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That still means the software will be 3-4 years outdated. That's like using a iPhone 3G today.... I don't know why they can't just make an upgradeable idevice for vehicles.Side note- Dec of 2014? Why that exact date- that seems odd.
Just found out too. You'll definitely be missed. I really enjoyed reading your opinions. Come back one day
How is my idea more distracting? Currently, people drive an check Facebook, texts, and more on their phones. So it's better to check your phone than have Siri read it to you while your eyes are on the road? Maybe you don't have kids or don't deal with teenagers or young adults, but that's the case.Heck- in the states and cities phones are banned from being used while driving, people now just use them on their laps so they dont get caught instead of by their steering...
Not for me, but sounds like a great app for yahoo. Finally!
For what?  Hands free calling?  Maybe Texting?  Listening to your iPod? This is antiquated technology.  Ridiculously antiquated.  Imagine having full apps accessible on your dash.  Stream not just internet radio stations, texts, etc.  But facebook & twitter updates pushed to it (read to you, not on screen of course).  News updates, Traffic, GPS, Weather, Gas, etc. all pushed to your dash, etc.  But done in an absolutely seemless and elegant way.  That is the future....
I keep saying the same thing- I don't know why analysts haven't stolen my idea yet and said Apple will do this in the fall (then move to next spring, then next fall, then next spring....)   Apple needs to not allow the car manufacturers to create the hardware to work with iOS.  Apple needs to create the hardware completely.  Use an entirely new device that installs and plugs into the dash permanently (but can be removed for security and upgrades.  The current method-...
I think you meant to say "I must have overlooked that in the article. You're right- AT&T did activate more phones than Verizon this quarter" before your insult.
Very necessary.  The 4 is vastly superior to the 3 (I had both).  In fact- the 2 to the 3 was the least speed bump of any of the iPad lines by a mile.  Can't wait for the 5.
Good point.   Let's review  just one of his predictions. -In late 2012 He said there would be Redesigned iPad 5 w/ thinner bezel for 1st quarter of 2013. He has since moved it to 3rd/4th quarter.  Just moving the date, he will be right eventually.  I got news for you man- that's not a sparkling record- that's par for the course from every analyst out there.   My sources say the next iPhone will come out in September or October, and there will be an iPad and iPad mini...
New Posts  All Forums: