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They said it in the keynote.Good point!
Dude- I bought a 64gb before.  This is a price cut of $100.  It is a good deal!
That's the dumbest thing ive ever heard. So you were going to jump up to 32gb because you needed it- but now that it's 64gb- and the same price- you aren't?
Itll work with 5, 5C, and 5S- but it'll be the mobile only aspect (online payments)
It'll likely be a one-time authorization when you're setting up your watch.  Then- when it's within range, it'll work still. Essentially- theyd have to steal your fingers, your watch, and your phone.  If that happens- you have more to worry about than credit card fraud :)
For $349- it's worth it to me.  The next iteration will be better, of course.  But I'll use this day one.  Curious if the sport version will cost more?  (I wouldn't think so)
Damnit down again- im back on the original video.  F'ing a... Im just gonna follow a live feed. F this.
Mine is up, finally.  Except I have some asian talk in the background
Me too.  damnit
I don't think so.  The new wearable is going to be completely different than what we've seen.  I mean- completely different. Heck- they likely won't even mention the "clock face" once
New Posts  All Forums: