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There's a difference between static ads and intrusive ads. Don't annoy me with ads. Don't redirect me to the App Store. Don't make me watch a video.
Btw, apple shares have increased 21% from a year ago to its current price today as of this writing. Googs has increased about 17%.
Alphabet: we know you from A to Z. Whether you want us to or not.
Is this guy an idiot? Not everyone has a 6. It'll be the usual S upgraders.
Once again, problems in China only affect Apple.
Just sell your stock.Wall Street doesn't understand Apple.
I think Android being free is the problem. The manufacturers don't care about quality because they can always find suckers to buy POS phones. I'd they actually had to pay to use Android, perhaps they might've weeded out some of the crap phones.
Verizon will offer financing so the user can make payments over a period of time. Apple will probably do the same for its stores.
How can we spin this as a negative for Apple. Ooo: Could HTC be the harbinger of Apple's decline? I had an HTC phone. It was nice but Android ruined the experience.
Everything costs money. Have you ever wondered why "top" brands are located at eye level? Or why items are located at the ends of the aisle?
New Posts  All Forums: