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Should've saved your money and bought a dumb TV then.  Why use cpu as one of the deciding factors in buying a TV, but not use the Smart feature?  Could've had the best cpu in the world but it's a moot point because smart TVs blow. Also- you should've bought a Sharp, Panasonic, or LG.  Anything but Samsung...
 The person who thinks sales data created by statistical firms uses old devices bought off craigslist and eBay as a source accuses someone else for trolling.  The irony.
Can't wait until the next Apple TV. Getting more excited everyday. What was this article about again?
I really don't think it's embarrassing. This type of correspondence is happening at all companies in every industry. I enjoyed reading it and id love to see googles and microsofts just for fun. Anyone with half a brain will realize that. The other half uses android, so who really cares what they think anyway.
Wow- what fun to read. I'm dying to know what "confidiential" is! Liked "add content: NBC, Viacom, HBO. Subscriptions". They were thinking it then, likely just couldn't get it done. Doh.
Airplane mode  Or iPod touch.  I think the XBox version uses your iPad or a tablet if I'm not mistaken
http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/160390/moga-iphone-game-controller-outed-features-external-battery-pack  Something like this could be the best of both worlds with the right programmer/developer.  Imagine playing a 1st player RPG/Shooter/Adventure/etc on the TV screen with your physical controls, but your "backpack" is your screen on the iPhone.  Instead of "pausing" and going to your backpack, you just glance down and click.  Much more realistic and doesn't stop gameflow....
Solip- Hopefully- you will really enjoy what I'm about to tell you. So- one of the writers on justified is a gentleman named VJ Boyd.  He is from Dallas and is a avid listener to our sports radio station "1310 The Ticket".  Before I continue- this isn't your average "sports" station.  In fact- its basically a "guys" station that has an enormous cult following and has dominated the entire DFW male demographic market the past 15-20 years.  Has also won a Marconi (think...
I disagree- personal preference.   
? He said the same thing you are.  His "sure they could" was the response to "Could apple stop them from doing this?"
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