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Me either.
    OK Tallest- I found the post (Finally had a break today to be able to search it)    And you found it helpful.  
Hello? I was proving that point with my analogy.  Just because he has a group that hates it doesn't mean that's how the world feels- hence my mention of another group of people believing differently.
When a friend showed me iOS 7 I said I liked it much better in person and was impressed.  So did the other 2 people around me.   So your anecdote it negated by mine.
I agree- I liked the square design vs the rounded.  I also liked the slightly opaque instead of a full opaque also.   But, such is design- what one person likes, another likes something different.
I said "unless serious software changes are made". Of course you'd need a faster chip then. But until that day, there's no need to upgrade it.
Not true- I gave you a couple reasons in a previous thread and you agreed. I just don't remember what it was- but I'm sure it was great. LolI know one was a screensaver app with sports scores or news scroll, Photostream, and whatever music streamer of your choice. Maybe the other was karaoke. Hah
People were suggesting that technology on this forum for the home button long before January.   Maybe with this + NFC, Passbook will be a functional app finally
Here's hoping they surprise us this fall with some more Apple TV news.... There's really no need to upgrade the ATV to another iteration until they change something with the software or increase it's capability. The A5 is more than enough. Although I'm sure some want wireless ac.
When you register your product through your Apple ID- the Serial number is entered as well.  And you set your appointment up through, guess what, your Apple ID.  :)
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