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Exactly. Do I need to go to your post history 1 year ago?  Were you complaining that the "pricing of the 4S was a mistake from the get-go"?  No?  Then why complain now? Again- did you question the pricing of the 4S a year ago?  No?  Then why complain now?(see- I can do this all day) They won't lower the price.  They never lowered the 3gs, 4, or 4S price (when they were the 2nd tier model)- they won't lower this.  They might offer incentives later on in life- like when AT&T...
This 100 times over.  This is the rebuttal to any "5c is a failure" comment. What OS does the HTC One run?  Oh ya....   For the record- the HTC One Mini is my favorite designed phone out there.  Too bad the OS and specs are garbage. By how much- 6 bucks?  Seriously- how much cheaper is aluminum vs plastic when it is constructed in the exact same manner (one block and drilled).  Do you not contend that the cost of the 4G/LTE bands, the front camera, and the bigger battery...
I don't know where those numbers would be as they aren't released. Maybe from a third party group like best buy, macmall, etc?I wouldn't be surprised either way to be honest.
I think the old mini becomes $279-299. But if they do retina and A7 (and possibly a fingerprint)- I'd fully expect a jump in price.While The iPad 3 didn't go up in price, it also only changed from A5 to A5X. You're talking with the mini to go from A5 to A7/A7X. If that happens- I'm all for $349-399
Why do you keep mentioning the GPU like you're bringing something new to the table? Yes- I said the GPU is substantially improved. You aren't educating me on it. Hence- why I specifically mentioned ONLY the CPU.And sure- they can clock it faster- but like I said in my FIRST post- if the iMac is any indication- they won't. So again- haswell has zero CPU benefit vs ivy bridge. Well- you'd save $10/yr in electricity. So that's good I guess.
........  seriously?
Google has an iOS app?
Why would anyone buy this?  The 27" iMac is only $1,799 and the new Mac Pro is about to be released.  Those blow this out of the water in geekbench ratings!
Maybe if you didn't respond to every person individually, and used that oh-so-neat button called "Multi-quote"- then you could have read that I already said I forgot about the integrated graphics.  Benchmarks are identical to ivy bridge.  No processing advantage at all in the CPU. 
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