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I'm sure Steve and now Tim have plenty of "hobby" projects.  Their true "hobbies", we never get to see.  Didn't I read that Steve had some crazy iMac or TV or something they designed there? If it wasn't making money, whether directly or indirectly, they wouldn't have it in the line up.
Saw that monologue.  Very funny. Except c*nt... that word can only be used once in a lifetime, and be prepared to sleep on the couch.  
Gotcha.  So its a bluff to potential investors "Hey- Apple is about to be out of the picture, because they are in business to make large margins, which they aren't doing with the Apple TV- so they'll be gone soon and we can make more $".What an idiot.  Any investor worth a damn would know Apple doesn't get into a market unless it can make money.  They don't do things for fun.  That's Google's job.
There's the paradox.  If it is used in common and casual conversation, it loses it's poignancy and doesn't carry the heavy meaning it once did.  Essentially, without the discrepancy, it loses it's clout. So I guess I'm saying that I'm for cursing, just not over-cursing.  Because when I curse, which is rare, I want it to really mean something.  
Sorry- I had a long work week last week with travel, so my brain might not be working at full capacity yet. So I might be missing it- but how does it benefit Roku to say that the Apple TV isn't making any money.  Let's pretend that's true- What does Roku benefit by that statement?
 I think we can all agree on at least a few words should be classified as "explicit".  If you don't care what your kid hears- thats fine, just take explicit off.  I would hope that when my child is 13 year old that I don't want the risk of having F bombs dropped in songs. Of course, I'm sure the majority don't care (about anything- not just cursing).  Yes, 13 year olds hear F bombs all the time- it doesn't mean that I choose to promote the word. Can we also agree that...
Curious if thats just the Galaxy S series or all Galaxy models which includes the S, Note, Pro, Tab, R, W, M, and Y
What's the angle? Even if it were true (it isn't)- all it proves is the Apple TV is a tremendous value. So uhh... What's the angle?
Had they released this 3-4 years ago instead of thinking they could capitalize on Office's popularity by selling some atrocity named a "Surface", they might have made some serious money.Instead, all they will get is one giant *yawn*
That's true.I'm actually looking forward to this event. I have prime for the shipping (have a couple different offices In other states so shipping to them is very easy that way). But don't use prime for streaming ever really. That said- it's always cool to see what other companies come out with, even though I likely won't buy it.
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