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We've told you before that Apple said in the fall no numbers will be released. Why don't you understand that fact.Actually Cook doesn't give a shit about analysts.How is he treating us like idiot children? Are you saying he's lying about the finances of a public company?Easy. Competitors can know if it was a home run or not and whether to blatantly copy it.
**** these analysts. Spreading doom and gloom because they can't admit they're wrong.
That's hogwash. What if the terrorists are using Vpn to access a "terrorist network". Are networking companies liable for that?The gov can collect unencrypted data but they shouldn't be allowed to just access encrypted data with a backdoor.
Apple wasn't reacting to Sammy. It was focused on what China wanted and when the time was right it moved. iPods and iMacs were multiple sizes so why is it hard to believe Apple would go this way with the iPhone?Again, Apple has a track record of going with multiple sizes. Jobs is famous for dismissing the competition at the time. Time changes.
That's why people hate lawyers.
Why do people want to see Abbey Road and childhood homes of famous people? Hell, people see graves of famous people too.It's getting that personal connection to something you like.It may not be just an Apple Store but an Apple company store for both employees and visitors.The store at the current HQ is like that. I bought a keychain, tshirt, and retractable ID holders when I visited 5 years ago.
10.9% is the new monopoly threshold*. Doj to investigate. *only pertains to Apple.
More bad news for Apple. Surprised the headline isn't "Galaxy sales still beat Apple Watch"
Can't wait for it to be done. I need a new "I visited the mothership " tee.
Yea, I saw that shit via the Macalope. It's too bad I can't tweet at the author or make any comments.
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