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Who has 1080p content on their phone?  A Mac or even an iPad I could see.... but an iPhone?
I agree.  Patiently waiting with my 2010.  I went ahead and upgraded my work to a SD one, but for the house- waiting on Retina.  That'll be impressive when it happens.  I'm guessing next year (it wasn't expected this year). Why would an iPhone even need ac?  99.9% of the population doesn't get those kinds of speeds at their home- so it is really only beneficial for file transfers within the same network- like Time machine backups, etc- nothing the iPhone does.  So if the...
I don't have that problem, but I have noticed that texts don't time stamp anymore after the first one. That sucks. Outside of that tiny thing (and I liked the lines on notes before)- love it!He doesn't have a choice. You either learn to love it, or switch. What's the alternative- android, Microsoft? Blackberry is drab in color- he should go there I guess. If he stays with iOS, he better focus on what he likes, because complaining does nothing but make your life...
It's obviously not that they didn't trust their products. This is a dumb statement. They didn't even take pre orders. They had some serious production line stuff- not sure if we'll ever know the details- but it absolutely wasn't from lack of demand. They could've sold double the iPhones today- easy- and they know it.
Both of my ATV3s updated without a hitch- although they did take abnormally long. Thank God. Sorry some of y'all are getting bricked- no way I would have upgraded if I had read the comments here first.
I almost always sell mine on Craigslist and buy my macs off Craigslist. But I just traded it in at topdollarmobile.us $230 for a 16gb att 4S. Traded all 3 in. That's about what Craigslist can sell for and you don't have to deal with the typical "Craigslist people"
Why is it not reported yet that only the apple stores have the silver or gold 5S? It might just be Dallas- but I've called dozens of best buys, targets, and ATT stores. All only got shipped gray
 He said /s (sarcasm)
Definitely the lowest stock I've seen in release day yet at 3rd party stores. Both Best buys only got 10 black for each carrier. One Walmart got none, the other got two black for sprint. Yes- two. And target- for both stores- the dumb 3rd party vendor hasn't even showed up to deliver product. On wait list, we'll see.    This is the first year I've seen that you're basically going to have to go to a carrier or Apple store if you want one on release day.  Side note- there...
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