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Didn't know what Crazy Eddie was- so I googled it, informed myself- and your post makes zero sense.  So Apple sometimes defrauds, embezzles, and rips off shareholders?  Huh?
Hah- that's true.  Everyone will know while you're looking at your iWatch or whatever it's called that you're just checking a message.  Once (if) it goes mainstream, you won't be able to "hide" it.
I guess they'd know more about that than anyone else in the industry.I've been thinking. Square houses with doors have been the same for forever. Why not have round ones with tunnels? Innovation!
I thought the same thing- i have two 2010 iMacs that get very warm, but do the new iMacs get as hot?
I couldn't disagree more.So a slightly rounded back w/ no glass, camera and flash directly in the center and down half an inch- with an IR remote built into the power button, dual long speakers on the front of the phone and 2 non mechanical buttons instead of one mechanical one- all on 4.7" (or so) is the same? Interesting.Outside of being built out of aluminum, I see absolutely no resemblance. But who am I to disagree? You might be a mobile phone design expert.
No doubt.     If I were absolutely forced to have to use an Android phone, there is no way I'd pick this.  The HTC One is a beautiful phone- and I love the infrared sensor power button. Its really the first one to compete with the aesthetics of the iPhone IMO.  Too bad it runs a garbage OS.
That was some serious lag while he was typing "1212" in the phone application. And this is the flagship? lol...
Curious- what would you suggest to improve mobile payment or an alternative to NFC?  Currently- there are dozens of stores around me that support NFC.  None support Bluetooth, etc.  Useless is subjective- I don't believe because of all the stores around me that support it- and I would love to not bring my wallet in.  Insecure is also subjective depending on what you believe "Secure" to be.  Hey- Some people don't believe online banking is secure.   Again- not tearing down...
I almost always use macmall for the most part. Whatever is least expensive and is an authorized seller. Although I've bought used macs before and never knew where I bought it from, and they still honored any problems with Their warranty and I could also buy AppleCare to extend it.
You quoted and responded to his first point, but you didn't quote his 2nd point and or comment on it either.   He said:   In response to:   Curious as to what your response is to his 2nd point, or maybe an explanation of why you left that part of his post out and didn't quote it?
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