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RIP. Apple sold that much every Two days in the last qtr.
It doesn't reduce taxes, it just increased spending.Google: do no evil unless it benefits us.
It's gonna be still used. Apple is growing so it'll need that space. This new site is consolidating all the other property it is renting currently.
Are you serious? It's an electronic device. They're not reinventing the wheel. Usage = battery use. Non usage=conserve battery. It's not that difficult.
Then the law should be changed. This lawsuit is just a money grab.
Yea cause the average person can use command line and navigate towards the applications directory and accidentally type the delete command. Or more plausibly is she's trying to move the camera app on her iPhone and accidentally clicks the x and clicks-through the warning box. Or somehow accidentally enables the "shaky icons" and in the process of putting her phone away deletes some important apps.
Toss the suit and force these bums to pay Apple's legal fees.
Again that's you. We aren't typical users. Then again, I use many of those apps. They work for me.Pretend a mom accidentally deletes her camera app. Later, When she tries to take a pic of her child's first step, no camera. Who does she blame? Apple.
You mean like they do now with their current iPhones?
I dunno, all that glass leaves nothing to the imagination and all that white would be difficult to keep clean.
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