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You just gonna ignore my rebuttal where you were proved completely wrong?Again- when att, sprint, and the other phone providers released that the 5c is the 2nd best selling phone they have- 2nd to the 5s only- how is that a failure? 1st and 2nd place is failing? HTC is begging to "fail" like apple.
The only tablets that sell well are the ones with DVD drives though./s
1- All the carriers have already declared it a success as it's the 2nd best selling smartphone they carry (3rd for either TMobile or Verizon- I forget which)- 2nd only to the iPhone 5S. So that means every other phone company would love to "fail" like apple has with the 5C.2- $550 isn't budget. And they're still selling the 4 overseas for $300-$350. That's the budget iPhone.3- I obviously argued and proved that what you said is wrong. Factually- not just a "hunch". Can...
Except that's what they did with the 2013 refresh. Haswell offered zero performance benefits over ivy- it was clearly designed for laptops- but doesnt help the desktop at all. Yes, it has wireless AC and ummm. Uhh. Well, that's it. So a year goes by and we get AC only. Thanks.I'm just a little bitter - fusion should be standard by now if they aren't going to do any other updates of substance.Loved the rest of your post btw- well said.
Why buy a Chromebook when you can get a used 11" Air on Craigslist for just a little more?  Do I have to remind you that you will be supporting a despicable company (Samsung)? Forget the fact you're sending your money to crooks-  Isn't iCloud/shared contacts/Time Machine (if you have a time capsule)/Find my Mac/etc/Calendar/iMessage/Facetime/Safari Links/Mail not worth it?
He doesn't speak for everyone- but he does for several people- like me.  I would prefer a larger iPhone. 
None of it matters until they replace Android with Chrome OS.  Android as 64 bit is ridiculous.  Chrome makes sense.  Bearing something unforseen- as in, Android completely starts over from scratch- Chrome is here to stay, it's Android whose days are numbered.
You remind me of my wife when I first got an iPhone 3G. We were at the att store, and I was spending $199- but my company was reimbursing me- and my wife was due for an upgrade. So we considered an iPhone but settled on some spare LG thing because it looked like the iPhone and we assumed it was pretty similar- and it wasn't $199- it was FREE! LolNot saying it's the same- haven't actually used a Nest product, but curious if in 5 years it'll be a parallel to our story.
Those rates are awful. $300 for a 4th gen 32gb + LTE? I'll take 2 please
A Samsung product?  Come on now jrag....  I don't think the Mac needs an optical drive, nor do I wish it was still on the iMac- I love the new design.  And I actually use the optical drive- when my wife burns a disc of pictures for her clients, or when I install a digital copy to iTunes from a blu-ray combo pack I've bought (although most studios are moving to downloads w/ no discs- finally!)   I was just talking about optical media. And I agree about Windows.  If I had to...
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