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Free OSX.  Called it.
AWESOME opening!!
Retina Mini please.  A7 Mini please.  Blow my socks off!  I'll be happy with either/or though- both have distinct advantages.
Just curious- how old are you and where do you live?  That might shine more light on your anecdote.  I'm in the Dallas area- and in the professional realm- 30 years old.  I wear a watch- although I never did 6+ years ago- as do most of my counterparts at the higher end restaurants, etc.  But these are only used as fashion pieces and you rarely see phones on the table. I often get compliments on my watches from females.  Most of the time when I'm just wearing a casual every...
Are you warmed up and ready for today?  I expect big things out of you...
Great minds...
Anything is possible- but neither of those would be reasons. I was surprised that the iPhone event wasn't streamed- they almost always stream every event, and it has nothing to do with what it being released or the venue.
Sounds like we could get a release today.
I've always said id never be the dad that let his kid get on his phone or iPad. Man- that is so harder said then done. My now 4 year old- of course- wanted to use both at any opportunity. I bought her a iPod touch when she was probably 2.5 and upgraded her to the 5th gen when it came out. I highly recommend little kids have their own iDevices or none at all. Because "sharing" is a one way street. Plus they're disgusting. I swear I wash her hands, and somehow right after I...
As a side note. I can't wait for tallest to go after the trolls tomorrow- it's now one of the highlights of announcement days for me. Sick 'em little buddy!!!
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