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Force a minimum requirement like all software have already. That's not the same as what you are mis-quoting.
That's not the point. Users believe the best and most relevant choice is listed at the top. If it's always a Google affiliated link, that is detrimental to consumers.
Interestingly Sammy also has 200 employees dedicated to copying Apple products.
Hopefully it will result in more than a lame fine.
Exactly. That's why these ludicrous conspiracy PR theories are bunk.
So much for that one guy with Google Glass.
Yes, some of the goofballs swing them around without regard to their neighbors.Still I just use a tripod that's in its compact position.
Same could be said about the original iPhone. Look what a colossal failure that turned out to be.
This "report" isn't evidence of a delay. It's to cover up for analysts being wrong. In this same link, some analysts downgraded Apple. Others didn't think they would beat expectations. One analyst said the device growth has slowed. This was back in October.How wrong they were.
I bet there are more 2 yr upgraders than 1 yr upgraders. So of course there are 5S users waiting for the 6s.
New Posts  All Forums: