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Could you imagine OSX and iWork being free? That'd be interesting to say the least.
Were you complaining the 4s should be $450 last year with 8gb memory?Do you have The 5c current sales? Do you know Apples desire?So what are you doing?
All I got was more of the same. "Blah blah blah- you can't show me it was a success." In the meantime, you declare it is below expectations but don't have any evidence to support it. Any research that is given to the contrary, you try to tear apart- all the while not having one shred to show for your "point". Whatever that is.I'd say you're getting tiresome, but it's kind of humerous to see you write 5 paragraphs and really say nothing aside from "I believe" and "I think"...
Jung- you and rogi are correct. Island is wrong- yet again (what's new?). He has no idea what apples expectations are- so he can't argue of they're good or bad. Although he pretends to know what their expectations are. How? No clue- he won't reveal his sources.What we can't argue with is if the 5c has been a commercial success. All numbers and signs point to yes! But I think island wants it to fail, so he will pretend that apple shares his views. Strange bird that one...
Her iPhone 5 that was custom gold is gaudy- nothing like the 5s. Shocker.Yes- she's trashy. Can't stand the woman. But she had a bad body 5 years ago- or whenever her "claim to fame" tape came out? I think not. She was smokin' back then.Now being pregnant- not so much. She's got volcano body... Once it starts erupting- there's no stopping it.
So you knew about the A7?  You knew it was 64-bit?  You knew about the M7?  You knew it handled all movement processing separately?  You knew about the new LTE bands on the 5c and 5s? Outside of the dual flash and touch ID- both external components- we didn't have an idea about what is on the inside.  So Apple could easily release a new Apple TV with the exact same form factor- and we wouldn't know about the inside components- which is all that matters on that.  What would...
Plasma is better in every single way. Particularly with fast motion. The only thing it's worse at is power consumption vs LEDs- but it's not a crazy difference.Go plasma- of course you'll have to go 42"+. Panasonic is the best budget. Pioneer is the best top-line. I have a 60" LG and it's solid as well- got it maybe a year and a half ago for $799? It's my primary TV, but I use my media room w/ projector for serious movie watching or games- so I didn't need anything...
What the heck is "smartphone tracker"? Regardless- Demand for a completely sold out product is greater than the supply? We needed research for this conclusion?
Anytime sweetheart. And let's not pretend error was a "typo" for err.
Just further proof you have no clue what you're talking about.
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