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I think you're right.  I also think next year they implement a bigger sized screen option too.  Hoping they keep a 4" 6, but also give us a larger (4.3 or 4.8) option additionally.  That would only expand the market- and I, personally, would love the larger screen.  Who cares about everyone else.  
I sold my iPad mini and iPad 4 in anticipation already. I'm hoping for that one with a price increase to $379-$399.  I'd gladly pay more for non-crippled specs.
You are getting beyond obnoxious now.  Just yesterday you said the 5C was a failure because it didn't sell any.You were, obviously, proven wrong with the facts:-all carriers have said the 5C is the 2nd best selling phone (2nd only to the 5S)-This report of ~3 million iPhone 5Cs were sold the first weekend- which is more than any Samsung (or any phone) has ever sold their first weekend. So now you are changing your tune- from yesterday- from "The 5C was a failure because it...
If it breaks, buy another one for $1. Or would you rather buy a $200 hard drive and replace it yourself? Like I said- $1 is an idiotic comment. Most of us are logical people- we don't need asinine exaggerations to prove a point.
They only sold 3 million iPhone 5s in one weekend? More than any other non-iPhone ever has in the same amount of time? What a collossal failure!
$1? Idiotic comment...
You just gonna ignore my rebuttal where you were proved completely wrong?Again- when att, sprint, and the other phone providers released that the 5c is the 2nd best selling phone they have- 2nd to the 5s only- how is that a failure? 1st and 2nd place is failing? HTC is begging to "fail" like apple.
The only tablets that sell well are the ones with DVD drives though./s
1- All the carriers have already declared it a success as it's the 2nd best selling smartphone they carry (3rd for either TMobile or Verizon- I forget which)- 2nd only to the iPhone 5S. So that means every other phone company would love to "fail" like apple has with the 5C.2- $550 isn't budget. And they're still selling the 4 overseas for $300-$350. That's the budget iPhone.3- I obviously argued and proved that what you said is wrong. Factually- not just a "hunch". Can...
Except that's what they did with the 2013 refresh. Haswell offered zero performance benefits over ivy- it was clearly designed for laptops- but doesnt help the desktop at all. Yes, it has wireless AC and ummm. Uhh. Well, that's it. So a year goes by and we get AC only. Thanks.I'm just a little bitter - fusion should be standard by now if they aren't going to do any other updates of substance.Loved the rest of your post btw- well said.
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