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Hermaphrodites at least had some form of both genetalia, so I can comprehend them having confusion.But In essence I attribute it to a mental disorder. You yourself said "their mind". So were in agreement it's mental, just in disagreement if it's reasonable or not. I don't doubt they think it- that's not an issue- neither is their courage. It can't be proven they are telling the truth or if they have a disorder. I just don't agree with "their" reality- and I don't think...
No clue. Let's use dogs instead- they're mammals. They can tell by balls. Although my dog has gone after my leg before....1- duh. Although, if I'm not mistaken, most were "turned" female by default.2- I'm not a hermaphrodite expert. If I'm not mistaken (without research and from asking an OB 4 years ago)- they have a vagina, but also testes. Not a vagina and a penis- hence why almost all become by default, females.Again, I'm not expert enough to know about this- and...
I just differ with you that the brain determines sexual orientation. Steve Irwin doesn't watch an alligator to see how it behaves to determine its gender. He sticks his finger in his anus.Kindergarten cop said it best "boys have a penis, girls have a vagina". The fact people make it more complicated than that is unsettling.
Can I PLEASE cut this off at the pass? Let's not use scripture in this thread. It's useless in convincing non Christians. It's useless in unconvincing Christians. Completely uselessPlease please please please please.
Couldn't one say the same about Christians in China?I don't disagree with you, but that's a poor argument.
He's got ya there. The person who yells "I'm tolerant" is often the least. Bashing Christians is no worse or better than bashing gays.Gays shouldn't be discriminated against. Period. I don't worry about gay pastors because they'll never be hired- it would be an awful hire for the church boards to make so they won't make it. It literally doesn't have to be about intolerance as much as the best qualified. I'm not qualified to be a hooters waitress. I'm ok with that.Now as...
You said this relating to the fact they wouldn't have a remote control (in addition to possible gestures)But I gave an example of clapping three times- which doesn't involve a remote. My point was- they could do gesture only- and if they did- they would have a way to activate or deactivate. Maybe holding your crotch, saying "ee hee", and doing a Michael Jackson hip thrust. Tell me that wouldn't be fun.
Somebody had to... Edit: And don't forget he's working for free! (13 mil shares only)
You're whole detraction from motion control is this belief that nothing is going to activate it- which is invalid.  If there is motion control, then there will be a trigger to activate and deactivate motion control- whether through a physical button or action (clapping 3 times- I don't know).  Its not going to be permanently on and never off so anytime you wave at someone coming in the room, it changes the channel to ESPN. Again- your anecdote is a poor one because it...
     Joke's on you.
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