding!")- thats why I love Southwest.  The employees are first class.  If I'm domestic, I do southwest as well- they're fantastic- and Dallas based.  And they're brilliantly owned and operated.  Dont believe me?  Just look at their profits the last 40 years. That plane looks great too.  Don't really care about the music aspect, but I'll give it a try as I get free wifi with them anyway
The wifi on my 2011 Mac Mini, 2012 iMac, and all iOS devices in signature are fine for me.  Have the newest AC 3gb Time Capsule.   However- my Wifi on my 2014 Retina iMac is terribly slow (~100-200 kB/s on Downloads).  My 2010 iMac got ~2.1 MB/s on the same downloads.  When I disconnect Bluetooth- it jumps up as high as 1 MB/s.  Still half of what my old N iMac was.   Its very annoying to say the least.  Can we get a fix on this yet?
They should offer the 6 plus for free. Or say "well pay you $200". It won't matter because they still don't have those in stock anywhere! (at least with att as carrier)
but.. but... I thought no one wants the 6 plus...
 It's strange that Chromecast is their target, considering Chromecasts best feature is it can mirror similarly (although inferior) to Airplay. This Fire Stick doesn't.  In fact, it more closely resembles the Apple TV and its own Fire Box than it does the Chromecast- outside of design. Amazon is run by morons.
That's fair. It obviously wouldn't be as thin and/or battery life would be greatly different (due to less efficient parts)- but Ya- they could've had a 5" iphone 2 yrs ago.They didn't.I have a feeling we're going to repeat this in 2-4yrs about a 4" iPhone we could've had in 2014 or 2016
Its that air gap in the screen, bro.  ;)
 Exactly- and even if you're playing an intensive game at full brightness that kills it in 4-5 hours- all it takes it a $40 portable battery backup that can fully recharge your iPad twice if youre on a transatlantic. Me?  I'd rather carry my portable battery backup the .1% of the time I need it, rather than carry a thicker, heavier device with battery life I don't need 99.9% of the other time. People are idiots.  And that's why they're blogging instead of engineering.
Im picking up my 64gb Slate iPad Air 2 and my 27" Retina iMac today.  Can't wait!   Would have upgraded my iPad Mini 2 if they wouldn't have crippled the 3 with a pathetic "update" (I thought we were past that after last year, Apple?).  And also would love to upgrade my iPod Touch... wonder if I ever will be able to?
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