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Any word if Google will also have access to the data feed? You and your spouse are trying to get intimate and a condom ad appears on your android.
Now that Snowden has offered his opinion, what does Michael Sam and Caitlyn Jenner think? In other words, who cares about the traitor.
Unobtainium is the future of the iPhone.
You have small pockets. Perhaps you meant small as in height. Not a big deal for me if that's the case.
And ban vegetarians too!
Everyone has prejudices. Perhaps "bias" would have been a better choice of word.In any case, Apple doesn't have a monopoly so they can decide who are allowed into the program.
No problem here. I understand they want the royalties. My question is what are other free services paying them? Hopefully Apple won't pull an Amazon on them. Because only Amazon can do that.
Apple doesn't need anything. The majority of users don't need to add RAM or replace their hard drives.Budget folks and schools can get the mini. Although I agree the memory should be replaceable. So max it out or double the default when you order it.
Well it's a liscensing agreement to use the Lightning port. So if Monster can't use the port, it can't be made for iOS devices.
Sorry monster. Don't sue your partners if you still wanna do business with them.
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