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I like that feature built-in- but have 360 panorama I've used for years that has that.   In terms of the picture- if I were to hand one, I'd much rather hang the iPhone one vs the LG one.  I like to focus on the people rather than the background.
For sure.  But a tiny amount of thickness and weight to get Retina is fine by me.  I would assume battery life would stay the same (although real world usage might drop slightly).  But yes... for sure it'll get warmer.  I've actually noticed my iPhone 5 generates a decent amount more heat than my 4S just using the aluminum (which is to be expected) and being thinner.
It doesn't matter, why even question it?  I mean- there's no way it is even possible for the mini to be Retina this year.  You've said so yourself 400 times even though others mentioned it could.  We'll know in a few months if you've been dead wrong or not.
Apple completely and totally screwed this up.  It is annoying.  The fact that they didnt hold a meeting about how to be a licensed 3rd party accessory maker until over a month after release?  Ridiculous.  The fact they didn't get a handful of those makers, and let them start developing so accessories could be out a month or so after release?  Ridiculous.  It's not like lightning was some insane invention that would have blown the launch of the 5.   I still can't buy...
In all seriousness... it sounds exactly like a response you would say.
Ya- true blood is awful. The Wire is my favorite show of all time. I watch breaking bad, game of thrones, and mad men also. didnt really care for boardwalk. Like any show- give it a solid 4 episodes before making an opinion. But report back.
The Wire > Sopranos. Just stick with The Wire. :)   small plug- if anyone hasn't seen it... You're robbing yourself
Me too- for sure. But beggars can't be choosers- this makes me very happy
ESP... I remember it well. Lol
Solip- I was equating doing things as a kid that you don't do as an adult- like Chad said.  My point was- if a high schooler doesn't wear a watch now, it doesn't mean he won't later.  Just like how I would wear flip flops when it was freezing outside, or no jacket.  I work with youth at my church- shorts in December is commonplace.  Once you grow up, you realize that's not too smart.  Some know already, some learn it earlier than others (and some never do)- but most learn...
New Posts  All Forums: