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If they were full service channels like HBO or showtime, I'd agree with you. But these gimped 1/100th channels are nothing more than a preview. They should be free.That said- the ridiculous abc, A&E, history, etc channels don't even give you anything extra for having a subscription. Just the same gimped crap. So thats consistent at least.
I'm getting the one that is the better texting, web surfing, and email device.  I rarely use the call feature, so I'll appeal to the strengths of what I use the vast majority of the time. 5.5" for me.
Well- that's absolutely ridiculous to do considering I rarely complain about anything Apple ever- I have 2400+ posts- go take a gander. And of course- you completely ignored the fact that no rumors point to the Apple TV releasing this October. At least it's easy to understand now how uniformed and misrepresented your posts are considering you put no research or thought into them and just "lump them together".
I'm sorry- when did I complain before a secret event? Are you confusing me with someone else?  I said nothing negative in any fashion about the iPhone event.  And please enlighten me about a future "secret" event that is planned that apparently you know about that no one else does.  We anticipate an iPad event- and that's it.  Are there mystery boxes being built somewhere that we aren't aware of?Is there a rumor the Apple TV refresh will be announced this October?  If so-...
No I wasn'tWe're 6 months (at the least) overdue on an Apple TV refresh.  October is fine- better late than never.  And if it doesn't get announced then- can we complain then?  Please, educate me when it's ok to complain about 4 year old technology being passed off as the "current" generation.  AC?Universal search?More onboard storage?Processor?Ram? Sure, with what it can currently do, outside of AC and (possibly) universal search- there is no benefit to an increase.  I'm...
The OS is massively more appealing than TouchWiz- which is simply a second-rate wanna be of iOS.
So when is the new Apple TV going to be released?  We're over 2 and a half years now on the current iteration.  Let's move it Apple...
Id assume he doesn't have a mother. He was likely born and put on a boat, because he talks like a sailor.
I settled on a leather Coach case for my iPhone 5S and really liked it. When Coach makes a 6 case, I'll get that- until then I, like Marvin, prefer the spiegen clear bumper.
Family sharing question-   I can see all my brothers Apps and videos- and can download them.   Can I stream his videos?
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