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Just watched it last night- awesome. This makes it easier because now I can text my brother throughout.  Really not a huge deal not being on Apple TV as an individual app anymore with allowing multi-tasking (although being an actual ATV app would make it slightly better).
Agreed- except Big Bang isn't any good IMO. I, personally, love community.
You're right.  Nothing gets by you.  I'm on your side- now lets go read another article about a rumor from Digitimes.
-Aereo is completely revolutionary -The only tablet that supports Aereo is iPad -The only smart phone that supports Aereo is iPhone -Two TV-Connected devices support Aereo- Roku directly through the app, and Apple TV through Airplay   So this is a revolutionary and very Apple-centric App.   Aereo should be in 23 cities by the end of the year- if that occurs, and Apple gives it an individual app on ATV- that would be enormous in cutting the cord completely.
Outside of How I met you mother- nothing uses laugh tracks anymore.  At least nothing good.  You're still living in the 90s.
I've been following Aero's story for a while. Great win for them. Hope it keeps up and they expand to cities nationwide. The beauty of this program that nothing else can provide- are local channels and you can cut the cord. Don't discount the NFL as the monstrous powerhouse it is. With Aero- you don't need cable or even a tuner (or antenna)- just an app on the Apple TV 6. Can't wait.
  Yet you post?  Huh?  Get outta here...
Curious as to who thinks sex is "evil".  To say that nudity and sex is appropriate for all ages is pretty idiotic.
This should be good for both Companies.  It won't save Best Buy, but it should help a little.
Curious as to how they generate $2.7 billion. I wish them luck too
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