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Not going to happen. I think Apple is sending out these rumors just to watch the competition scrabble and waste time and money.
If it was profiling, was the guy fired?
A group of teens with backpacks always catches my eye.
Unfortunately "racism" has been used too many times where race wasn't a factor. It's like the boy who cried "wolf". When real racism rears its ugly head, people shrug and no one bats an eye. The race hustlers like Jesse and Sharpton diluted its meaning. Not everything is about race.
Wow. Someone should be fired if this story is completely true.
That hinge on the Surface Pro is hideous. How much dust, dirt, lint will that collect.
Ya all these devices are better than the others in some use cases. Not compromising can weigh you down. I meant as a 1:1 replacement. For certain use cases, the iPad is a perfect replacement.I heard he goes commando.
Who's fault is it if it's not the employees's fault?
iPad isn't a Mac replacement. If you need a Mac on the go, get an MBA. But the MBA is also a compromise compared to an iMac.That's a given.
If so, it'll be a $30 replacement.
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