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In my eyes- and what should be in the eyes of all Christians, it is the words- not the paper. Whether it be on a napkin, or note card, or in our memory and spoken- it's the Living word and not the pages. Just as church is the people in it, not the building.I'm sure some old folks would see it as a problem, and have no basis as to why, but I don't at all.That said- to all commenters- can we please watch the "religious brainwash" comments or calling it a "Fairy tale" or...
I didnt read all the comments- but am I the only one who would be terrified if this were to break....
Yes on the 2nd and 3rd parts.  I actually had a post deleted by him in that exact Straightalk thread that didn't violate any rules, yet he removed it because it painted him in a bad light and proved him wrong (with sources).  And as for the 1st part... I guess I am doing that now... whoops.
A 5" iPhone wouldn't be terrible- I might buy it.  But a 5" iPhone with the same resolution as the iPhone 5 stretched out to 5"?  No Thanks.
I like how the iPad has fat man fingers and the Kindle has slender woman fingers.  lol
That's over 9% thicker. Pretty decent size comparatively speaking.
Ya- most of that will occur. Especially #6- My iPad 4 starts cooking if I've been using it a while (I always do full brightness). The mini being that tiny pushing out more pixels is bound for heat (unless a different type of display is used).Either way- wife has a mini, and ill have one when retina comes out- be it this year or next.
America > The WorldWhat's up?
Sopranos and The Wire are arguably the two best shows to ever air. Game of thrones is arguably the best TV show right now.Give them a little more credit than "popular" shows. The Sopranos was groundbreaking television, and HBO is the best thing to happen to television dramas. This isn't just me saying it (I dont love the sopranos), but critics everywhere. Late 00s will be known as the golden age of TV.
I like it. One less digitimes post is a win for me.
New Posts  All Forums: