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Yes because Google never works around privacy settings.
Google will probably just use your photos for free in advertising. Why pay for stock photos when some sucker purposely gives them access.
So it's ok for a judge's buddy to fleece Apple because he doesn't have the correct experience? Will Apple get a refund when this whole thing is overturned?
Instead of a fingerprint, Android Pay probably serves a 30 sec ad per use. Who has time to wait for a damn ad. Secured!
Gimme a break. I took a pic of my dog wearing glasses and playing with a Wii. I didn't buy him either for his own use.
If Apple drops Google as the default, who wants to bet Google cries to the DOJ.
Google is a threat to everyone whether it's a monetary threat is another issue. Each one of its viable products is a competitor to someone in different categories: social network, desktop OS, mobile OS, TV set box, etc.
I agree we have to cut the supply but we have the Constitution that says we can't. But then again drugs are illegal and that worked so well.
Shhh. It's his money. He wants other people to donate so he feels less guilty.
So ignore sales data because it doesn't match your "analysis"?If upgraders hated ios 7/8, why'd they upgrade?
New Posts  All Forums: