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That's over 9% thicker. Pretty decent size comparatively speaking.
Ya- most of that will occur. Especially #6- My iPad 4 starts cooking if I've been using it a while (I always do full brightness). The mini being that tiny pushing out more pixels is bound for heat (unless a different type of display is used).Either way- wife has a mini, and ill have one when retina comes out- be it this year or next.
America > The WorldWhat's up?
Sopranos and The Wire are arguably the two best shows to ever air. Game of thrones is arguably the best TV show right now.Give them a little more credit than "popular" shows. The Sopranos was groundbreaking television, and HBO is the best thing to happen to television dramas. This isn't just me saying it (I dont love the sopranos), but critics everywhere. Late 00s will be known as the golden age of TV.
I like it. One less digitimes post is a win for me.
No- that doesn't support your point. It supports mine. I concede that the implementation of iCloud hurt your apps that used iDisk because they are no longer supported. But as we sit today, iDisk doesn't exist- iCloud does- so your point is moot.Does it suck they dropped support in your specific case? Sure. But how does that change today about which is a better OS? And the fact that while, in your case, iCloud isn't better than iDisk- iCloud is better than no iCloud.
$199 is the msrp. It'll be $140-150 on amazon a few weeks after release (maybe on release if demand isn't huge)- making it much more enticing.
Great point as always jrag. That iCloud thing sucks. I hate having contacts, calendars, notes, photostream, bookmarks and messages sync with my Mac.Sarcasm on all 3 sentences btw.
Nope- never had a post in all caps.   It does.  You're wrong.  Again.
Said perfectly.You need to re-read what everyone has said. It's not the way we want- its not something specific that only Apple TV would have. It's something the same as all of their main competitors. That's all. Like Dan said- it's not an unreasonable request. Btw- we all own Apple TVs- were all on the same side here, but some of us want to see things be better, not just be happy for years to come with the same thing we have today. But today we just want to be on par...
New Posts  All Forums: