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Lies. Damn lies. And statistics.
He's not a kid. He's an adult who made adult decisions.It's not that he reads AI or any site for that matters. He wants to be known. he wants to be famous. Why give him that satisfaction. Let him rot in jail/death row anonymously. That's not the same as forgetting his terrorist act.Should we ban mentions of Allah because some fringe Islamic extremists mis-use his name in acts of terror?
Since you don't know me, you should have no reaction. Is murder over an image of Muhammad a new thing? Pretty sure that dates back several centuries.
We should not publish images of that piece of sh1t. He should be ignored and forgotten. And of course, sent to the chair.
I just find it ironic people who supported the drawings of Mohammed after the Charlie massacre wants to remove the confederate flag from history after some terrorist murdered more innocent people.
Easy, Republicans allegedly have more money so they leave the cities when crime increases. Not saying democrats are criminals.
Apple polled each one of them?Many people find guns offensive, yet they are still there. Don't get me wrong, no govt building should fly that flag. But PC has run amok.We have people apologizing for jokes, people being offended by everything. Enough of this already.
I thought marriage was a states right? Regardless let's move on.
BSOD-gate. I hope they find a root cause soon.
If she was, she may have written a letter about the confederate flag. HahaEdit: I thought this was the Swift thread. Whoops.
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