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Why do people want to see Abbey Road and childhood homes of famous people? Hell, people see graves of famous people too.It's getting that personal connection to something you like.It may not be just an Apple Store but an Apple company store for both employees and visitors.The store at the current HQ is like that. I bought a keychain, tshirt, and retractable ID holders when I visited 5 years ago.
10.9% is the new monopoly threshold*. Doj to investigate. *only pertains to Apple.
More bad news for Apple. Surprised the headline isn't "Galaxy sales still beat Apple Watch"
Can't wait for it to be done. I need a new "I visited the mothership " tee.
Yea, I saw that shit via the Macalope. It's too bad I can't tweet at the author or make any comments.
I don't think it was pre mature. Aren't PCs slumping at a higher rate, especially if you remove the Mac from the mix.
Where does Amazon fall in this list? Under others? I think that's the real story. Also, what's considered a tablet? Are cheap-ass Tablets in the mix? Apple doesn't compete with crap.
Cue the "Windows 10 downloads > Apple Watch sales" click bait.
Because Apple announced in the Fall that no numbers would be released for the Apple watch.In addition, did Apple indicate the number of subscribers or is this a third party?
A fail? Based on what? There are 7-8 billion people in the world and Apple only has 800 MM accounts. Is that a fail too?Like you said, it's only been three months. I have no interest in Apple Music or any other subscription services.Again, probably like other subscription plans there would be no notice. People will always complain whether they get a reminder or not.
New Posts  All Forums: