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My wife has a mini- I think I could somehow find a way, in my overwhelming poverty, to spring the extra $70 to get an iPad 2.  Maybe sell an organ.  $70 is so much! Perfect description.
Most people I'm talking to like the 5c.  See how that argument doesn't work? The core problem is everyone is comparing the 5c to the 5s.  They shouldn't.  It should be compared to last year's 4s.  In which case- it is incredibly improved.  I hope that Apple releases individual numbers this next Tuesday- and I think even though theyve never done it- it's a possibility.  Even if it's "we sold x% more iPhone 5c's than 4s' the first month than last year"- I think the numbers...
Next Tuesday we'll see.  In the meantime- while I clearly said I was speculating- you clearly state "can't happen" "You're wrong" "Will never happen" "won't happen". And plenty other definitive statements.  You, sir, have backed yourself into a corner. But, of course, with your insider knowledge to Apple's marketing strategies, margins, and component costs- we should all listen to you vs anyone else.
Contradict yourself much?  Or do you have a direct in-road to Apple's margins, market strategies, and component costs?
Tell that to the iPad 2 and iPod Touch.   
If they add the A6- I'd see the price staying at $329.  If anything- they'd keep the A5 mini as-is and drop the price. Really, it's all speculation- I wouldn't be surprised by anything at this point.
Huh? All the casing did is open up the market to more people.  If someone was going to buy the 1st tier iPhone 5s- they still are- that doesn't change.  If someone was wanting to go the super cheap route- they get the free one iPhone 4s.  So we're only talking about a tiny sector of "mid-tier" people.  That is now expanded.  Some parents who have kids that would have gotten the "free" 4s because it's cheap- are now getting the 5c because it seems more kid-friendly.  Or...
Exactly. Do I need to go to your post history 1 year ago?  Were you complaining that the "pricing of the 4S was a mistake from the get-go"?  No?  Then why complain now? Again- did you question the pricing of the 4S a year ago?  No?  Then why complain now?(see- I can do this all day) They won't lower the price.  They never lowered the 3gs, 4, or 4S price (when they were the 2nd tier model)- they won't lower this.  They might offer incentives later on in life- like when AT&T...
This 100 times over.  This is the rebuttal to any "5c is a failure" comment. What OS does the HTC One run?  Oh ya....   For the record- the HTC One Mini is my favorite designed phone out there.  Too bad the OS and specs are garbage. By how much- 6 bucks?  Seriously- how much cheaper is aluminum vs plastic when it is constructed in the exact same manner (one block and drilled).  Do you not contend that the cost of the 4G/LTE bands, the front camera, and the bigger battery...
I don't know where those numbers would be as they aren't released. Maybe from a third party group like best buy, macmall, etc?I wouldn't be surprised either way to be honest.
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