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No one refers to themselves as ABC. In my experience, it's considered derogatory.
Oh Tidal. You desperately want to be in the news so you accuse Apple.
Since she was born in the U.S., I assume you mean America..
New methodology: if company = Apple then total = total - 10;
Another sign of Apple's impending doom. /s Interesting to see who is replacing him.
What does that have to do with anything. Apple knows users are its lifeblood and doesn't hide that fact. Google pretends to be a user's best friend but justs uses them to extract as much info as possible to sell (the access) to advertisers.
Oh Google. At least you're supporting your actual customers. It just happens to be advertisers and not the common user.
This is what you wrote: iLife and Siri will become compatible with Windows as well.Perhaps it's worded confusingly. In any case, they won't be compatible with Windows. It won't sell more apple tvs or macs.
Nope to iLife and Siri for Windows. Nope to anything other than iTunes for Windows integration for Apple TV.How would iLife and Siri on Windows sell more Apple hardware?Possible BI headline: Floundering Apple courts Windows users for iOS event!
Cue the "Amazon is doomed" analysts. What? Only Apple has to release numbers and have home runs for each product release?
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