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Holy shiitake, Gene gave up? Apple so release an Apple TV set now and name it iGeneTV.
I don't think it's trust. It's more of a devil I know issue or the lesser of two evils.
Nope. Most of us already have TVs and don't need a replacement yet. I know I don't (hopefully).
That doesn't matter. Say you sell 10 TVs per person in the 1%. How many TV's is that?
I don't know about term limits but definitely age limits are needed.
Cmon, you can find the most obscure articles to defend Google but you can't find one on this?
It's obvious that Sammy infringed on the trade dress. They made cheap clones based on Apple work.
More bullsh1t. "Apple is Anti-innovative" is probably the stupidest thing you ever said. That says a lot.
Why would Apple buy them? It makes no sense.
Spotify feeling the pressure anonymously spreading lies about Apple.
New Posts  All Forums: