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What if you have a 27" IPS from Dell when you had a windows PC 3 yrs ago, but now you want to switch to Mac?  A Mini would be perfect in that situation and an iMac wouldn't be.  Not to mention, with the iMac being an AIO- if something goes wrong on it, you throw away everything (if it cant be repaired).  That said- I have an iMac and prefer it for my normal computer.  But I have a mini as a server at my home for a side business so I can access a database from any...
Waiting on a resolution upgrade before I upgrade one of my iMacs. Does everything I need it to right now, so I can be patient. Here's hoping for 2014...
    That package is going to be massive!  Currently, DirectTV pays $1 Billion a year.  If Google and Apple get into it- you're looking at doubling that or more I'd guess.   And for what it's worth- only 2 million subscribe to it @ $250/yr- so a return of $500mil (or a loss of $500mil)- mobile, bragging and advertising excluded of course.
For those of you getting excited- did you just bypass this little snippet in the article?    I'm all for dealing with the content providers.  If nothing else, just to scare one or two of the cable providers to nut up and sign on with them.
Innovate like being the first laptop to use PCIe for the flash HD?  Or the first to delivery 12 hours of battery life?  All while weighing under 3 pounds.   The Mac Pro is obviously innovative- let's not try to argue that.   Thats all from the only product (and one announced product) that they released so far this year... so 100% of their products have been innovative- not copying- in 2013.  Now shoo fly, don't bother me
I showed my wife and and she wants champagne too- she got excited.  She's hispanic (but more like a coconut- brown on the outside but white in the middle).  
I'm with you. Front left pocket is my phone, front right are keys, back right is wallet. What else would you have? Your a guy.,, it's not like we have baby wipes, mascara, and tampons. Maybe he does?
After thinking about this hire a minute- it's brilliant. You can have all the geeky notifications and things that would make this device super functional. By adding an extremely functional fitness aspect, it is now also a sexy device. Oh- you're wearing an iWatch? Clearly you're interested in fitness. And being fit is sexy and attractive. So they get the "cool, sexy" factor while still being completely functional and not nerdy. Geniuses, these Apple folk.
I agree black book- it would be nice. Even if they announced a smart watch version this fall or potentially in the spring and increased the features for the next model- and that's what this hire is for. I have a coworker who just bought a pebble- it's ok and the watch itself looks decent- but the digital UI just doesn't look sleek. Apple would fix that.
My wife wants one bad. There's another vote for gold. I'm sticking with scratchtastic black.
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