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It's obvious that there is short supply of them because an update is around the corner.  Retina- finally!  Digitimes said so.
Forget about the few hundred new features, better mail, iCloud, gestures, notifications, etcHow about security and encryption? Keep in mind the only computers hit so far have been those running SL or earlier. And let's also not forget the automatic security patches in ML behind the scenes.
Wow. That's insane
Yikes- learned something. Sorry for the misinformation
I'm happy with my one I got on Craigslist for $1550. Great deal here though. The rMBP is amazing
The only reason anyone should still be on Lion is if their Mac wont allow them to upgrade to ML. Why people don't upgrade for $20 is beyond me. Also, for those still using SL- why? If you have some PPC program- and can't find a better alternative, I understand. But how many people could that be- 20? If your Mac can't upgrade, I get that too, obviously. But Lion (particularly the newest version) is better than SL. And Mountain lion even Moreso. iCloud alone is insanely...
So you got Best Buy to price match them to $127 and then didn't even buy the Otterbox there as a "thank you"?  Ruthless
You can get AppleCare anytime before the standard warranty expires.  That goes for Macs as well as iDevices.
How can I read between the lines- it was two sentences.  "I dont have the issue on my phone.  It isnt a problem".  How can it be any more clear? That said- I can see how he means "in-cell" might not be the issue, but apparently there is some technical issue involving a good portion of them.   Two your second point- how can you not see any quote that this happens?  You are commenting on a thread dedicated to it.  It just isn't that well known because people rarely, if...
Oh- you don't have the issue on your phone, so everyone's current tech works fine.Thanks for solving the dilemma.Back to reality- it's a problem. The video proves it. Others report it. But I'm like the previous poster- I don't play those games, so it doesn't affect me, so I personally don't care. But I can see how others would care.
New Posts  All Forums: