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To your first point- wouldn't the parents be geared for motion? Aren't their people geared for motion? It's not like this company did a multitude of things- they did one thing and they did it well.To your 2nd point- seeing as Apple has never done only one mean of control ever- I doubt they'd start with something as clumsy as you suggested. You can think motion control is dumb- I would likely agree with you. But no need to try to create an exaggeration of something that...
I said overall and was speaking of the 4 vs the 5. Remember it also got more shallow. ~62k cubic mm for the 4, and only 55k cubic for the 5. The 3GS to 5 was even a starker contrast in overall size decrease.So again- apple could easily release a 4.3" with the same or negligible height/width dimensions as the iPhone 5. And if that occurred- who would complain? "I want a smaller screen but same dimensions!" That'd be a weird request.
Because they likely aren't- outside of previous models.If they release something like a 4.3"- and the size of the iPhone stays the same- why would anyone complain?Lest we forget apple went from 3.5" to 4" and not only did they not go bigger with the phone- they actually reduced the overall mass.So you're quitting?I'm hoping it isn't 4.7 and 5.5- mainly for everyone else, but if it was id get the 4.7. If they do a 4.3 and 4.7- I'm getting the 4.7- so I'm covered either way.
If you're correct, then Apple blew $360 million on Primesense.Luckily, I don't think you're right. You're also somehow convinced that motion via a controller would be on permanently without a way to toggle it on or off. You really think it'll pick up every accidental gesture you make and bring as a finished product to market? Your quote you keep bringing up has no bearing.
Hey- I do it all the time! 
They support Android- feature sets are identical for Android and iPhone.  The only thing that has more options are iOS for iPad.
Ichan has been pushing for eBay to split up PayPal.  Last I heard just 20% to an IPO.  But I would think you get get Paypal for around $10bn.  They have a $2bn Ebita.  Of course- I've only looked at purchasing companies with 10-200k ebita... so this is quite a bit above my head.  
Or Apple just does it's own payment system, or buys a company that does something similar for a fraction of the cost.  Why buy a company at their highest point?  8 Billion is quite a bit. That said- it's way more valuable than WhatsApp.  Especially at 40% the price.  And def. twice as good as Nest.
Nah- he's an unsullied.  He has no feelings. 
Like an Apple launch 
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