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GotG is greatness- its like 95% or so on Rotten Tomatoes.  I thought it would be "meh" but it is incredibly surprising.  Especially since i knew nothing about that comic.  Kind of like Hellboy 2 surprised me.What hasn't crossed over with Star Wars already?  And Muppets Star Wars happened long before Disney considered buying Lucasfilms. I thought Tangled was better too- I wouldn't say FAR FAR- but definitely better.  Although commercially, and with kids- it's not even a...
I disagree with this strongly. They bought Marvel Films and made them substantially better.  The first films under the Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures were:Iron Man 3- their first foray in the Marvel world- was slightly better than Iron Man 2 (based on Rot. Tom)The AvengersThor 2 was better than ThorCaptain America Winter Soldier was immensely better than the first Capt America- and probably the best Marvel film to date- with the exception of possibly.....Guardians of...
Benjamin is the master of baiting.... 
A DSLR is better than my iPhone camera- does that mean i should lug it around everywhere?  Yes- a very mobile phone is better than a larger phone, and an iPad is better for screen-usage than an iPhone also. But why not just have a tiny little razor and an iPad everywhere you go- with that philosophy?  Why have an iPhone at all? I'd rather carry one device and have it do both things "well enough"- even if it's not "the best" for all situations.  Hence- my DSLR reference.
I wouldve paid $10 (Like I did Knights of the Old Republic).  Instead- I wont be downloading this. Thanks Disney
The speeds would be nice, of course. But the real advantage would be the significantly wider bandwidth IMO
I'm a Texan. Were even more prideful than Americans.
Clear cut proof a 5.5" is not coming. So loud and clear a mute man could smell it.
Ya- such a shock that he doesn't make any sense.Still curious why AI thinks a 5.5" is coming- what is one piece of evidence outside of Ming saying so?
Not really- Its an ethnic group with a common religion But that doesn't change my point
New Posts  All Forums: