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What the heck is "smartphone tracker"? Regardless- Demand for a completely sold out product is greater than the supply? We needed research for this conclusion?
Anytime sweetheart. And let's not pretend error was a "typo" for err.
Just further proof you have no clue what you're talking about.
Could you act any more like a tool? You are so quick to dismiss numbers when they don't add up to what you want.  And even quicker to make up your own numbers. The Flagship Samsung phone- the S4- is losing out in sales to the 5c- the middle tier phone from Apple on 2 carriers- thats not big news?  You'd be better off comparing it with the S3.  The fact that Apple's 2nd tier iPhone is beating the flagship of their key rival on any carrier is enormous news.  Do you think if...
That's what he does.  He completely ignores the concrete- Apple reported- numbers that shoot holes in his theory.  He won't mention percentages and the 6 million vs 9 million in the same sentence.  Anyone with an inkling of math knowledge knows he's wrong. Not that I need validation to know if I'm correct or not- he apparently does.  He also fails to see you, me, lee, Constable, ikrupp, etc. telling him he's wrong- or "ripping him to shreds" in his words.  In the meantime,...
Why?  What would the numbers prove? What if it was 30% 5c?  You would then yell from the mountain tops it is in the US only, and just one provider.What if it was 15% 5c?  You would then yell from the mountain tops it is a failure- discounting any point you made previously about numbers being US only. My point- you will use numbers to prove your agenda/point rather than take numbers for what they are. Edit: Beat me to it!
Don't say things like that!  The 5c is a complete failure- remember?
If China got 3 million units and only a 15% rate (both estimations which are likely skewed to the point you're making)- thats 450,000 more units still. 24% of 6m = 1.44m27% of 6m = 1.62m + .45m = 2.07m or a 44% increase year over year. Even with your skewed numbers its a home run
 The supply lines of 5c still in the channel is a moot point.  The 5 faced the same supply (because of demand) constraints the 5s is facing.  So channel has nothing to do with it.  They aren't sold out of the 5c just like they weren't sold out of the 4s last year.  Apples to Apples. What you are right about, is the comparison about adding china.  However- what you are wrong about- is the assumption that the same amount of iPhones were sold in the US (6.2) and the remainder...
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