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Me too.  damnit
I don't think so.  The new wearable is going to be completely different than what we've seen.  I mean- completely different. Heck- they likely won't even mention the "clock face" once
Still a rumor Fuzzy- we won't know until someone gets their hands on a -known- real one.  It could still have more ram.  In that case, Nola will be backpedaling and not have a leg to stand on.
  Side note:  Anyone notice apple is live-tweeting with pics on their webpage too? I'm getting so freaking giddy...
The guy wasn't on an island all by himself saying there would be a 5.5".  He was just annoying.  No need to tip any hats.
DUH! You know what else is physics?  Rubbing a balloon on my hair and creating electricity- but it isn't going to power a house.  In the real world, Ram is a negligible part of the battery usage. Again- please just keep ignoring my earlier post where Bloated crap inefficient android phones can be just as thin, have 2 gb of ram, and have the same battery life as Apple.  Battery life isn't the issue- again- make another excuse. While we're on excuse making- you're telling me...
Please enlighten us- how much more? The "battery" excuse is a very very poor one. An incremental step up from 1gb to 1.5gb has a negligible impact on battery life.  Please find another excuse to use.
Digital- Rogi is right. I'm on an air- but what is the point of having multiple tabs if they have to reload anytime you go back and forth. As long as no "new" browsing occurs, you can go back to the other tab, but as soon as you click one thing, you're back to square one. It's kinda sad at this point.With a 5.5" device, you're reaching the threshold on a phone too, since you're bordering on tablet territory.I know we hear the battery life excuse, but these android bloat...
That's why I italicized the word clothesClearly I'm having a problem properly communicating. I'll just go back to the drawing board
1] that was the purpose of my hair gel comment. You're likining a belt as strictly a utility device (like batman). I'm saying it's for fashion. In fact, if your jeans don't fit, get some that do. Scrunched up waist with a belt would look bad as well.3] I agree with you about non-jean pants. Wholeheartedly. That's why I isolated out jeans. Gosling's fashion is spot on IMO. That guy is on point.Steve's attire is terrible. Lol. The fashion writers were correct in criticizing...
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