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The OS is massively more appealing than TouchWiz- which is simply a second-rate wanna be of iOS.
So when is the new Apple TV going to be released?  We're over 2 and a half years now on the current iteration.  Let's move it Apple...
Id assume he doesn't have a mother. He was likely born and put on a boat, because he talks like a sailor.
I settled on a leather Coach case for my iPhone 5S and really liked it. When Coach makes a 6 case, I'll get that- until then I, like Marvin, prefer the spiegen clear bumper.
Family sharing question-   I can see all my brothers Apps and videos- and can download them.   Can I stream his videos?
A $20 "lease" actually isn't the worst deal I've ever heard of...
I only use Instagram. In fact, Facebook and blogs are my two least favorite forms of "communication". I can't stand having to hear someone's opinion about some subject and their rant on Facebook. Cancelled my account years ago.Instagram is great because I can just see pics of my friends and their families without all the necessary commentary except the occasional thumbs up emoji. If I truly care about someone's opinion, they are either my friend that I talk to in person...
Lol- you don't think people use Instagram and snapchat or Instagram and Facebook simultaneously? Or twitter?Curious- how old are you? thinking this might not be the subject of your expertise
 It has a microphone- so that'll be very very tough to be waterproof- although the Gopro is (albeit at a much larger size).  But I could see Apple's engineers having this thing waterproof/water resistant to a decent amount of meters.  Maybe 10?
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