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It was a Super Bowl ad. They were just trying to get something crazy so the next day people say "did you see the Samsung ad about the unicorn zombies". Unfortunately for them, a screaming goat from Doritos took that cake
Lets be honest- the guy has immensely more perspective and more valid of an opinion than you or any of us. Unless you named the iMac and created one of- if not THE greatest ad series of all time.Have you watched the commercials in this article? Apple has done nothing like the "making fun in line" or Tim Burton. They're pretty original and funny. I like Samsungs ads- they aren't great but they catch your attention and create buzz.On the other hand- Apple is still...
Jrag- so you can see what TS was quoting. Hay said he thinks it would be an A6X- TS said nope and then clarified why.Pretty much myself and TS don't think an iPad will be coming out with just a simple redesign- it would need a processor change or something bigger. We're not criticizing an unreleased product that may or may not happen- Moreso speculating on what it will likely have when released.Hope that clears it upBtw- if we want to take away speculation, each thread...
I agree completely.  I had a similar argument with another person in another thread a few months ago.  Said just a body change and no internals would be crazy.  And 32/64/128 would be the only way I could see it.  I don't know if I like agreeing with you 100% and even saying the exact same thing to a T..... the world must be about to end. :)
Not saying its reliable, but they're lightning with speaker grills next to it- not 30-pin.
Just curious- why?
I like that feature built-in- but have 360 panorama I've used for years that has that.   In terms of the picture- if I were to hand one, I'd much rather hang the iPhone one vs the LG one.  I like to focus on the people rather than the background.
For sure.  But a tiny amount of thickness and weight to get Retina is fine by me.  I would assume battery life would stay the same (although real world usage might drop slightly).  But yes... for sure it'll get warmer.  I've actually noticed my iPhone 5 generates a decent amount more heat than my 4S just using the aluminum (which is to be expected) and being thinner.
It doesn't matter, why even question it?  I mean- there's no way it is even possible for the mini to be Retina this year.  You've said so yourself 400 times even though others mentioned it could.  We'll know in a few months if you've been dead wrong or not.
Apple completely and totally screwed this up.  It is annoying.  The fact that they didnt hold a meeting about how to be a licensed 3rd party accessory maker until over a month after release?  Ridiculous.  The fact they didn't get a handful of those makers, and let them start developing so accessories could be out a month or so after release?  Ridiculous.  It's not like lightning was some insane invention that would have blown the launch of the 5.   I still can't buy...
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