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Did they say everyone who preordered will get an apple watch on 4/24 or starting on 4/24?
Most of that is manufacturing and not retail. So blaming Angela or anyone else is stupid. And you're also assuming all the components are sitting in warehouses ready to be used. You have no idea what the supply chain is like.
Nope, these complaints sound like a two year old throwing a tantrum when asked to take a nap.
Many can be wrong since Cook said "early" meant Jan-April as you already wrote. Not Apple's fault.So what? Is there some magical deadline that the excludes the last 2-3 weeks of a month?I stayed up until 3 am to order the iPhone 4S. Couldn't connect until 7am. It's called demand.how do you know they were given away for free? Plus these are probably the "edition" line so no average user can buy it anyway.Hey if you accurately predict demand on launch day between 18...
Pulling sh1t out of your @ss again?
What's the deal with Angela sending these alert emails. Steve would never... /s
Supply issues solved or better than projected?When I ordered my iPhone 6, I recd it two weeks earlier than the estimated date.
Never missed? White iPhone, one of the OS X updates due to ios. Some revisionist history you have there.
Oh my god. Failure! Angela should be fired for not sticking to the original delivery dates! /s
That's good for all 1000 of the nexus 6 users. I kid. Still, I'm a little weary about having Google "monitor" my voice, vid, and SMS chats.
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