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First time reading the drivel from jrag, huh?
To add to that- its his claim that its only successful because of price- and has just recently started saying that weight also could be a reason.But there are plenty of people who make $100k+ (and way more) that buy it... So umm, that kind of shoots holes in his all-knowing claims.
Please explain how this is not a troll comment
4" screenA6Double ram (1gb)Better color reproduction screenSlightly better cameraMuch much better aluminum unibody design/build that is both thinner and lighter while providing that bigger screen all the while constructing a new connector to allow for that size4G LTEBetter WifiBetter speakersExtra noise canceling microphoneHD FaceTimeYa.... Pretty "incremental".
They could easily be buying it for the staff too- let's not discount that.
Yes- it does have a way to view library, but not sure if you can delegate what- you might pop on a roku forum for clarification.It not only has HBO go, but also Amazon instant video. I've thought about trying one too for when I travel. If I like it enough I might switch. Have 3 ATV 3s right now- but I keep holding out getting a roku because I think they'll add HBO and amazon as soon as I leave. A radio streamer (roku has pandora) would be great too as opposed to the...
I agree with you on all fronts of your complaints. The only time I use "movies" is when my imac isn't waking up for some random reason and I have to go to "purchased" movies from digital copies I have redeemed from Blu ray purchases.
I've always thought the same thing. Even if the BR/DVD or Xbox/PS3 didn't plug into it and still required the traditional input switch, those are pretty nitch usages and typically are on that input for a while. The cable to Apple TV switch I do a ton more and that would eliminate it completely.What probably the biggest advantage that they would have is a unified search platform as well. There are apps that do this on the iPad now, and I believe roku offers this already...
Umm- when I sarcastically said thanks for enlightening us the A6X is a better GPU than the A6- I was basing it off of your response. Obviously both nht and Solip are educated- and nht (or Anyone on the forum) would know that already. I was just mentioning your post was not enlightening- and it was obvious.As for the quote you say he said- that just proves your stubbornness further. He clearly, in that quote, mentions the A6 and the iPad 3- which has the A5X. How could he...
Uhh... Reach much? I've been following the debate and I think solip and nht both make valid points- and I'm learning a great deal from both. And both actually have pretty solid evidence- from the same source no less. One thing I have definitely read is that nht has said 5X the entire time. You quoted the A6 vs the A6X. You were wrong. End of conversation. You seriously are going to say "because you didn't correct me once in one of my posts means everything else you've...
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