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Cmon, it probably wants to isolate your voice from other voices. You don't want strangers to route bridge functions to engineering and lock it from the bridge if they gain access to your command codes.
And if you look at the iPad pro, you won't see a stylus. It's optional. Meaning it's not required.
Considering it's an optional accessory, the majority of users would have an empty slot to collect dirt and dust. I'm sure third party covers may have a pouch/slot for it.
Did users choose Office or did the IT department?It's easier to grow when you have low numbers to begin with. Also did MS ever confirm actual numbers? iPad still outsells Surface by a lot.
Gimme a break. Do you really think he meant that a stylus has no use whatsoever?And when Jobs says something is shit, do you think he meant it's feces?Doubtful. Most business folks aren't power users so they can probably use iWork. They don't because they don't want to learn something new.
You don't know Steve. And someone already posted Gates's Macworld appearance.Is Apple 2.0 conveniently after Jobs return and the MacWorld event?Jobs also switched to Intel chips. Weren't they part of the Wintel monopoly?Or business folks hate change and rather use Office. No day was needing saving.Please. Taking a quote out of context and from 5 years ago is stupid.
Oh please. Apple didnt disrupt an industry every year. Nor have they revolutionized an industry every year.They've always been incremental with existing products. Once in a while they crest a new product line. It's revisionist history to say Apple only released revolutionary and disruptive product on a yearly basis.Sell your stock then. Guess what, your tastes are different than anyone else's. You're not representative of Apple's customer demographics. That may hurt your...
So meeting the expectations of some random guy (no offense) is not good enough?Things are harder and harder to keep secret. That's a fact. I bet Apple can cure cancer and still have people say "that's it? What about HIV?"No. Apple showed us stuff we wanted not because it wasn't expected. Features on the iPhones were leaked prior to each release but they still sold shit-tons of them
Not everyone has an iPhone or iPad.How much 4k content is out there. How many 4k tvs have been sold?In all honesty, 4k is just overkill for a TV.
Yes. Besides he was talking about a phone with a 3.5" screen and not a tablet. They are not the same devices. He didn't rally against all styluses.
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