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Tell that to the iPad 2 and iPod Touch.   
If they add the A6- I'd see the price staying at $329.  If anything- they'd keep the A5 mini as-is and drop the price. Really, it's all speculation- I wouldn't be surprised by anything at this point.
Huh? All the casing did is open up the market to more people.  If someone was going to buy the 1st tier iPhone 5s- they still are- that doesn't change.  If someone was wanting to go the super cheap route- they get the free one iPhone 4s.  So we're only talking about a tiny sector of "mid-tier" people.  That is now expanded.  Some parents who have kids that would have gotten the "free" 4s because it's cheap- are now getting the 5c because it seems more kid-friendly.  Or...
Exactly. Do I need to go to your post history 1 year ago?  Were you complaining that the "pricing of the 4S was a mistake from the get-go"?  No?  Then why complain now? Again- did you question the pricing of the 4S a year ago?  No?  Then why complain now?(see- I can do this all day) They won't lower the price.  They never lowered the 3gs, 4, or 4S price (when they were the 2nd tier model)- they won't lower this.  They might offer incentives later on in life- like when AT&T...
This 100 times over.  This is the rebuttal to any "5c is a failure" comment. What OS does the HTC One run?  Oh ya....   For the record- the HTC One Mini is my favorite designed phone out there.  Too bad the OS and specs are garbage. By how much- 6 bucks?  Seriously- how much cheaper is aluminum vs plastic when it is constructed in the exact same manner (one block and drilled).  Do you not contend that the cost of the 4G/LTE bands, the front camera, and the bigger battery...
I don't know where those numbers would be as they aren't released. Maybe from a third party group like best buy, macmall, etc?I wouldn't be surprised either way to be honest.
I think the old mini becomes $279-299. But if they do retina and A7 (and possibly a fingerprint)- I'd fully expect a jump in price.While The iPad 3 didn't go up in price, it also only changed from A5 to A5X. You're talking with the mini to go from A5 to A7/A7X. If that happens- I'm all for $349-399
Why do you keep mentioning the GPU like you're bringing something new to the table? Yes- I said the GPU is substantially improved. You aren't educating me on it. Hence- why I specifically mentioned ONLY the CPU.And sure- they can clock it faster- but like I said in my FIRST post- if the iMac is any indication- they won't. So again- haswell has zero CPU benefit vs ivy bridge. Well- you'd save $10/yr in electricity. So that's good I guess.
........  seriously?
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