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Yea. No different than waiting in line for a new book or new movie.I heard lines are 1% shorter. Apple is doomed™!
This feels dirty. Non obtrusive ads should be allowed for free. The guy just set up a toll booth on Apple's highway. What if a nefarious "redirect ad" company gives him $1 MM?
But but pink. Oh wait, those people already commented. Seriously. Who cares, you're not getting a rose gold iPhone.
Sweet, a unicorn giving the finger while eating a taco and burrito.
I don't have Siri enabled on the lock screen. Still, it's a bug that needs fixing.
Only 30%? Doomed™.
Well he's here for world meeting of families in philly and it would be strange if he didn't visit DC or NY. You know what they say, "when in Rome..."Streets are blocked off. I think I heard 10 miles of NYC is blocked? Plus leaving packages on door stops is big security issue when a VIP is in town.Philly has 25 miles closed but a part of that are a couple interstates.
Most users are fine with advertising like banners, sponsored links (as long as it's labelled as such), and other benign methods. Everyone can agree auto-redirects, pop up ads, hover ads are damn detrimental to the user. Don't annoy me with ads.Imagine you get a magazine and every article section is wrapped in an ad that you have to cut away to see it. Also imagine if on any random page, a balloon inflates and pops out with another ad. That'll be annoying. Why do we have to...
Zips in Philadelphia are delayed too.
From my understanding , it's not video but a series of images and it's always processing what it sees for the display. So it's not using any more memory before rather than after.
New Posts  All Forums: