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 I hope you're right.  I hope the new Mac Pro is a monumental flop and they announce they'll never make another one.  "Pro" users clamoring for the next Mac Pro or arguing what it should be might be the most annoying people on this forum- see the last 30 posts.  Good riddance.
It was very interesting that they all iOS7 devices took the longest and shut down at the exact same time (4s, 5, 5c, 5s)
I've been beta testing it in Dallas (now open for full release)- it's awesome. Really like this service and the quality is solid. If they released it as a standalone Apple TV app instead of having to airplay- it might be enough for me to finally cut cable.... Except id miss the baseball playoffs on TBS. Sports- particularly baseball (rangers have a 20 yr exclusive on FSSW)- is the only thing that keeps me handcuffed.
I have an iMac and had a rMBP 15". Just sold the macbook because we never use it. Still use the iMac quite a bit. I actually think the laptop will be gone before the desktop. Although we're still talking severall years.
Average Sales Price is approaching iPads? Are there even android tablets that sell for $329 or more?
If all these hires are recent- are we looking at the distant future for a wearable device? It's not like this guy would have any influence if a device were coming out this spring.
With all those upgrades- id be willing to spend more. Maybe $379. I'd much rather them increase the specs AND the price than just keep the price the same and moderate spec bumps like an A6, 1 GB ram, and maybe or maybe not a retina. $50 is well worth a touch ID and an A7. Well worth it. Now if we can get it all AND stay at $329... Then wow.As a side note- that gold iPad mini is GORGEOUS.
 Thank you for enlightening me!  Now I know I am a hipster douche that takes forever to type a text message... all the while I thought I was cool. Now that I know what I am, I'd like to know a little more about you.  So could you amuse me and answer a quick question?  What would you call a person who takes the time out of his day to go on a forum to talk to people who won't even listen to said person, and ignore their opinion completely?  What would that person be called?...
  Yes, because the author wouldn't be a complete idiot.   Now shoo fly, don't bother us.
 Except if you have a carrier locked iPhone 5, you would also have a carrier AND region locked Note 3.
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