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The Mustang used to cost $2,368 here in the US.  It now costs $22,200 not inc TTL. 'Only Ford.' Andysol.
Just curious- what are you expecting out of a Haswell mini vs an Ivy Bridge mini outside of a minor power consumption savings and Wireless AC?  Performance-wise, it will be identical to the 2012 (if the iMac is any indication)- unless you go SSD. Haswell is the most underwhelming desktop processor "upgrade" that has ever come out.  For Laptops it is arguably the best, but for desktop its inconsequential.
President of Dona Kiran international at 29? She's a go-getter. What an impressive resume that was promoted to different roles based on her performance. Unlike your typical board member that sucks and still lands another CEO job the next day or at least ends up on a board.
I had to talk my co-worker into getting the 5C because he was just going to get the 4S because it was free.  Even with the $50 GC best buy was doing- it was an act of congress for him to pony up $50 freakin' dollars.  Some people are just flat out cheap or don't care. Newton is dead on- if you're a "latest greatest" guy (see- get new iPhone the first month it comes out)- then you're getting the 5s.  We haven't even begun to see the true sales of the 5C- and they are strong...
I think you're right.  I also think next year they implement a bigger sized screen option too.  Hoping they keep a 4" 6, but also give us a larger (4.3 or 4.8) option additionally.  That would only expand the market- and I, personally, would love the larger screen.  Who cares about everyone else.  
I sold my iPad mini and iPad 4 in anticipation already. I'm hoping for that one with a price increase to $379-$399.  I'd gladly pay more for non-crippled specs.
You are getting beyond obnoxious now.  Just yesterday you said the 5C was a failure because it didn't sell any.You were, obviously, proven wrong with the facts:-all carriers have said the 5C is the 2nd best selling phone (2nd only to the 5S)-This report of ~3 million iPhone 5Cs were sold the first weekend- which is more than any Samsung (or any phone) has ever sold their first weekend. So now you are changing your tune- from yesterday- from "The 5C was a failure because it...
If it breaks, buy another one for $1. Or would you rather buy a $200 hard drive and replace it yourself? Like I said- $1 is an idiotic comment. Most of us are logical people- we don't need asinine exaggerations to prove a point.
They only sold 3 million iPhone 5s in one weekend? More than any other non-iPhone ever has in the same amount of time? What a collossal failure!
$1? Idiotic comment...
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