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Thats MSRP- The 4000 and 5000 NEX are $530 (free shipping) and the AppRadio4 was just announced- but the 3 was selling for $355 on Amazon before the announcement- so it'll likely be closer to $400. I'd actually buy the App4 if my Ac/Heating system in my Lincoln's weren't tied into my radio display. These things really wont work well with newer cars unless theyre lower-end ones.  I guess I could find a way to mash it into my 69' vette somehow.  
So how do you turn your TV on?  You walk up and push the button?   I only have a TV, Sound Bar, Blu-Ray, and Apple TV remote (dont do cable/uverse anymore)- and I just use a Harmony 1.
I agree. This would be great!
Touch ID and a very modest processor jump. For the first release since the ipad 1, I might not upgrade if that essentially Sums it up. Now if it has 1.5 or 2gb of ram (or however much is needed for safari tabs)- I'm in.
Wth? The camera is substantially better- video is massively better and stills are way better as well. Additionally, please tell me what waterproof case for an iPhone ($100 for just that) will allow me to pickup sound effectively.Apples and oranges Dave...
It doesn't look any thicker than a normal watch.  Watches are always thick...
Thinking about getting one to.   I go to our Hawaii lab a few times a year and usually bring the Mrs.- but bringing my 5 and 1 yr old this time.  I love surfing, and am gonna get my 5 yr old up with me and want to record it.  Anybody have ideas here? SolipsismX - you surf, correct?
Not at all. Not only all preceding test models, but a final model was built and Adobe even had it in Their labs testing prior to announcement. It was also only 6 months, not a year You are right though in that it wasn't mass assembled like an iPhone, so Like you said- they really didn't have a secret to keep- that might be more accurate.
I'm with pazazu here. otherwise, why change the antenna, and why give the bumpers?But I also don't think it was a big deal at all. People could intentionally manipulate it to not work- under normal use it was totally fine. Much like pushing on an already bent device as hard as you can doesn't constitute "normal use"
If this did get moved to US production- than I wouldn't expect any leaks. The Americans did a great job keeping the Mac Pro completely under wraps. Even with third party testing! Looking forward to this (if true)
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