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I wonder how long until iPad photo editing replaces a MacBook (professionally as well as the ability to mass edit- weddings, etc). Of course, you'd have to find a way to get the photos to the iPad from your camera...5 years? 7 years? No time soon at least.
Thanks for the education. Wow- I never knew they didn't make patent filings for the customers! /sYou make it sound like they were in some crucial race against time and google was JUST about to make the same patent if they didnt get it in that second! Another minute and they wouldn't have gotten it in... "Shwew... Close one!"It takes what... 13 seconds to center those 4 things? Like I said- I just found it humorous that the combination of an artist and an engineer while...
The artist renderings crack me up sometimes. You have this multi-billion dollar company filing patents and they call calculator "calculation", have camera twice- and calculation, the 2nd camera, mail, safari, and iPod are all off center. Some way off center. Just an observation.
The processor and Ram make a pretty significant difference- although the 4S is a great phone still.  But after using the 5, I couldnt go back to the smaller screen.  When I first used the bigger screen it really wasnt noticable until I had to use a 4 and it just seemed tiny. As for the Adapters and Accessories- you'll have to buy them eventually.  If not now, in two years. :) Either phone is good, but in a year and a half, when you're still under contract, you'll wish you...
ShouShould've sprung for the 5- only $80 difference? No brainer
Wow Yali- exaggerate much? There are two things I don't put limitations on. God, and Apple.
Man Stourque... You're just hating and you don't even know what you're talking about. At least educated yourself before you hate.Can't. AirPlay doesn't work for HBO Go, Showtime, Or Amazon instant video. It'll stream sound but not video.Brilliant commentary. Amazon instant video has basically every show and movie Netflix has- plus more. And it's $79 a year. Netflix is $96 a year ($7.99/month).Plus you get free 2 day shipping on all your orders. Just got a my little pony...
Come to the Apple TV. Please, oh please. You're in the iPad, and now iPhone/iPod Touch. Just one... More.... Step..... Come on Apple. Let them in! (And then HBO Go and Showtime)
Sorry- where in either of our posts did we say that we forgot the old maps didnt have spoken turn by turn? And how is that relevant now?The fact is that Maps now DOES have spoken turn by turn, and that is NOW the standard. Not last years version.So again- if it doesn't have spoken turn by turn- its less functional and worse than the current Apple maps is- unless you're one of the people who need street view more than spoken turn by turn
Curious if it will have turn by turn navigation. If not- outside of street view for the few that need it, it will be worse.
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