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...for Microsoft.Nope. An informed opinion/prediction is still an opinion until it is proven.
True but Apple doesn't have to buy them. All acquisitions have a premium to them.
You are spinning.1. Cook mentioned in his overview US Mac sales were strong.2. Growth rate was 18% across all Mac market segments.3. He did not say "combined." He highlighted the regions that were strong.4 why even mention US if they were weak?
Nice attempt at spinning what Cook said. He didn't combine those regions to make up double digit growth.
Amazon sells "millions" of them. Apple sold hundreds of millions of iPads.
Apple doesn't hoard. It can't spend the money fast enough in a responsible way.
Why would Apple make a unitasker?iPad > ebook readers.
Well they do sell the generic branded stuff.
Amazon needs competition. They are abusing its monopoly powers.I wouldn't touch Amazon stock.
New Posts  All Forums: