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  Who the HELL would buy a device from a company that can't even put the screws in straight!?!??!  That's ridiculous!
Zero chance. 6 watts upgraded to 17? And apple doesnt do externals except when they have to- even the new Airport extremes are internal now.
It appeals to me. And I'm a professional adult male in the business world. I'm not in a college world like you- surrounded by kids- so shouldn't I have more to "fear"? It looks great and until you've used hands on- you shouldn't form an opinion yet. And regardless- make your background "manly"- or whatever your definition of manly is.
I don't always agree with jrag- and have had several heated discussion/arguments with him- but he is extremely knowledgeable about tech and one of the most intelligent on this forum. So much so, that I almost never argue with him because I don't want to be proven wrong. You, on the other hand, I don't know what one gains by reading your posts. You want IGZO on everything. That's about all I've learned from your 1,000+ posts.For the record- I use a bumper on my phone so...
IF there is a 5C? People are still saying "if"?
I could see this being the exact lineup except no 8gb version and just 16 @ $0 and 32 @ $99. I wouldn't be surprised to see $249 for 32gb S- but also wouldn't be shocked to see them keep it at $199.Can't wait!
You have to push pretty firm as it is to work the button- I doubt it'll be an issue even if nothing changes.   Hoping for a universally functional Passbook App.  Now what folder did I stash that away in.... 
That interviewer was very annoying... how many times can a guy say I'm not going to answer?
Because they would have activated them when they released the new Airport Extremes and Time Capsules. And nothing has been released since then.
I've always wondered this too. But I couldn't think of a device that USES wifi for content, and is also an extender. Otherwise, why wouldn't an iMac be an extender too (if away from the source).The new Airport Express doesn't get nearly as hot. I had a couple old ones, they were definitely spotty to say the least.
New Posts  All Forums: