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Zuckerberg and Bezos? I understand the Uber guys but them?
Spec checklists! /s
Here we go again. How long until the "Apple TV is a failure" reports roll in as Apple won't release numbers for it? Then comes the "cut back in orders" reports...
Your anecdotal "many" is just as accurate as the 0.00001%. Fact is the use case is applicable to only a small percentage of customers. Many users stream with a tablet and/or smartphone.
I can get 24 hrs on a charge if I don't play games.No micro SD and Apple isn't losing its way.Those that don't have the talent to produce something complain on the interwebs.1. Many will still put a case on it regardless of a "sport version"2. They're always working on improved battery. I guess they aren't innovating fast enough for you.3. Antenna is fine. Coverage depends on the towers and how many users are connected to those towers.4. 5. A small percentage carries extra...
The 6S isn't announced yet and he's predicting the 7? Why stop there, what about the 8?!
How many people would take an Apple TV (or the sticks) on vacation? I bet it's a very small percentage.
"Significant innovation?" Eff you, analysts. What does that even mean? Is there an innovation scale? Should Apple "innovate" faster? Spoken like a true failed businessman.
What's good about a browser if it's "limited". The real reason is user experience.
The prequels are evidence it's a good thing Lucas didn't write this movie.Disney and Star Wars have worked together for years. Disney didn't hurt Marvel.I agree that JJ kind of screwed up Star Trek but I'm still going to see this movie.
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