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When trolls are too afraid to admit they are wrong, they resort to name calling.the chart is visual manipulation.
Apple should just flip the bird at CNBC. If they continue to bring stupid analysts on air to talk shit about Apple, frak 'em.
Well he's not working 24/7 at Apple. He has weekends and vacation days. He might have a "chronic" sickness as an excuse to take sick day. 😀
Now you're just making shit up. A log scale doesn't pause for a few axis tick marks.But that's besides the point.
And that what wrong with analysts and investors. Apple fell in rankings even though the other companies haven't reported real numbers. Apple's financials also show Apple growing fast in China. So who to believe? An actual financial statement with extreme consequences if they were lying? Or a report based on guesstimates with no consequences if they are wrong.
Apple didn't sell fewer iPhones than expected. It sold what Apple predicted it would sell. Analysts failed in their uneducated guesswork.
You better look that up yourself. The first 6 points on the x axis have the same interval then suddenly it doubles then goes up by 50%, then go up by 33%.
C'mon guys. It's for a star destroyer or Death Star shaped office building.
The city of Apple Inc.
I don't think Apple is allowed to approve sale prices at third parties. However the discount Apple gives to them is probably way smaller than what other venders give. Any sale price would probably come from the third party retailer's pockets.
New Posts  All Forums: