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They don't need to. The volume buttons double as it.
Professionals don't carry their DSLRs with them all the time.The average user doesn't need more than 8 MP. For professionals, 8 MP would be fine for some things and is a lot better than having no camera.
If Y!, Bing or DDG offered similar cash that Google has/will, then Apple should consider them. Google will remain an option but not the default.
Vocal minority.
Did they count shipments to landfills?
Google finally realized they couldn't mine user's data with encryption enabled.
Haha. Oh wait, you're actually serious. I will give credit where credit is due. I'm not going to give credit to thieves.
Microsoft Windows Pay for Mobile 10.
In Sammy's defense, they only have access to "copy/paste" and not "edit". 😃
Haha!Sammy has no loyal customers. Plus I bet the number that care about removable batteries or sd card is relatively small.
New Posts  All Forums: