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  So the iPhone 6 won't last a day?  My 5S does.  Troll1080 movies do scale on the 6 Plus.  In fact, they scale twice, whereas the 6 only scales once.  You're not a troll here, just ignorant.IOS is nice but "blow out of the water"?  Troll Sorry, this "My iPhone 6 Plus is superior to the iPhone 6- and the iPhone 6 is for posers.  And iPhone 5S people are losers and idiots for not upgrading" game you play is ridiculous, annoying, and you simply need to GO AWAY.
How many pixels is the iPhone 6 Plus pushing? How can the A7 push 3.1 million pixels to both the iPad Mini Retina and iPad Air but the A8 can stutter with the iPhone 6 Plus?  Doesn't seem feasible I did read an article here that does a good job explaining it a little.  In a nutshell, when Apple went "Retina"- they doubled the pixels on the iPhone 4 and iPad 3.  So developers could add "2x" assets.  Here is a quote:   So I'm curious if the "scaling" is where any of this...
He was simply defending his decision from sog35- who is a known troll, who I and others wish would leave this forum.  If anyone is demeaning anyone's decision, it is Sog. Seriously mods- can you not see the annoyance from this guy?  He has posted- 15 times out of the 52 posts in this thread.  When is enough, enough?
So what the hell was his point? USA nor Amazon have an app on the Apple TV. ????
On what? Isn't that USA?I checked Hulu and FX- of course, if there was a universal search feature it could be MUCH easier...
Availability in Dallas apple stores still have 6s. And have had them since launch. No 6+ at all since the opening bell. While I'm not claiming the 6+ is more popular- there absolutely were WAY less of them. Heck, just the preorders on apples stores have a 3-4x longer wait to get one.If anything, demand for the 6+ is clearly higher. Will it outsell over the year? Time will tell. Don't use an underproduced first week to dictate failure. You're already sounding like the 5c...
If they were full service channels like HBO or showtime, I'd agree with you. But these gimped 1/100th channels are nothing more than a preview. They should be free.That said- the ridiculous abc, A&E, history, etc channels don't even give you anything extra for having a subscription. Just the same gimped crap. So thats consistent at least.
I'm getting the one that is the better texting, web surfing, and email device.  I rarely use the call feature, so I'll appeal to the strengths of what I use the vast majority of the time. 5.5" for me.
Well- that's absolutely ridiculous to do considering I rarely complain about anything Apple ever- I have 2400+ posts- go take a gander. And of course- you completely ignored the fact that no rumors point to the Apple TV releasing this October. At least it's easy to understand now how uniformed and misrepresented your posts are considering you put no research or thought into them and just "lump them together".
I'm sorry- when did I complain before a secret event? Are you confusing me with someone else?  I said nothing negative in any fashion about the iPhone event.  And please enlighten me about a future "secret" event that is planned that apparently you know about that no one else does.  We anticipate an iPad event- and that's it.  Are there mystery boxes being built somewhere that we aren't aware of?Is there a rumor the Apple TV refresh will be announced this October?  If so-...
New Posts  All Forums: