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Apple watch expands availability as it looks for users. /s
Are you drunk? Apple hates to compete?Haha haha haha.Apple hates theft. Apple wants to avoid competition, that's why they enter these competitive markets and become a business. That is such a foolish statement.And I do believe Amazon requested this inquiry as they hate to compete. They set a low-price barrier to entry. That's why Amazon has 90% of the ebook market prior to Apple.
When the Pope's in town this weekend in Philly, I wonder who/what would draw more lines?
But why does it seem like Sammy waits for Apple to do something before Sammy does it?
1. Who cares if there was an extra week of preorders. If they can't fulfill the order by the release date it won't count as a sale.2. Again who cares. Phil didn't say it's the number one version of iOS now.There's no fudging involved.Edit: in any case, the numbers are impressive and Critics will always try to downplay Apple's success.
That's s little different as it came with a USB mouse. The Apple TV doesn't come with 4k content or a 4k TV set.
You must be going to the wrong site. One paragraph a week and a little blurb on the left is all the advertising I see. And it's free.
I use the AI app and don't mind the banner ads or sponsorship stories (as long as they are identified as such). I do mind the redirect ads, the force click ads, the pop up ads with the tiniest x so you can't close it on the first time. Those are the problems. Imagine you're driving down a road and a guy with a sandwich board jumps in front of you at a red light. You have to interact with him so he gets out of your way and it's annoying.
I don't think there was evidence they got together. The Doj inferred Apple was the ring leader and coordinated the "price fixing" even though Apple just wanted the same deal for the ebooks. To my knowledge, there was no evidence Apple discussed specifics of the deals with the others outside of the negotiating tactics.
Have you tried putting it in airplane mode for a bit to see if the rate of drain is the same? Email push?
New Posts  All Forums: