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I disagree- personal preference.   
? He said the same thing you are.  His "sure they could" was the response to "Could apple stop them from doing this?"
Talk about living inside a bubble.  How simple-minded.  Really?  Talking bad about Google is who makes the world worse.  How about Genocide or sex slavery?  Aren't those just slightly worse? You think there's going to be an iPhone announcement... how cute.  You don't know anything about WWDC or Apple, so I forgive you.
Is it weird that I'm rooting for Microsoft to overtake Android?What has this world come to   
Ya- pretty solid app- read about it a few weeks ago.  Obviously, illegally torrenting- but the app itself just provides a gateway- not any actual illegal activity.I assume by "legitimate" you mean the studios developing an app to get "in-theatre" movies to your TV to stream? The studios aren't hurting regarding ticket sales in theatres- almost identical the last 4-5 years and pretty close +/- 10% over the last 20 years. Outside of being a way to stream torrented (illegal)...
Apple's will be the same.  Although they opened up their controller design to third parties and likely won't have their own (all the better).  And while the games won't be up to par with those of the PS4 and Xbox, they will be substantially less expensive.  So its a "price sans quality" deal. Now the only downside is most casual gamers arent worried about controllers, and the controllers were likely intended to appeal to the casual gamer- who would prefer touch screen....
? I'm disappointed Apple didn't release something similar last year.  At the very latest, last month.  I'm also not concerned Apple will "chase" a competitor- I'm concerned Apple didn't beat them to the punch like they normally do.  Had Apple released a similar device last month, everyone would laugh at this box and it would be DOA.  Will it still be DOA- possibly, but it's hard to argue that its not the best box out there right now.  Outside of Airplay and iTunes access-...
Will they?  I've been waiting a year now for something better.  I was really hopeful for March.  I don't even know if we'll see anything in April seeing as how we haven't had a single rumor or pic yet about it.  The Apple TV is my favorite product- and the lack of updates to it's hardware is disheartening to say the least.Those 3 things I want very badly.  The side-by-side comparison of Asphalt 8 was a clear indicator of how much better a dedicated controller is. If Apple...
I really like it. The voice search is awesome- really hope Apple carries that over.  Great product from Amazon.  Too bad they won't sell many of them and when Apple releases their next iteration- they'll crush them.   But I'd pick this Amazon box over Roku any day of the week (if the remote works as planned)
Do it!   Apple's acquisitions are rarely "newsworthy" like Nest, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.  But they are substantially more significant.
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