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Good point.  The iPod Touch's home button is smaller- why can't the iPhone's?  Although, the touch ID on my 5s does appear smaller vs my old 5, but I think its an optical illusion because of the bezel
He didn't buy Pixar- he simply bought the rights to the technology.  I'm more curious what his original intentions were on what to do with that technology.
Good point- and highly unlikely he would have. And even more in that line of thinking- if he had never left Apple, would Apple have the rejuvenation it did with his return?
I think this is most accurate from any of the other kind of crazy ones ya'll are predicting.  Although I think they'll keep the 5S as is and not put a plastic case on it.  Also- the 4.7 wouldn't be called the Air if the 5.5 is. Except its not just the cost of the storage they're thinking of.  That's being simple-minded.  It isnt the $5 difference in storage costs.They are calculating how many "upgrades" theyd lose from people who pay $100 extra for 32gb- which is what I...
I find it highly unlikely- dare I say impossible- that the 6 will have an A7.  Itll be A8 for both and the "6c" (if thats what its called) or "5S" will be the A7- todays specs.  If I were to guess I'd guess we'd see a 4.7 6, a 5.5 6, a 4 5S (99), and a 4 5C (free).  Not sure why they'd change it up this year since thats how its been for years. The 'free' iPhone will likely have the A6 as well- which, according to the past, would be the 5c.
That 4.7" phone could easily fit into a pocket. And it isn't that much larger. Additionally, if it's as thin as we have seen rumors showing- that will expand the ability to reach further. The main point is- wait until we see the final product to pass judgement. This could easily be a slightly taller and wider phone but less total volume and weight- like the iPhone 5 was. Apple will knock this thing out of the park. Side rant- for one handed operation, all you have to do...
Forgot about those- thanks!
Answered my own question.  Interesting read: Why does Kenya lead the world in mobile money?
Curious- why is mobile payment so popular in the developing countries and essentially non-existent in the developed nations?   It couldn't be strictly because of the internet cafes, could it?
Uhh- the carriers and where it's being sold matters little. It's all going to boil down to- how fast can apple make them. They'll be sold out and in high demand all quarter regardless of how many carriers they have.
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