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But they'll make it up in volume! /s
First, he went to Alabama NG. Second, there is no draft. Third, he's not the only politician to avoid Vietnam. Fourth, Canada will be turned into a prison colony.
Suppose to? They pay all US taxes they are legally required to pay. Don't like the laws? Change them.As for hoarding cash, many people hoard cash to save for retirement, children and rainy days.
Jesse "Where's the camera" Jackson. Smh.
Well if he wrote "All ios malware requires a jailbreak," some fool would find one obscure one and then label him a fanboy Apple MFer.Still don't jailbreak your phone.
Blackberry in Canada, Amazon in US. Apple can't win with the govt choosing favorites.
Since when did disagreement equal hate?
Not a bad choice. Perhaps Media should be person of the year for over -hyping it and controlling the narrative on certain other stories.
Oh Gosh. Why give this race hustler the time of day?
Clearly the potential plaintiffs include Walt Disney, Mickey Mouse, Elmer Fudd, etc.
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