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I'm sure Apple will increase the screen size- and they should- because there is a demand. But I hope 2014 is the first year they offer two sizes (on new phones). A 4" and a 4.x".
I never said that 2010 to 2013 wasn't significant. 2010 to 2011 was solid. 2011 to 2012 even with a slight price increase was worth it and was huge. 2012 to 2013 was the weakest refresh in the last decade for the iMac. I almost but at the 2012, but waited to see what the 2013 offered. What did it offer. Nothing different. AC, Pcei, and a processor that gave zero performance gains. Sorry- that's awful.
If the iMac refresh was worth a damn- I would have upgraded my 2010.  Easily the most underwhelming iMac update I've seen.  2014 should be the year of the Retina iMac and Fusion drive being standard.  That would actually be an impressive update.   The future of computing/consuming is Tablets 1st, and Desktops 2nd.  Laptops will be a thing of the past before the traditional desktop.  Of course, tablet (or even phone) docking will likely replace the desktop eventually. ...
 Cost isn't an issue with Flash- they could put 64gb in the base iPhone and still have insane margins.  But they don't- and honestly, they shouldn't- because they'd lose out on their 750 and 850 variants that have substantially larger margins. But knowing Apple like I've known them for the past decade- they don't do giant leaps like this without a cost.  Granted, their incremental updates are incredible in their own right.  But I do not see them doing the following:A5 ->...
 wizard- So you think, in a year, they go from a $329 iPad Mini w/ an A5, 512mb Ram, and normal screen upgrades to an A7X, 1gb+ Ram, Retina, Fingerprint, and new colors- and stay the same price?They went the previous processor for a reason last year.  They will either do that again and add retina, go A7 and no retina, or raise the price if they go A7X and Retina.  I don't see a scenario where they keep the price the same if they jump up specs THAT much.  If they do- no one...
True- no need for the 7X if no retina. Thanks for pointing that out. I'd prefer an A6X and retina over an A7. But honestly- I'd prefer an A7x and retina and jump the price up. $399 is fine with me. Well worth it.
 Haven't seen any leaks of a full-sized gold.  You might be stuck with silver/white and space gray/black. I think we'll see those 2 colors on the full-sized iPad- w/ a fingerprint scanner, A7X, 8mp camera, and 2 gb ram.Unfortunately, I think we'll see all 3 colors on the iPad Mini- w/ a fingerprint scanner, A7X, 8mp camera 1 gb ram... and no Retina.The pitch will be that it is substantially faster (would actually be over 4x faster) and get the new hardware to overshadow...
Likely to overshadow?  Likely?  Are you kidding?
Except allthingsd has never been wrong once about their announcement leaks. Never once.
 Have you replaced your 2 thermostats with Nest Thermostats yet jrag?  And are you going to replace your 2 smoke detectors with these?
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