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But to be fair- this isn't really their "pro" model- I would think most pros would either upgrade their specs or get the 15".  Better to get it 4gb ram at $1299 for consumers and have the option to go to 8gb for an additional $100 for the "pros".  And unless my math has deteriorated- $1,399 is still less than $1,499.
Is that you?  If so…. this is proof you aren't a bot and you do exist.
64 Bit processor?  64 Bit OS?  Touch ID?  What do you want- a hologram iPhone? As Tallest Skil would say- Shut up and go away.
But it's also the first year they leaped a generation (arguably 2 compared to the Full iPad).Don't get me wrong- I wish it was $299!  Hah :) But we wen't from an iPad 2 A5 to iPad 3 A5 Retina to iPad 4 A6 Retina to iPad Air A7 Retina- all at $499So we're essentially jumping from an iPad 2 specs to a iPad Air specs- bypassing the iPad 3 and 4.  This is unprecedented- and $70 is a worthy upgrade from what we were getting last week at $329.
Except it is relevant with regards to pricing.  A 5mp vs 8mp camera doesnt cost that much more.  Touch ID isn't outrageous.  Wireless AC isn't much more than N.  etc. etc.You've been around Apple long enough to know they don't cram everything new into their non-premium products (i.e.- not the iPhone).  At $329- it can't have everything the Full-sized iPad has at $499. Look- this is a 2-year processor jump and retina for only $70.  That's a bargain.  You have to take it all...
It was sufficient for an A6X Retina- not an A7 Retina.  Show me the android tablet with a 64 bit OS and 64 bit Processor.
Do you know how much Ram is in it?  The previous was 512mb, so this will likely be 1gb- like the iPhone.  Maybe the Full size will have 2gb?  But we don't know yet unless you saw something I didn't. Yes- it would have been nice for the 16gb base model to be dropped.  But until it happens on the iPhone- it isn't gonna happen on the iPad.
Would you buy the non-retina iPad mini for $249, or the Retina A7 for $399?  How about the iPad?  Would you buy the iPad 2 for $349 or the iPad Air for $499? We aint their target market.  ;)
 Although TS might be technically correct- I would almost guarantee they make an exception for you.
The A7 is a beast.
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