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Curious- so what do you get then- new font, opaque borders, and spotlight? The moderate risk for minuscule benefit is not worth it for me, personally. Can't wait for the full release though!
What I think might be bigger news is that fox is finally getting into the game. It's been primarily disney/abc as the only network. With fx- it opens the door for actual fox, and even better- potentially fox sports- which is huge in Dallas (they have 3 of 4 exclusives for major sports- just not NFL). Sports are the key to this set-top nut. Whoever cracks it, wins
What are these warranties you speak of? My dad always said- "a $500 repair beats a $500 car payment". Used only for me Of course, I have a Lincoln, so I'm not that smart (although I do love it).
Google is being a bully to Samsung? Try enforcer. Bullies pick on innocents. Samsung is guilty of being the worst company on earth. Have at 'em Google
Or if it gets an app store- particularly game-focused.  Thats just it thismarty- by this time- the Apple TV should do more than it currently does.  Honestly- it's the screen IMO.  If they upgraded the 11" screen to be on par with the MBP (which the intel GPU can handle)- it'd be perfect. It is weird they'd have an 11, 12, and 13 MBA.  Why not just a 12" (or 11),  and leave the 13 and 15" to MBP?
Ya think?!? How dare a publicly traded company try and make money!
How long have you followed apple? No one ever gets an iPhone before they are released to "review". Outside of a "hands on" review during the announcement- just wait 2 weeks after it's released.Solip also clearly mentioned the 4S having an issue- but the 5- with a totally new design- had none. However the 5S had a Touch ID software issue. So your "S won't have problems" statement is incorrect based on the previous iterations. Bottom line- you won't have to wait a year...
Curious what kinks you're speaking of? The 4 had the antenna and the 5S had a software issues (not hardware) with Touch ID. So really, since antenna gate- has there been anything? Particularly on the 5?
Aw, come on- these "well informed" analysts have a 100% success rate. Claim everything, blame delays as you notice there aren't leaks, and then you'll eventually be right- or you can just keep saying it's delayed. The moral is- you won't ever be wrong.
Because it doesn't freakin' exist!
New Posts  All Forums: