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 "But I'll keep checking this thread to see how the nerds respond to me".  Who's the Joke on?
"Mine downloaded in 12 minutes"   -The guy who downloads at 7pm tonight
 And yet you check the same webpage as us.  Birds of a feather.... Congrats on your first post!  Equally insightful!
My iPad is now not letting it happen and saying there's an error.  Maybe I'll wait till tonight.
 Lol... I had to remove pages, keynote, and Numbers also....
 Don't feel bad- I'm 47 minutes now.  I want this update so bad, it's like time is going backwards.... literally.  lol
27 minutes remaining....
iOS 7 AVAILABLE!!!!!!!
 Its in the App store now- currently downloaded.  103 of 141MB.  104.... 106....
Why hasn't Apple released OSX Mavericks?!?!?! Where is it?!?! I want it RIGHT NOW!         Sorry, I meant to post this next month.
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