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Do it!   Apple's acquisitions are rarely "newsworthy" like Nest, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.  But they are substantially more significant.
I agree- pretty amusing. It really is pathetic that they all had the exact same concept for an april fool's prank.  All gloves.  Sit back and really ponder how the lack of originality really is oh so pathetic.
GTAT is GT Advanced Technologies and LQMT is Liquid Metal. No clue what he's saying though. Lol
Before the app store 
The dictionary is simply spelling it out and providing a definition.  And yes- I would like an example of how it is used in a way that is not pejorative. There are two sides to this coin on other words.  Take the N-word.  There is a camp that thinks it should be used so often that it no longer has a negative connotation, and there is a camp that never wants it used for any reason- rap songs or otherwise.Who is right?  I have no idea.I agree with you completely.  However, I...
I'll disagree.  With the same inflection, one could call something "F*cking big" or "gargantuan" and get the same point across.  Now if someone were to say "F*cking gargantuan"- I don't see how that makes something sound any bigger or makes my ears perk up more.The problem is that most cursers say "F*cking big" because they can't think of anything better to say. I have an over-curser in my office.  Instead of hearing his point- I think "Man- can he say a sentence without...
That song is not okay for anyone.  These are lyrics? oh pop music... how you make it through the decades I'll never know. But ya- have 2 daughters- no thanks on that song.
I'm sure Steve and now Tim have plenty of "hobby" projects.  Their true "hobbies", we never get to see.  Didn't I read that Steve had some crazy iMac or TV or something they designed there? If it wasn't making money, whether directly or indirectly, they wouldn't have it in the line up.
Saw that monologue.  Very funny. Except c*nt... that word can only be used once in a lifetime, and be prepared to sleep on the couch.  
Gotcha.  So its a bluff to potential investors "Hey- Apple is about to be out of the picture, because they are in business to make large margins, which they aren't doing with the Apple TV- so they'll be gone soon and we can make more $".What an idiot.  Any investor worth a damn would know Apple doesn't get into a market unless it can make money.  They don't do things for fun.  That's Google's job.
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