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Curious if it will have turn by turn navigation. If not- outside of street view for the few that need it, it will be worse.
You're right- but in his defense- most people think the new iPhone is $200. People are idiots and don't realize or comprehend its subsidized. When I sold my 4S for $380 a couple months back, I had half a dozen people ask "why would anyone pay that, it's only $100 new".Again- the bottom line is people are idiots. Off contract cheap phone might be ok for people who break their phone. its a terrible idea- the cheap iPhone. For a dozen reasons.
That makes sense.  So basically an iPod Touch that adds phone capabilities for $50-$100 less.  Oh wait- that doesn't make sense.
No I didn't- you need reading glasses. I said in the post above that my opinion was to be obsolete means you don't sell the product anymore. And I agreed with him that the 4S, 4, and iPad 2 shouldn't have lightening connectors. Where's the disconnect?While you're at it, care to address what I directed at you instead of what I didn't? Or, because you were wrong, you just conveniently didnt quote it.
The earlier commenter said the iPhones need lightning or else they'd be obsolete. I disagreed because my opinion is that to be obsolete would mean they are not sold anymore- which they still are.I agree with you. I think the iPad 2 and iPhone 4 & 4s would be stupid. Sorry if my post sounded like I didn't think that.I didn't say they didn't have a successor.YOU said they were named iPad 3 and iPad 4. They weren't. They were named "The new iPad". You're the king of being...
It doesn't at all- but it sure sounds better for people to click on the title.I used to be on board with a full fledge but I'm in the camp of a new Apple TV box now. One that can:-Run an Internet cable provider like uverse or fios with their own interface.-Have a built in DVR-Have Apps-Be the central hub for things needing the be plugged in (gaming, Blu ray, surround sound, etc- all goes through there).That in itself would be incredible- and who needs the TV? One box to...
No they weren't
ExExcept the iPads aren't completed. Only the 4 has a new connector. Not the 2. How is that any different than the 4 and 4S not having one?The 4 and 4S arent long for the world. Just 1 and 2 years. Actually, I guess the 5 isn't either... It's only 3 years. (Why do people make posts that make zero sense? Looking at you Fuji)
Pretty funny to see AI put in quotes "Assembled in America" and the picture right underneath says "Assembled in USA". Good ol' AI...
No... They aren't biased. They are assessing self-repair. That's hand in hand with selling aftermarket parts.Would they love for it to be more accessible so 1% more people would repair themself? Sure. But that doesn't change the rating. They charge themself the task of rating a self-repair. What would you rate it? An 8? No.. Probably a 3. LolA side note- Wouldn't a higher rating give self confidence to people to repair it themself and then buy the parts- even if they...
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