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They didnt refresh it 7-8 months ago. Changing the size of the exact same chip does not a refresh make. It's called Apple TV 3rd generation still- for a reason. It's been a year and 6 months since an update. I think we see something big this spring- which will be 2 years from the ATV3 update. The spring is a total dead spot now that they moved the iPad to winter/late fall. So that's where we see the new ATV or iWatch (if it happens).
I'd say I'm bummed there won't be a refresh, but what would an upgraded processor or more memory do under ATVs current iteration? Until they modify the software and capabilities substantially- we will be fine with the current setup. So here's hoping for some big changes sooner than later (if not now- march-ish would be a great time).
Are you going to enter? Would you enter if it was the 5S and not 5? If no to any of the questions- then you're nitpicking just for the sake of nitpicking
The "cheap" mini will be the original- if they keep it at all. The mini 2 will stay at the same price and the 1 will drop to $249 maybe? Again- IF it even stays around. The big news here is the iPad 2. Please Apple- kill that off when the 5th iPad comes around. Way too outdated to sell brand new and have your name on it. If you want to modify the 2 with a faster chip- say an A6- fine. Maybe just call it the iPad (non retina) and retina iPad to differentiate. But not in...
That's actually a pretty watch- the gold is nice if it were smaller for a girl (or for a big girl). But girls won't buy this. Nerds will. Hence why it won't be successful. When apples watch comes out it'll be hip and successful. Not to mention not huge, clunky, sluggish, etc. people wonder why apple "takes so long" sometimes... They get it right. You see that lag? Apple wouldn't want their name on that crap.
I'm a big fan of Blu rays. The restorations are remarkable on some Blu-Rays that are exclusive to them. And of course, the sound is brilliant and there is no equal.But I'm with you- the loading is God awful and with the exception of Disney, you have to watch a half dozen commercials so I have to skip skip skip skip. It sucks.
Can't wait. Look forward to battery life ratings and heat dissipation reviews. Apple has really done a great job with their heat management in all of their new product designs vs their previous iterations- rMBP, iMac, Time Capsule, Airport Express, and iPhone 5
  Who the HELL would buy a device from a company that can't even put the screws in straight!?!??!  That's ridiculous!
Zero chance. 6 watts upgraded to 17? And apple doesnt do externals except when they have to- even the new Airport extremes are internal now.
It appeals to me. And I'm a professional adult male in the business world. I'm not in a college world like you- surrounded by kids- so shouldn't I have more to "fear"? It looks great and until you've used hands on- you shouldn't form an opinion yet. And regardless- make your background "manly"- or whatever your definition of manly is.
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