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Will all the whiners and ridiculous naysayers in the previous thread backpedal on their stories? Of course not... For them, facts are for the birds.
It should also be mentioned that at WWDC the presenter for iWork while taking about iWork in the cloud- mentioned that they would be updating iWork soon. So I would assume this is it. Can't wait.
Hah! Like clockwork23 and 27% aren't a dead heat when you are talking about 6 million vs 9 million units sold. If you believe the 27%- then the 4S would have needed to account for 40.5% of the iPhones sold to be a "dead heat" in units sold. You REALLY suck at math. Like, bad.
Just did it- thanks!
So Apple announces that 9 million iPhones sold the first weekend. 9 Million x 27% 5c adoption rate = 2,430,000 Apple announces 6 million iPhones sold the opening weekend of the iPhone 5 last year 6 Million x 23% 4s adoption rate = 1,380,000 2,430,000 - 1,380,000 = 1,050,000 more units sold- or a 75% increase of units. So what again doesn't support what? Are you:A- Terrible at mathB- So set in your ideas you refuse to look at factsC- Intentionally trying to look like a...
Have fun with Windows! The problem with people like you is that you create some fantasy in your head of what Apple should be- and you compare their reality to that. Meanwhile, us here in the real world, compare it to everything else out there.  OSX vs Windows.  Really?  iOS vs Windows vs Android.  Again- Really? Compare them to the competition- not your interpretation of what they should be.
http://allthingsd.com/20131014/iphone-5s-outselling-iphone-5c-two-to-one/?reflink=ATD_yahoo_ticker 2.5 Million on opening weekend.  Compared to ~1.4 Million 4s the previous year for opening weekend.  So yes, over 1 million units sold- or a 75% increase- is "crushing" the previous sales. Here's your response- "That's just one study".  To which I'll retort- "Let's see one of yours".  Then you'll say "I don't have to- the proof is on you" which translated is: I don't have...
They just updated it last fall.  I think you're thinking of the Classic- not the Touch- which is incredible.
3 Million sold the opening weekend.  Also- please read the post before mine. I think this is the first time Apple will give us a breakdown of 5c sold vs the 4s last year- because I think the number is staggering with the reports we've seen so far.  We might not get the unit breakdown, but I think we get a percentage comparison.  Whether this be on the 22nd (most likely) or the quarterly report- I think we see it.  I pray they do it.
Just because they didn't advertise it doesn't mean it didn't exist! The fact is the 5c is crushing the 4s sales from last year- you can blame marketing- fine.  If the marketing is paid for by the additional phones sold- all the better.  The other fact is the 5s is crushing the 5 sales from last year.  So its a double win for Apple.  More top tier phones sold, AND more mid-tier phones sold.  I'm still having trouble connecting the dots to this being a bad thing?  What's...
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