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I have no clue what you posted- or what was edited.  But no- I don't accept your apology.  I will hate you until the end of days!  
Its 200 people!!!!!  This shouldn't even make the news!
Now it's getting good...
Makes perfect sense. Of course, the rumor would have to be true . Good explanation. IF there is a 5.5"- hopefully there is- I agree that they'll announce them together. Still waiting on leaks though...
Looks great. I'll buy- thxCurious how the new mail markups with compare in iOS 8 and OSXAlso- I've had scanner pro since day one. Still works perfect in creating a PDF out of any picture. Use it monthly.
Maybe they're dropping Dr Dre's Entorauge.
Its not 20,000 people.  Its 200 people.  Walmart likely has that number weekly.
Fios and U-Verse combined have plenty of coverage to make it feasible.  Satellite wouldn't ever happen because you'd need, well... a satellite :D
Because it's hideous. Purple background and a dozen sub categories on the left? No thanks. It's also clunky as hell. You've never used it, so you don't know any different.You said you "like" roku and the search function on amazon. Of course, you've never used either- so that's like saying I like hang gliding.As I said in the earlier post- amazons search is criticized heavily as it only does searches within amazon. Who cares about that? The idea is novel- if it were...
Rogi- you can't complain about a UI and mention two things you've never used that you like better- you've never used them. Roku is NOT as good. And the voice feature for amazon is a joke. It only works for amazon content, not Netflix or a universal search. So what's the point?That said, a unified search is a MUST (TiVo has this), and voice search across ALL apps would be phenomenal. I do agree the current UI is severely lacking.Personally, I prefer TiVo and Xbox...
New Posts  All Forums: