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Plus it doesn't cure cancer. Lame.This is just the beginning. The retailers need to program receipts to email apply pay customers instead of printing receipts.
Nope. That's why it's in bankruptcy now. It over promised and under delivered. Smart companies won't over promise.
My score is >800 and I pay my cc's in full 99.9% of the time.
Good for Cook. Too bad he had to announce his private life to the world.
IDC. Yup. I believe them. /s
There's always risk in any deal. I'm sure smarter companies would weigh the risk-reward properly.
Apple is doomed. /s Sammy can't copy Apple's profits.
MS will probably make WindowsPay and convert $$$ to MS points just to make a killing on conversion rates. Haha.Can you imagine getting a BSOD on a NFC terminal?
Sarcasm noted.
No one is complaining about rewards. It's the fact they had NFC enabled and then disabled it due to Apple Pay.
New Posts  All Forums: