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I like this Con: "Design not for everyone" Can't that be said about everything?
Jobs can always be mentioned in any light. What draws the criticism are statements like "if steve was alive..." And "steve would never..."Because he was asked about why the ad was focused on women.
Faux outrage strikes again! My pitchforks are still sharpened from the last faux outrage.
The issue is BLM only cares if the shooter was a cop. They don't care if it's black on black crime. They don't care about lives, they care about politics. They aren't protesting the "no snitch" street policy. They aren't running the dealers out of town. They aren't turning in thugs and gang bangers.
Easy: Cook said prior to the watch's release no numbers will be given out. That seems logical to me
India is too poor. Just like China. Apple needs a cheap iPhone! Wah!
It can't be the Apple Watch. It's a failure. I attribute the decline to the success of the Microsoft Band. /s
Too much? Compared to what? Cheap shitty phones?I rather pay $650 for an iPhone I want rather than $200 for a Android I don't want.
Matching last year's numbers isn't lackluster when the number to match is 74.5 million units!
How the eff is that possible, Apple? What are its competitors doing that makes them profit less. Kudos to Apple. If you build it, they will come.
New Posts  All Forums: