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Apple didn't sell fewer iPhones than expected. It sold what Apple predicted it would sell. Analysts failed in their uneducated guesswork.
You better look that up yourself. The first 6 points on the x axis have the same interval then suddenly it doubles then goes up by 50%, then go up by 33%.
C'mon guys. It's for a star destroyer or Death Star shaped office building.
The city of Apple Inc.
I don't think Apple is allowed to approve sale prices at third parties. However the discount Apple gives to them is probably way smaller than what other venders give. Any sale price would probably come from the third party retailer's pockets.
It's the anti-halo effect due to the apple watch! /s
Doj to investigate.
Lipstick on a pig.
Blah blah blah. How can you come to a valid conclusion with limited evidence? And might I add it's not really evidence as Apple didn't release numbers. Btw, smart investors rather have $$$ than units sold as a metric.
Apple did mention the watch outsold the iPhone and iPad did in their first nine weeks. That should be good enough for analysts. After all, even that tidbit is more than what Amazon gives and it's Wall Street's favorite.Btw, WS will speculate even if they had actual numbers.
New Posts  All Forums: