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You liked the 2012 Pink iPod nano packaging? If so- then how can you not like this. They're identical.
They're identical to the releases were seeing for the 5S. I'm guessing those will be the packaging and they'll be great in person for the market they're appealing to. My 19 year old niece would flock to that packaging over an eloquent 5S. She also bought a 4 last week because it was free with her upgrade (which I made her take back and wait for this release).If you don't like the 5C packing- it's because it isn't marketed to you.Even though we've had hardware leaks- we...
This is nothing like the ATV- it does- literally- nothing the ATV does. Why compare it to that? It's a phenomenal add-on to the PS3/4 as is- and if it added more capabilities like smartphone streaming, and some apps like Netflix, Someone who games with those would be all over that- and rightfully so!People who get this likely wouldn't have gotten the ATV anyway- so it's kind of an open market.
Yes yes, it's not Apple, so it sucks. /s But that's an attractive little box and I hope it works well and improves on its features. If it can incorporate chromecast-like streaming as well as expand on its apps (no Netflix or amazon? Yikes)- it will be amazing.
By "great", you mean posters who agree with your POV?Look- I want a slightly bigger iPhone, but I also don't discredit others opinions and think they are idiots because they don't agree with me.You're inconsiderate and close-minded, plain and simple. Why has this ban not taken effect yet?
Yes- the iPhone will almost certainly offer a larger size in 2014. I agree completely. Now can we please, for the love of God, not have to hear about it weekly for 52 more weeks?
Too popular for a soft release. Even moving from 2 to 3 got stage time at the iPad 3 event last year. It sold 6 million units this year- it has substantial momentum.
They didnt refresh it 7-8 months ago. Changing the size of the exact same chip does not a refresh make. It's called Apple TV 3rd generation still- for a reason. It's been a year and 6 months since an update. I think we see something big this spring- which will be 2 years from the ATV3 update. The spring is a total dead spot now that they moved the iPad to winter/late fall. So that's where we see the new ATV or iWatch (if it happens).
I'd say I'm bummed there won't be a refresh, but what would an upgraded processor or more memory do under ATVs current iteration? Until they modify the software and capabilities substantially- we will be fine with the current setup. So here's hoping for some big changes sooner than later (if not now- march-ish would be a great time).
Are you going to enter? Would you enter if it was the 5S and not 5? If no to any of the questions- then you're nitpicking just for the sake of nitpicking
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