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 That sucks.  I use a Time Capsule because I'd rather have AC and N.  The dumb AT&T Router is only a/b/g.  Not to mention the range isn't close to par with the Time Capsule.I'm just hoping that AT&T/Verizon Fios (Both Internet TV) and Apple team up on this next Apple TV iteration and have their UI go through there so I can drop the Motorola Routers, and both boxes and just use my ATV 4.  Really really really hoping that'll be the next big move.
 I have 11 smoke detectors and only 2 thermostats.  That's $1,548.  I don't think I want 11 wifi devices helping to clog up my network either. I really like the idea, but honestly- using a monitoring company in addition to your security alarm is typically a much better choice- and at no additional cost other than the hardware.  They hardwire a couple of smoke detectors into your security system and monitor it. Again- great idea- particularly using automatic lights to light...
 Likely because you don't use Instagram.  If you used Instagram previously, you would either have to capture a square pic through the App itself, or take a normal picture and crop it to square in Instagram- hoping you don't cut out certain elements.  The square picture option is very useful if you use that app- which is the app for the 15-25 crowd.  (Once the parents got on Facebook- the kids got off) :)
No you haven't. PS- saying you own an iPhone doesn't mean you actually have one.
That guy is full of Schmidt
If they can do the local affiliates, that shoots aereo off my phone. Anyone know if it airplays?
"I'm on my way... to the gym to bulk up so I can lift that watch."
Great article.  A must read!
The reason for short supply is one word- Demand.
 What about your heart rate and oxygen level?  A pulse-ox is about as basic as it gets with a fingertip clip and easily the most important aspect in hospitals.  On a personal note- I'd LOVE to see my O2 levels during a workout- it would help me adjust my workouts tremendously.What about blood pressure?  The most accurate way to check your blood pressure is through a watch-like device that records the pulse-wave and mathematically calculates the pressure close to your...
New Posts  All Forums: