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There no problem plugging your watch in daily. There was a time people didnt plug a phone in. Now you do. People adapt. You take your watch off at night, plug it in, and put it on in the morning. Done deal.
I've never used it but use Instagram. In what ways is it different or better?
Considering the iPad Mini was released on October 23rd of last year and has phenomenal sales- how about then?
My guess is they'll give it and mavericks both a release date whenever they give the mavs release date that is.
no chance they would do this- ever.
I disagree. It seems about the same as always for me. Apple has some leaks and some that don't- just like in the past.Remember the iPhone 4? We had a teardown of that. But we heard little about the rMBP and nothing of the iPad 4. So it's give and take like always. Not to mention the capabilities people have now with tiny pocket cameras.
Duh?  Why would they release them at the same time?  We'll be lucky to see a Mac update to go alongside.... only chance is if the GM of Mavericks and a release date comes out next week- which is extremely unlikely.  So we'll likely see the Macs and iPads all at the same time.   So with those ruled out- maybe we'll see an updated Apple TV iteration?  But I doubt that too.  iPhones only with a Mavericks and Mac Pro release date with -maybe- a side dose of iPod.
Apple doesn't make a 5 inch iPhone, and it still kicks the ass of any 5 inch Android phone anytime, anywhere.
TS is much better as a contributor instead of a moderator. He can be totally abrasive and not have to uphold a standard. I prefer this TS substantially more. Enjoyable even.
I didnt do much search- but ya... there was a lot of that crap... :)
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