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Why would anyone buy that vs the 13" rMBP?
Nice call! But didn't you take out "there will be an iTV"?  
iPad Mini- EXACTLY what several of us assumed.  A7+Retina for $399 and old Mini for $299.  Awesome!     Can't wait to hear from pmz... Love this thread.
Never stopped them before...
Naming the iPad the iPad Air.  One can only assume there will be an iPad Pro next year.  Otherwise, that's the dumbest name in history.  Let the rumors begin...
8mp sure was wrong, as was touch iD.  No wireless ac.  Gotta save stuff for next year.  ;)   WTF?  Still have an iPad 2?  haha     As a side note: I hate the name (unless they announce a pro- which is logically the next step).  Let the rumors begin...
They did iPods with iPhones last year- and ignored them in 2011.  It seems to be every other year.
Please stop this crap!  Move on... enough "comedy"   Eddy is awful on stage.
In all fairness- any time someone said they wish iWork or Pages would get updated, you'd kind of belittle them.
Eddy Cue always looks like a greasy taxi driver to me It could still be silent.
New Posts  All Forums: