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Do you know how much Ram is in it?  The previous was 512mb, so this will likely be 1gb- like the iPhone.  Maybe the Full size will have 2gb?  But we don't know yet unless you saw something I didn't. Yes- it would have been nice for the 16gb base model to be dropped.  But until it happens on the iPhone- it isn't gonna happen on the iPad.
Would you buy the non-retina iPad mini for $249, or the Retina A7 for $399?  How about the iPad?  Would you buy the iPad 2 for $349 or the iPad Air for $499? We aint their target market.  ;)
 Although TS might be technically correct- I would almost guarantee they make an exception for you.
The A7 is a beast.
It isn't on the iPad Air
DAMN YOU!  Seriously!  Delay your posts for 5 minutes for heaven's sake! 
A7, Retina, iWork, iLife?  $399 is a bargain compared to a $650 iPhone.I'm so glad they raised it to $399 instead of keeping it at $329 and giving it the A6X/Retina or A7/Non-Retina.  Easily worth the extra $70 for me.  I want the best- not anything crippled.
Love the free iWork on OSX.  Also love that you can now just send links- they dont need office, iWork, or anything- just a browser.  I used iWork 80% of the time, but now- Office is deleted off my Desktop in 3... 2.... 1...
What a deal.  Phenomenal value now with the Intel 5000 graphics.
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