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I was.  Ignore me.
I haven't used my home iMac to see if it does it there or not.  Regardless- disk utility- here I come.  
Not really- they are almost the same viewing area when the iPad is in 16:9 or 21:9 with letterbox.
I hear you.  Moreso with the new product lines.  People are clamoring for an iWatch, an actual TV (so dumb), and the lesser mentioned- Car Radio setup (greatest potential IMO).  But if they get into add something like, say, the iWatch, I would venture to say we see the iPod Nano drop off- or at least I would hope.I do agree wholly- that it is concerning to see them still hold onto the classic MBP, Mac Mini, iPad 2 (mainly due to 30-pin), iPod Classic, etc.  Either upgrade...
2 iPod Sizes2 iPhone Sizes2 iPad Sizes2 Macbook Air Sizes2 iMac Sizes3 Macbook Sizes (one on it's way out) I don't understand the "too many choices" by adding one additional iPhone size.
Its web browsing for me.  I agree- watching any video- outside of a short clip- on an iPhone even at 6" is kind of crazy.
Yes, I get it was a joke.  And a good one.But the real reason is Dish is giving you an iPad if you sign up for Dish- so it's a tie-in.  ;)
   That has nothing to do with watering down the brand- just one-handed usability.  island is correct- his post didn't make sense.  Listen to what I said TS- I'm saying island is correct.  Just that admission is proof enough.Although I've agreed with his last 2 points now... what is happening?
That's my most useful feature. It allows me to freely send a link to anyone- even those on android and Windows. Unless you'd prefer conceding that territory to google docs to expand their market. Not to mention the selling aspect of "anyone can view and work on iWork documents- even those on android and windows" for when they are giving away free product. Unless of course you'd rather concede that business to office on iPad once released. All this helps edge out the...
I'm all for it. And there is little doubt in my mind they will increase it somehow- What I don't know (yes- I know I dont know either) is if they will offer two sizes. Like a 4" and 4.8". If they only do one size id expect something moderate- like 4.3". Two would be my preference as options would be a great thing and personally id love a 4.8. Also- every other product line has size options. 9.7 or 7.8 iPad, 13 or 15 rMBP, 11 or 13 Air, 21 or 27 iMac etc Time will tell.
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