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Curious as to how they generate $2.7 billion. I wish them luck too
I like Amazon- a lot. I'm a pretty loyal customer to the brand- but this is a bad idea.
Great is all relative obviously.  I think it's great.  The fact I can put on disney movies, cartoons, educational shows, etc. for my kiddo all via a $99 Apple TV is pretty great.  Sure beats a player, extra cables, getting a disc, etc.  Now for me- I still prefer the Blu Rays... but some day the sound and video will be on par.
No doubt. I love the old southwest commercial a couple years back where you have to put in a quarter for the overhead bin, the tray, and to recline your seat.I don't buy the safety thing. I doubt people are checking espn during an emergency.
Yikes... a $500 subsidized phone. Although their rates are likely less than others, so the $20 might be a wash.
I just want an Apple story to break so we can stop this thread.   Edit: Hey- iPhone on T-Mobile.  My prayers are answered!   See what I did there Jrag?  :)
  If he believes life begins at conception, then it is the murdering of a child.  If you believe life begins at 20 weeks (like the state of Texas) or whenever- then anything past that time would be the murdering of a child.  The whole abortion argument drives me crazy because people put the focus on the choice of the mother instead of when life begins.  I'm not one to say when life begins- in fact, science (again- that great science word) can't even prove it because it's...
I, personally, don't believe that the earth is only 6,000 years old- and I believe in aspects of evolution.  But let me just play Devil's advocate for a minute.  I think we can both agree that there could or could not be a God- Divine creation is a valid theory.  Regardless of the debate, if you believe there is no God- it can never be 100% proven- nor could someone who believes prove it. That said- let's take the argument there is no God- ok- the world is not 6,000 years...
Late to this party, but Roku's new box (Roku 3) is everything I want Apple TV to be (with Mirroring).  HBO Go, Plex, Pandora, Spotify, Crackle, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, etc. etc. etc. AND it has Universal Search (What I really want)!  It's also now much faster- the reviews are praising it extremely highly (Roku 2 was good).   Apple... you aren't reading this- but if for some crazy reason you do... for the love of God PLEASE get closer to their capabilities!  And...
So a $80-$100/ month "free" iPhone 4 beats a $20 go phone and free Internet at your local library or dozens of other places. Just buy a $50 laptop off Craigslist and go to Starbucks or McDonald's to check your mail. $960-$1200 a year, or $240+$50= $290 a year. But of course, if they were making smart financial decisions they might not be in that position (not all, but plenty).
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