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Please stop this crap!  Move on... enough "comedy"   Eddy is awful on stage.
In all fairness- any time someone said they wish iWork or Pages would get updated, you'd kind of belittle them.
Eddy Cue always looks like a greasy taxi driver to me It could still be silent.
Ya- but Chris_CA was kickin you in the nuts so hard about it, was rude, and basically said you were an idiot.  He deserves to eat crow.Apple researched the hell out of it to see if it would be a benefit to sell or give away.
So far- everything has gone down in price.  $200 less for 13" rMBP and 15" rMBP.  Free OSX.  This is gonna easily stomp the competition and generate huge news.
I'd bet they're gone.
The Black knight.  Ya... big fan.  lol
Free OSX.  Called it.
AWESOME opening!!
Retina Mini please.  A7 Mini please.  Blow my socks off!  I'll be happy with either/or though- both have distinct advantages.
New Posts  All Forums: