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They ran out of money in their season budget. Hence cheap clips. I've wiped that episode from my mind.
Season 3 is where TNG hits its stride.
You are just thinking about the journey. How would self driving trucks get into distribution centers and loading docks?
You don't think Google collecting personal data on everybody is improving people's lives? /sLet's say Google car is released today. How long will it take to replace every car in the US? Decades/centuries? It's a pipe dream. Don't forget their are trucks, buses, etc that won't be driverless.
So true.How can you judge something that's not even released? We know next to nothing about it.He's talking about the history of the watch and not how a watch affected history.
The Fire Phone was only "solid" because liquid and gaseous phones don't work.
Cue the "Google is doomed because an exec left" articles. Oh wait, that only works with Apple.
"We didn't get the price right" was the reason? Sure it was. How about you didn't get the product right. Even if you give shit away for free, no one's gonna want that.
Oh good point. On second though, paper receipts are fine for me. 😀
So will "Woz" smoke weed in the film?
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