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I'm surprised the chart is to scale. Normally these charts skew the lower bars to make it seem like they are closer to the iPad.
Never. It won't help Apple sell hardware.
Or users should be more careful around water/liquids.
Give me an iPad or give me death. -Patrick Henry.
Blah blah blah. Old and played out? In what regard.Considering those haven't been used in several years, yes.
My brother has a 5C plus I've seen a few of them in public and work.
Why stop at 70? Make it an even 100 MM!
Haha Dated? I never new cheap shitty plastic was "in". Apple doesn't have to talk since the 5S is outselling the Sammy.Sammy should stop stealing design ideas and come up with something original.
Actually "Eat up Martha".
Shhhhh. They don't count. Cook hasn't been CEO of three companies!!! /sStill analysts will always gloom the next qtr: Can Apple keep it up? The underlining meaning is: analysts want to be the first to predict Apple's eventual doom even if they have been wrong for 15 years. One day they might be right.
New Posts  All Forums: