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Like an Apple launch 
Loving this iBeacon stuff.  Got to see the upgrade option of seats at a basketball game with a friend.  Impressive.
Someone kill me.  Please
Just sit further away, then it won't matter 
Even if Non-competes were legal in California- it's an at-will state.  So a "non-compete" clause means little to nothing.  So is Texas.  Trust me, I know this with first hand experience. Disclaimer: I, too, am not a lawyer but stayed at a Holiday Inn express last night.  Although, I did say "trust me", so you have to.  Or not.
And you can get it on Roku.  So instead of using a cable box- you can just hook one of those up to the TV.  I'd love that accessibility with the Apple TV if they had a compelling search function and attractive UI.
Please expand.  If picking between U-verse, time warner, fios, dish, directtv, cox, etc. isnt what you have in mind- then what did you mean by you want to be able to pick your provider?
I've been pulling for this for a while.  Again, people wanting a la carte services might as well concede to the fact it wont happen for a decade.  Again- the biggest factor is sports programming and their exclusive deals with TNT, Fox Sports, TBS, amongst the networks as well.  Could those services sell individually?  I guess- but also very very unlikely seeing as they package their popular stations and force the cable companies to purchase their spare and less-watched...
No no.... they'd need way more than 65M iWatches to give one away with every iPhone.  I'm thinking it's more of a promotion.  Buy 3 iPhones, get an iWatch for free type of deal.
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