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Again?  Really?  Again??????  Are you 12????  SHUT UP!
Ive got it!  The Apple Watch 2!
Way too long?   Long.... like 60"! Clearly this is a hint at the release of the iTV.  Biggest Apple event ever.  Finally!
It wasn't apples fault. It was the studios. They don't want to be dependent on iTunes like music is- so they created their own. The problem? It's run by the freakin studios! They would've been better off trying to get Amazon and/or Google as a PART of UV to bring some clout to it instead of these off-shoots like vudu, flixster, target ticket, Etc etc. It's a mess.UV wants itunes. Itunes doesn't want UV. Let's not get that twisted.
Universal, paramount, disney all still do. 20th century fox does now also.Unfortunately, WB, Sony, lions gate, etc all dropped
My new hero!
Spindler was in there for 2 and a half years and never increased the value of the company.  Tims been there 3 and a half and doubled it.  So, what I'm essentially saying is- shut up- you don't understand your own point.
uhh- this would have been a COO decision moreso than a CEO decision.  So basically- you don't know what you're talking about?  But we all knew that already.  Begone!  Back under your bridge you go!!
*role Figured I'd correct your typo in your post saying how no one knows as much as you.  Keep up the good fight buddy 
Look forward to it.  I expect very very little.  Touch ID, A8, Gold iPads, Retina iMac, and Mac Mini.   I don't anticipate a much needed update to Apple TV, so at least my expectations are set.
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