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Apple doesn't make a 5 inch iPhone, and it still kicks the ass of any 5 inch Android phone anytime, anywhere.
TS is much better as a contributor instead of a moderator. He can be totally abrasive and not have to uphold a standard. I prefer this TS substantially more. Enjoyable even.
I didnt do much search- but ya... there was a lot of that crap... :)
    Apple won't have a camera on their iWatch- facetiming on your watch?  Awful.  It's not going to be a "Dick Tracy" device.  That's nerdy- very nerdy.  The iWatch will be cool- and it'll sell itself as such.  Fitness is sexy- fitness is cool- the iWatch will focus on those- and, in turn, be cool.  Tech-wise it'll be astonishing w/ its biometric capability, and the notifications will be on par with all the android copy-cats that will come out.  Some might even top the...
If and when Apple announces an iWatch, it won't be anywhere near $199. Maybe $299-$499. They aren't going to release some "pebble" wannabe. It'll be an exercise and health focused device with biometric readers in it- in addition to all the nerdy doodads we love like notifications, etc. Measuring your oxygen and pulse isn't cheap. IWatch is gonna knock it out of the park as a premium status symbol and extremely functional watch.
Vevo works great Disney apps suck anyway- so even if you don't have cable you aren't missing out- very very few shows and even the ones they have are just random episodes. (Season 3 phoneas and ferb episodes 8-11, season 4 episodes 8 and 9 only) for example The weather channel is very nice- but kind of pointless when you have your phone- a radar would've been incredible- or for it to be linked with the home screen as a 5 day forecast- but it's just a normal app. Didn't try...
The only reason I have the iMac instead of a MacBook (outside of my wife's editing)- I do a lot of streaming kids movies from my Mac to the Apple TV, and I don't want to have my laptop on and sleeping plugged in somewhere- I like laptops to be tucked away and invisible. but those new airs are awesome- love them. You should check out the new 21.5" iMac once its announced (hopefully in the next couple monts) as an alternative.
I just sold our Retina MacBook Pro.  I use the iMac as the hub for all my storage and my wife's photo editing- everything else is iPad, iPad Mini, iPhones, Apple TV.  I'm waiting on pins and needles for the next iMac refresh....
  For 8 years now and counting...
Who in their right mind would do that?!?!?!       And enough about BBC... please!
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