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I heard the code name for the next OS version is Browbitch.
It's primarily a streaming device, not a game system. A controller would just collect dust in most situations.
I wish I knew too. In addition, "most recent" doesn't show you everything either. I've noticed posts show up 12-24 hrs later as a "top story" but not visible as "most recent".
Exactly. Wall Street releases these rumors in the hopes that Apple responds. Apple rarely responds to them however so that's why negative rumors seem to be released after good Apple news.
Doj to investigate Apple over why Amazon video doesn't run properly on Apple TV.
Hiroshima was the HQ for the Army or division of the army. It was also a major supply port.Unfortunately civilian life takes a backseat during war.
Does Disney and Pixar/Marvel/LucasFilm count?
Was dropping the atomic bomb considered a war crime back in WWII? I think that killed more civilians than these drone strikes.
That's because we remember the failures. Success is too boring for coverage.
It is bad news for only Apple. People get coffee and donuts at DD. while waiting in line, they play on their iPhones. With less stores, they'll be less people waiting and thus less need for an iPhone. It all makes "Wall Street" sense.
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