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I'm guessing they'd just deduct it from his game check. I'm positive they have a way around it. And if he fought it they could suspend him a game. The NFL doesn't need Colin K- if they can live without Adrian Peterson, they can make it without that overrated qb. Say he sat the whole year suspended because he refused to pay a fine- losing all his paychecks, damaging his team, etc. And you think the NFL would look like idiots?
Ya! Where is "he hate me" playing now?
Trust me, he wasn't wearing beats to be supportive. He could've had on a pink shirt. He had beats headphones because he's sponsored. Don't think otherwise.That said- $10k? What a deal for that advertisement!
What artist would you recommend? While U2 might not be your favorite, they aren't really hated by many. There are plenty who don't like their music or genre, but they are much less polarizing than say- Jay z or rascal flats. I can't really think of someone who would be better under these circumstances. The circumstances being someone accomplished and unpolarizing.And keep that 26m number in perspective. U2 is an extremely successful band, yes? 14 million customers...
Hey VL- good write-up.  I typed it wrong (it was late and I am a little under the weather).  You are correct about it being hardware (not software) that scales it down.  But yes- Double scaling- specifically video.  Software would scale 1080p video from 1920x1080 to 2208x1242, and then hardware would scale it back down to 1920x1080.  That's double scaling.  Where I said it feels like a stopgap, is that I could see Apple releasing a 489 PPI screen in the future, but just...
I would hope so.To be honest, the double scaling on the 6 plus is less than ideal- I'm speaking of hardware upscaling and subsequent software downscaling that eventually results in 1080p. While better executed than any android scaling by a mile, it somehow feels like a stopgap. Curious what next year will hold.I guess what I'm saying is im a little nervous if something the size of an ipad scales in the same fashion as the 6 plus.
Again?  Really?  Again??????  Are you 12????  SHUT UP!
Ive got it!  The Apple Watch 2!
Way too long?   Long.... like 60"! Clearly this is a hint at the release of the iTV.  Biggest Apple event ever.  Finally!
It wasn't apples fault. It was the studios. They don't want to be dependent on iTunes like music is- so they created their own. The problem? It's run by the freakin studios! They would've been better off trying to get Amazon and/or Google as a PART of UV to bring some clout to it instead of these off-shoots like vudu, flixster, target ticket, Etc etc. It's a mess.UV wants itunes. Itunes doesn't want UV. Let's not get that twisted.
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