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I don't understand the trackpad. The keyboard- great. Trackpad- why?
That's what I was thinking.  Lion, I get.  There are a handful of products that cap out at 10.7- but why would anyone pay for ML when you can get Mavericks for free.  Moreover- Apple would want more people on Mavericks than Mountain Lion due to support aspects and the user experience.I'm all for selling and offering Lion- but I think they shouldn't have Mountain Lion available- because whats the advantage other than fragmentation? Side note: Please fix the webpage back...
Now you're learning...Ps- love the outfit you wore today.
Outside of touch id, AC, camera, ram, processor- not much. We'll have to wait until the iPhone 6 to see what technologies the iPad air 3 would hold.Could you see an A8, 8mp, touch id, AC, w/ 2gb ram and 32gb next year for $499- all running iOS 8? I could.
I agree with you and Rogi completely (what's new?)I said this in another thread: We went from an iPad 2 A5 --> iPad 3 A5 Retina --> iPad 4 A6 Retina --> iPad Air A7 Retina- all at $499So we're essentially jumping from an iPad 2 specs to a iPad Air specs- bypassing the iPad 3 and 4.  This is unprecedented- and $70 is a worthy upgrade from what we were getting last week at $329.
What you get it what you'll get.  Get what you'll need for however long you plan on having the system.  The good news is that Apple hardware holds its resale value tremendously, so you'll never take a huge bath either way.
You just named them all.  No surprises really.  :)The iPhone 6… now that's where the fun will be.
1.2MP for FaceTime- 5MP for back.The Mini also has the M7- not just the Air
That's according to you.  It wasn't overpriced to me.  It apparently was not overpriced to Apple- and it was selling in droves- otherwise they wouldn't have raised the price. The truth is- your opinion doesn't matter to Apple because they are successful with how they did it.  And if they thought selling it at $279 would create more profit with volume than $329- they would have done that.  I enjoy hearing yours and other's opinions- they don't.  They are brilliant- you and...
Of course the margin isn't as good- but the 64-bit A7 vs the A6 and form factor are pretty glaringly visible. I'm with TS.  It's a little annoying to hear them talk about wanting everyone on a unified platform, but still having a 30-pin connector device.  Once the iPad Mini and iPad 2 are gone- those will be the last of the non-retina iDevices too.  We are finally through with Optical drives- let's drop the 30-pin connectors.
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