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iPad 5 iPad Mini MacBook Pro Mac Pro release date Mavericks release date   Those are all but guarantees- and likely all we'll see.  However...   Possibilities: Apple TV Silent Mac Mini Silent Airport Express (AC)   Long shot: iPod Touch   If all of those happened, i'd be buying an iPad, iPad Mini, 3 Apple TVs, 3 Airport Expresses, and an iPod Touch.  Yikes!     As for the iPads- Touch ID, Colors (gold?), Wireless AC, A6/A6X/A7/A7X for the mini?  We...
Without a doubt- typing anything of substance on an iPad is still a beating compared to a keyboard.  The iPhone I can fly through texting, but even with the split "keyboard" on the iPad- it still takes forever (like hunting a pecking). Bluetooth is not the most elegant solution- it both uses a battery, and has a slight delay.  The Surface Pro Keyboard is incredible in it's functionality- not as much for responsiveness.  Really amazing that it's used as a battery extender...
I know Microsoft did it, so we have to automatically hate it- but a keyboard cover like Microsoft's would be nice.  Mainly because it doesn't require a battery or bluetooth- it just integrates perfectly with the Surface.  In fact, their new keyboard cover actually acts as a battery extender- which is really innovative (yes- a blind squirrel can find a nut).  And if the iPad is truly going to replace a laptop one day, easier typing is the next logical step. That said, the...
iPad Mini 2 and iPad 5 for me.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a refreshed Apple TV!
Ahrendts is a go-getter and is a fantastic find.  How many successful CEOs are out there, really?  And how many actually leave a successful CEO position to go to a SVP Position?  Really excited about this- love this move.
Come on Ford!  Why oh why do you have to use Microsoft Sync?
Oh ya- duh! Forgot about the Intel 5000 and that the mini is integrated.  Sorry!
No- but if it is a negligible amount heavier- then Retina would be the preference.  With what their "predicting" (take that with a grain of salt)- it wouldn't even be noticeable.
The Mustang used to cost $2,368 here in the US.  It now costs $22,200 not inc TTL. 'Only Ford.' Andysol.
Just curious- what are you expecting out of a Haswell mini vs an Ivy Bridge mini outside of a minor power consumption savings and Wireless AC?  Performance-wise, it will be identical to the 2012 (if the iMac is any indication)- unless you go SSD. Haswell is the most underwhelming desktop processor "upgrade" that has ever come out.  For Laptops it is arguably the best, but for desktop its inconsequential.
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