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If Kuo gets this right- I'm a full believer in him. If not, I stand by my opinion of him being a blow-hard
Highly unlikely you'll get iPads at this announcement. I'm hoping for Macs because that actually could happen. Guessing we get the MBPs and the mini/iMac go with the iPads in October.Now the real bomb would be if they do something with ATV or even that crazy iWatch (although I doubt it).Also hoping they update the iPod touch because I love that little thing.
Looking forward to it. What else will get announced?!?
Oh childbirth of your own kid. The most beautiful disgusting thing you'll ever see.
It really does.  Like I said in another thread: 2010- Google TV 2012- Nexus Q 2013- Chromecast 2014- ???   When will people learn that Google introduces new products just as fast as they abandon them?
Ya they will. They'll say "did you hear Google released the new xyz? It's only $40 and is way better than anything Apple can make"2010- Google TV2012- Nexus Q2013- Chromecast2014- ???
Keep em' comin. Chromecast... Can't wait to hear from those that bought it a year from now. Lol
Aero in Dallas on sept 23. Can't wait!!! My only thing I need before I cut cable is a way to watch Rangers baseball. FSN has all broadcast rights. Is there a way I can get MLB and not have my local team restricted? Trick the ATV to think I'm in Atlanta or something?
Ok... so when the comment is made "Passbook already is used more often then the NFC chips on Android." - you actually don't have a source- it's just pure speculation. Of course I've used it, and unless I'm going to a movie, a baseball game, or a subway- it's useless. Saying "all they need to do is develop for it" doesn't make it any more useful- you are just agreeing that in it's current state- it is totally useless.  Again- so when the comment is made "Passbook already...
Source?   I would use NFC- because several retailers have it.  I haven't used Passbook once because, well, it sucks.
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