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I've always said id never be the dad that let his kid get on his phone or iPad. Man- that is so harder said then done. My now 4 year old- of course- wanted to use both at any opportunity. I bought her a iPod touch when she was probably 2.5 and upgraded her to the 5th gen when it came out. I highly recommend little kids have their own iDevices or none at all. Because "sharing" is a one way street. Plus they're disgusting. I swear I wash her hands, and somehow right after I...
As a side note. I can't wait for tallest to go after the trolls tomorrow- it's now one of the highlights of announcement days for me. Sick 'em little buddy!!!
I thought the same thing. Hah.
Only when they don't line up with your "5c is a failure for Apple" comments.How many more stats have to come out before you finally admit you were wrong?
You're right Hakime.  I will say; however, that Microsoft took Apple's Smart Cover and significantly improved on it.  The fact that it's a keyboard is nice- and not bluetooth at that.  But more impressive is that it doesn't need a battery, and the new Smart Cover 2 actually increases the battery life of the surface. Would I buy one?  No- I type on my iMac- and just browse with my iPad.  But I do give Microsoft some credit for creating a cover that is both functional as a...
Could you imagine OSX and iWork being free? That'd be interesting to say the least.
Were you complaining the 4s should be $450 last year with 8gb memory?Do you have The 5c current sales? Do you know Apples desire?So what are you doing?
All I got was more of the same. "Blah blah blah- you can't show me it was a success." In the meantime, you declare it is below expectations but don't have any evidence to support it. Any research that is given to the contrary, you try to tear apart- all the while not having one shred to show for your "point". Whatever that is.I'd say you're getting tiresome, but it's kind of humerous to see you write 5 paragraphs and really say nothing aside from "I believe" and "I think"...
Jung- you and rogi are correct. Island is wrong- yet again (what's new?). He has no idea what apples expectations are- so he can't argue of they're good or bad. Although he pretends to know what their expectations are. How? No clue- he won't reveal his sources.What we can't argue with is if the 5c has been a commercial success. All numbers and signs point to yes! But I think island wants it to fail, so he will pretend that apple shares his views. Strange bird that one...
Her iPhone 5 that was custom gold is gaudy- nothing like the 5s. Shocker.Yes- she's trashy. Can't stand the woman. But she had a bad body 5 years ago- or whenever her "claim to fame" tape came out? I think not. She was smokin' back then.Now being pregnant- not so much. She's got volcano body... Once it starts erupting- there's no stopping it.
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