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So you admit that Apple could have bought Shure and made it more stylish and the brand name Apple and command a price premium? It isn't about the headphones!If it was- its a ridiculously dumb acquisition.
Of course.  But when you're talking in-ear it's pretty negligible.  Over-ear, no brainer- but that's apples-oranges
 Is it easier for Apple to create the best sounding headphone or the best designed? Would it not be easier to purchase a great headphone (that most people don't even know exists)- and make a style that appeals to the masses? No- they'd rather get a stylish headphone and then redesign the technical aspect to make it better.  Of course, now they'll have to hire engineers specifically focused for that, because both Apple and Beat's current offerings aren't technically...
You mean the free ones that comes with the phone?  Ya- they're worth every penny I paid for them. Skull Candy sucks too.  Ignore that until I google to see if theres a black owner over there so I don't get labeled a racist.
I have no clue what you posted- or what was edited.  But no- I don't accept your apology.  I will hate you until the end of days!  
Its 200 people!!!!!  This shouldn't even make the news!
Now it's getting good...
Makes perfect sense. Of course, the rumor would have to be true . Good explanation. IF there is a 5.5"- hopefully there is- I agree that they'll announce them together. Still waiting on leaks though...
Looks great. I'll buy- thxCurious how the new mail markups with compare in iOS 8 and OSXAlso- I've had scanner pro since day one. Still works perfect in creating a PDF out of any picture. Use it monthly.
Maybe they're dropping Dr Dre's Entorauge.
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