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Smart teams would change play names, signs, etc if they faced a old teammate.A lot of info can be gleaned from TV broadcasts.
How long until smart watches is separated from wearables? Probably when a non Apple smart watch takes hold on the lead.
1 year until they kill it and not faze Wall Street. Damn, Google. Any viable original ideas?
Yea, Jobs isolated his COO/successor from any discussion on future products. Seems logical enough. /s
Hot damn, IDC created yet another product category just to skew numbers for its clients. I wonder why they don't further redefine a category: 16:9 ratio media tablets with colorful cases.
I guess Liang wanted to fit in with Sammy's theft culture.
Doesn't excuse theft of trade secrets.
Trolls, tech "journalists", and analysts.
"High enough standards" = Minimum bribe threshold.
Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't.
New Posts  All Forums: