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Because it doesn't freakin' exist!
I know.  Its the one "flaw" in this cutting the cord mess.  These little independent stations of big companies buy up all the exclusive rights.Fox Sports Southwest has 3 of the 4 major Dallas teams exclusivity- the Mavericks, Stars, and Rangers.  Fox/CBS/NBC/NFL/ESPN have NFL.  TNT has playoffs for NBA.  NBC has Soccer (futbol), etc, etc.  Unless they get their own app (they won't)- I'm screwed with my sports watching.  Luckily, the Rangers have sucked so bad this year,...
Such blatant thieves.
Those are gorgeous. That said- Samsung can die
News flash: OSX isn't iOSThere is nothing you can't mirror from a Mac.  Of course you wouldn't mention that you can mirror from Mac to ATV- Both devices he has currently.  Instead, you'll spout off Chromecast as a "cheap" alternative- as if anyone wants that garbage on this forum.Shoo Fly- don't bother us.
You can Mirror to the Apple TV from a Mac to watch it.  Go peddle your Google crap elsewhere.Why would anyone want to invest a penny in Google's ridiculous- change every 6 months- joke of a television platform? It technically isn't common knowledge or announced- just a leak.  For all we know it was going to be announced after a new ATV this year (maybe???)
I don't have a cable subscription but I add Uverse to my internet package during the 4-5 months of football season. So $199 isn't bad. Also curious what the student discount will be.The unfortunate thing; however, is it blacks out local teams. That's the only reason I don't subscribe to MLBTV.
News flash: Apple isn't an underdog anymore. This ain't 2000.
Seriously... you even make money on it if you put it into their money market.
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