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I agree, nothing trollish.However 3.5" is readable. I think 5" is just too big.As for NYT, two words: Mike Daisey.
Smart move to pull the API than release a buggy mess onto the public.
Silly AI. Analysts are never wrong!
I want to skip to Jan and see what the 6 did to Sammy's numbers in the Dec qtr. Not sure if I'll use Apple Pay but Paypal is foolish to brag about its security.
When all is settle and done with this case including an Apple victory, I hope Apple sues the sh*t out of these f*ckers.
Second time? Hyperbole much?Why do people expect Apple to change the world every year or two? As for two years from now, you're just focused on physical design. That is an error in thinking.
What would happen? Well what happened when Apple released the 4" 5S? It still sold a lot of units.
Apple didn't have to do anything but release a new iPhone.Where did it say that going smaller would be successful with the iPod nano?
It's not the specs but the entire experience. Everything works together as efficiently as possible.
What's your point. He asked for Galaxy numbers.I'm surprised analysts didn't guess elevenity billion. I think 60 is reachable if China is included for at least a month or two in the Dec qtr.
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