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Why hasn't Apple released OSX Mavericks?!?!?! Where is it?!?! I want it RIGHT NOW!         Sorry, I meant to post this next month.
Are we going to get this advertisement for all apps that updated for iOS 7, or just the ones that paid AI?
Netflix Does have a larger library- but Amazon's is huge as well.  CBS, Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, Epix, etc. are only on Amazon.  Disney & Dreamworks on Netflix.  I also like Orange is the New Black- phenomenal show on Netflix. But Amazon also looks at your internet speed and regulates the stream and quality accordingly.It is a much better deal because it is 17% less money, and also gives free 2-day shipping.  Example- I just bought a wicker storage box for...
Finally! And a much better deal than Netflix! Look forward to an app- but this works for now. Show time and bbc- you're the last holdout!
They have. It's always $86 for the previous and $186 for the new.
I always get my iPhones at Walmart not really even because of the discounted price, but they always seem to have them in stock release day with no line. Selfishly- Sad to see this publicity.
A display and a battery. And maybe the smallest, weakest, power efficient processor needed to just simply display information. The fact that the phone is now bearing the weight of all the lifting is incredible if apple wanted to release a watch. The gyroscope, accelerometer, processor, etc are inside all the current watches like pebble- obviously draining battery life. The batter on an iWatch would last forever and not being thick in the slightest.
With the A7 and open 3.0 capabilities- this is a very real possibility. Particularly with a controller module of some type like they've been wanting devs to work on. Maybe a 199 device w/ 16gb? I'd gladly pay.
I know you really want to bring this up, but no one is biting. Wait for the article. Argue on anther site that has the article. Or discuss the Apple TV. No need to completely derail this thread please.
With a bigger battery and better front camera.The 4S should have changed the connector or just dumped it. Oh well- we can wait a year.
New Posts  All Forums: