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Forgot about those- thanks!
Answered my own question.  Interesting read: Why does Kenya lead the world in mobile money?
Curious- why is mobile payment so popular in the developing countries and essentially non-existent in the developed nations?   It couldn't be strictly because of the internet cafes, could it?
Uhh- the carriers and where it's being sold matters little. It's all going to boil down to- how fast can apple make them. They'll be sold out and in high demand all quarter regardless of how many carriers they have.
Of course. Everything except final cut is free now. And technically FileMaker
When they say "third party applications"- does this mean we can get actions? If so- that'd be huge for the general consumer- essentially competing with Photoshop elements
None of these streamers make money.
Why is Craig F. behind him there?  ;)
While I get your sarcasm- I will say that I don't know of a company (particularly in fast food) that does more local food campaigns and charity work than chick-fil-a. And I'm not talking on the national community, I'm talking about the local community and people like you and me- not some giant institution with CEOs.Additionally, Cathy Truett has done a phenomenal job with his wealth in regards to teaching his family work ethic and responsibility. Im fascinated reading...
As if this guy needed "outed"
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