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Great deal vs a normal 13" MBP
It is interesting. Talk about a shake-up. What if Apple could roll out where they take a small percentage of every transaction, much like a credit card (or PayPal- which many terminals have). The vendor pays that instead of a credit card fee.
I agree with wizard and blackbook. NFC implementation is already there- and not just in a small scale- it's everywhere. Any major store has it, and several smaller stores do. Well over half of the places around me do. I'm in McKinney- which is on the outskirts of Dallas suburbia (about 20-30 miles north).
Hoping the thumbprint technology is true, they implement NFC, and expand passbook with these capabilities- making it actually useful.
I was going off memory from a documentary I watched. Just read up a little. Apparently it was originally a three movie deal that got extended to five early on. And you were right- Disney only handled distribution and marketing
My prediction is the iPhone goes to 32, 64, 128. No more 16. "S is for storage" will be part of the S I think
Ya- it actually is an interesting story. If memory serves correctly- Disney was the producer of Toy Story because Pixar needed help getting its first feature film launched- I think the deal was for 3 movies- the 2nd was bugs life. Disney wanted toy story 2 to be direct to video and not count toward their three film deal, but Pixar refused and they fought over it, and Pixar finally won out to have creative control and backing for a full length film.The whole Pixar story is...
They've had 3 sequels. One blew (Cars 2). The other two (Toy story 2 and toy story 3) being very good. One of which was force-made by Disney (TS2). The other- Toy Story 3 is arguably the best movie they've ever done. It's my favorite.My point is- sequels can be great- Pixar has proved it. It just takes good direction.
Obviously because the prices of those chips/memory/screen/battery have dropped significantly less than they were almost 4 years ago.  But it still most likely isn't going to happen- and I really hope it doesn't.  I like Apple to be a premier product- not an "every man's" product.   And 1983- Apple said forever theyd never have an iPad.  :)
I do.  Nothing has changed.
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