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I literally just got one today. So if it comes out ill just exchange it. Everyone has some cool ways they've used airport expresses for AirPlay- quick little props to myself on my most recent endevour. I recently acquired a very nice condition (exterior wise) 1964 Magnavox stereo console from our local habitat for humanity store for a whopping $10. Our decor at my house is very modern- but also very 60s type of furniture (although new)- very "Mad Men" like- so this peice...
The 13" MacBook Pro stayed exactly the same price as its been since its debut in June of 2009. In fact, they upgraded it last year improving the processor, graphics, architecture, and Ram- all at no cost increase.Now you're trying to compare the classic with the retina which is a brand new Mac all to its own. Which is unfair.So everything you said was factually untrue.
Not really- the iPod Nanos do it currently- it's just for the packaging anyway:http://www.apple.com/ipod-nano/
Exactly.  A fully functional iPhone 5 just goes to the "recycling" plant... which isn't nearly as good as reuse.
300 Surface Pros apiece.
There no problem plugging your watch in daily. There was a time people didnt plug a phone in. Now you do. People adapt. You take your watch off at night, plug it in, and put it on in the morning. Done deal.
I've never used it but use Instagram. In what ways is it different or better?
Considering the iPad Mini was released on October 23rd of last year and has phenomenal sales- how about then?
My guess is they'll give it and mavericks both a release date whenever they give the mavs release date that is.
no chance they would do this- ever.
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