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It's a nice number for a fictitious phone. 1. Nothing has been announced 2. We know nothing about it 3. Price? 4. Rollout?
Oh shit. I see a Christmas Tree! Have yourself a Merry Little "Holiday," indeed.
It's definitely because the US is so vast and sort of isolated. European countries are like US states. You can car/train travel for five hours in any direction and you be in a different country. In the US, you just be in a different state (or just your own state).
Hmmm. That's sad. My 80% was just self identified Christians and if your saying 50% of 90% thinks it's not a religious holiday, wow.>
In the States, it's about 80%.So basically people don't care if you say Merry Christmas but heaven's forbid for that one person to be offended.
Where do you hang out where "Merry Christmas" are fighting words?
Definitely. The "loser" also writes their accounts as well. Merging the two together is a arduous process.
The winner writes the history books.
Intolerance of others? Stop projecting. How does saying Merry Christmas intolerant? If they don't celebrate, fine...Correct me and move on. Not once has anyone complained about Merry Christmas to me.
You're joking, right? You inferred all that from two words. Somebody has issues. I never said my religion was persecuted.Happy Generic Holiday #8!
New Posts  All Forums: