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Who said no one else is innovating?Labeling Apple's success As pure marketing is the epitome of troll statements. We aren't blind lemmings.Is it really innovative if it fails? Why are you downplaying Apple's innovation? You think it's easy to throw tech together seamlessly? If others have failed and Apple succeeds, shouldnt it get credit instead of being trolled as marketing.Apple just lets others fail and then offer its own version that's successful. Only when Apple...
Although I live in NJ, I never had a shake shack burger but I have had the in-n-out deliciousness a few times
But eventually Apple is doomed™. /s This is good news considering the iPhone was released in the fall and competitors have release a steady stream of phones since.
No, trolls would say a Apple thinks it invented "exclusive" but Apple is a follower.
So much wrong with this comment.Shouldn't it be Shake Shack is the Apple of the food industry?
That includes suicides..
So much for the iPod abandonment rumors and the outrage that followed.
Latest stat is About 14000 in 2012 (4.7 per 100k). While still a lot, not 100k. And how many of those murders were killed by a legally obtained firearm?
This has to be a joke comment, right?Technology changes. Plus the phone is still operational after a year. In fact my old phone lasted 3 years. Last time I checked, Apple didnt put a kill switch on the phone to render it inoperable.
It has been fixed. So much for your conspiracy theory.http://www.macworld.com/article/2942720/apple-releases-tons-of-security-updates-for-recent-flaws-and-exploits.html
New Posts  All Forums: