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uhh- this would have been a COO decision moreso than a CEO decision.  So basically- you don't know what you're talking about?  But we all knew that already.  Begone!  Back under your bridge you go!!
*role Figured I'd correct your typo in your post saying how no one knows as much as you.  Keep up the good fight buddy 
Look forward to it.  I expect very very little.  Touch ID, A8, Gold iPads, Retina iMac, and Mac Mini.   I don't anticipate a much needed update to Apple TV, so at least my expectations are set.
I'll say it again. Everyone knows this guy is full of Schmidt.
This is the same note 4 that hasn't been released and no one can buy yet that was announced a month ago in a desperate attempt to try to tamper iphone sales? Samsung is a joke. The only bigger jokes are Samsung users
Thats MSRP- The 4000 and 5000 NEX are $530 (free shipping) and the AppRadio4 was just announced- but the 3 was selling for $355 on Amazon before the announcement- so it'll likely be closer to $400. I'd actually buy the App4 if my Ac/Heating system in my Lincoln's weren't tied into my radio display. These things really wont work well with newer cars unless theyre lower-end ones.  I guess I could find a way to mash it into my 69' vette somehow.  
So how do you turn your TV on?  You walk up and push the button?   I only have a TV, Sound Bar, Blu-Ray, and Apple TV remote (dont do cable/uverse anymore)- and I just use a Harmony 1.
I agree. This would be great!
Touch ID and a very modest processor jump. For the first release since the ipad 1, I might not upgrade if that essentially Sums it up. Now if it has 1.5 or 2gb of ram (or however much is needed for safari tabs)- I'm in.
Wth? The camera is substantially better- video is massively better and stills are way better as well. Additionally, please tell me what waterproof case for an iPhone ($100 for just that) will allow me to pickup sound effectively.Apples and oranges Dave...
New Posts  All Forums: