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It's really not a larger phone. It's way thinner and lighter. Exact same width. And as far as height- they really cut down the size of the top and bottom "bezel", so it isn't much taller, really.
For those that buy their phones outright and not going through ATT, Sprint, or Verizon- I get not upgrading at times. But for those who are going through those providers already- you're only doing yourself a disservice not upgrading. You can sell a 2 year old iPhone for within $20 of a brand new subsudized iPhone. So every two years, get the latest and greatest. The only person wanting you to hold onto your old phone is the service provider. Take advantage of the subsidy,...
I know this is education only- but this is more than enough computer for the majority of desktop users.
All those responses and not one "I was completely wrong and got proven so". Even conveniently left out the quotes where you got taken to school.Oh well- fun to read nonetheless
I think either would be fine. Immediate as default or the check box. No different than a checkbox when you're on a website (like this one) and it says "remember password".
Pow! Dude- awesome post. This made my day (in Hawaii- it's 6:30am- and it'll still be the best thing Ill see today). Seeing the hammer laid down on people trying to call others out is very very entertaining.
Lol. Dumbest thing said so far from anyone.A-"I drove a car before- its basically the same thing as piloting a submarine"B-"Have you ever piloted a submarine"A-"Well, no... But I know what it'd be like..."Apple ][- you're always great for a laugh.
Jrag is exactly right. And I can only assume that you don't have kids.If you do, and you don't let them play your iPad, etc- that's good, and totally reasonable. My wife and I don't let my 3.5 yr old touch my iPad, her mini, or our iPhones. But we did get her a touch so she can play some abc, match, puzzles, and other educational games (not angry birds, etc) as well as a movie on rare occasion. It gets used maybe 20-30 minutes every third day or so and is in a cabinet she...
New Posts  All Forums: