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Apple understands casual gamers make up a bigger market than hard core gamers.
They should've innovated faster. /s
Yay. Sign me up.
Hmmm. I have a laptop for business. I'm the only one that uses it.No sane person wants a mouse for a tablet. How many people would carry a mouse and tablet together? How can you use the mouse when you're standing or sitting on the couch?
Haha. Isn't Gilt just an app? Are there no shopping apps for iOS?Yup because Steve was so into games.
Sony piggy backing on Apple's media coverage. Remember when Sony could command its own attention.
The Wii was a success. They have a great library of first person titles. Third person titles are lacking variety.
Ok but it did disrupt the PC industry perhaps not just the laptop segment but I have no data on that.
Are you kidding me? Look at smart phones/tablets prior to the iPhone/iPad. Look at them afterwards. Disruption noted.
China economy forces iPhone to be delayed. /s If true, I'd like to know what counties would be day 1. I would expect China and the U.S. to be first as they are the most important markets.
New Posts  All Forums: