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You won't see it this year. Internals are still a surprise, but external casings are leaked weeks, sometimes months beforehand, and are continuously accurate. So you'll know about a "mini 2C" before it gets released.I also think that's a bad idea. It's $329 for heavens sake for the mini- Not $550 like the 5C. I'd rather it sport an A7 and retina and be $379 before I see a crapped out version for cheap.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder- and I disagree. I prefer space gray. Particularly on my phone- and if prefer my iPad to match.What isn't in the eye of the beholder is how easy the black scratched on the previous iPhone. Space gray was a necessity if they wanted their products to look good for years- like all apple products do.
Anyone want to bet on the over under? We'll start at 10- That's the Combination of iPads and iPhones.
A sequel and refresh? Wtf is your blackberry with a physical keyboard? The competition makes fun of the lines? Let sales are up 50% which means the population could give an F about the competitions ads. This guy is out of touch and a moron.
My brain wasn't working. I was thinking of videos from iTunes (in which case you'd just use standard def on your phone)- but I forgot about that little thing on the back of the phone called a camera. Duh!I'll proceed to sitting in the corner now....
Who has 1080p content on their phone?  A Mac or even an iPad I could see.... but an iPhone?
I agree.  Patiently waiting with my 2010.  I went ahead and upgraded my work to a SD one, but for the house- waiting on Retina.  That'll be impressive when it happens.  I'm guessing next year (it wasn't expected this year). Why would an iPhone even need ac?  99.9% of the population doesn't get those kinds of speeds at their home- so it is really only beneficial for file transfers within the same network- like Time machine backups, etc- nothing the iPhone does.  So if the...
I don't have that problem, but I have noticed that texts don't time stamp anymore after the first one. That sucks. Outside of that tiny thing (and I liked the lines on notes before)- love it!He doesn't have a choice. You either learn to love it, or switch. What's the alternative- android, Microsoft? Blackberry is drab in color- he should go there I guess. If he stays with iOS, he better focus on what he likes, because complaining does nothing but make your life...
It's obviously not that they didn't trust their products. This is a dumb statement. They didn't even take pre orders. They had some serious production line stuff- not sure if we'll ever know the details- but it absolutely wasn't from lack of demand. They could've sold double the iPhones today- easy- and they know it.
New Posts  All Forums: