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Doomed! Cook abandons Mac and iPod! /s Cook probably just needs access to emails and reports and the occasional iWork doc. iPad pro and iPhone would be perfectly fine.
If you knew you had an appointment, why would you bring so much stuff to get checked when you leave?As a consultant, do you show up hours earlier than scheduled and BS with your client before leaving?If you want a quick search, don't bring a bag. Problem solved.
F'n lawyers.
Oh my God. Apple giving away free stuff again without anyone's permission?! Get the pitchforks. These "gifts" are adding clutter to their houses! /s
Fall is better due to the upcoming holiday seasons of Christmas and Lunar New Year.Or competition manipulates information to get people to wait for the earlier release. iPhones sold as many as Apple predicted.
Doomed! "168% increase > what Apple claims on the watch," Wall Street analysts say. Different market segments. I wonder how fitbit's competitors made out.
It's amazing to me that liars like Daisey and Enderle still get paid to write.
We're are talking about third party controllers. Of course they copy. In addition, if not the ABXY configuration, does each third party pick their own set of characters/symbols? It's to get familiarity for the consumers. Apple isn't making controllers.
Who knew people would prefer something better when given the option. Why don't you guys make a Facebook phone and force your employees to get it. Oh wait.
Third party controllers always clone existing first party controllers. Why reinvent the wheel? If Apple had a first party controller, they would clone that.
New Posts  All Forums: