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IDC got one thing right: Apple prefers profits over pure market share. Has any projections by them been remotely accurate?
Doomed watch to expand sales at doomed retailer. /s
Much ado over nothing. Meanwhile analysts can make poor guesses and Apple gets hammered.
What a fool. You don't downplay the competition unless you can back it up with a working product.
Jobs wasn't perfect: Hockey puck mouse, mobile me, iPod hifi.Universal search may not be in Apple's control. Perhaps App creators would rather be separate than grouped with other competitors.
Give me a F'n break. There's only one Jobs and he isn't coming back.
Apple will fail in China because A. iPhones are too expensive B. Cheap iPhone knockoffs C. Sammy D. Xiaomi E. Currency devaluation F. Mass extinction Only one of these options is true.
Apparently he has a pattern spanning 40 years. It's a shame nothing was done in the 60s/70s. I do find that hard to believe.People makes mistakes when they're younger. As long as it's not a pattern and he did own up to it and sever his time.Nobody's perfect.No one is defending him. If he did it now, he would be fired. We're talking 20 years ago and he pleaded no contest. Unless you find a pattern or more recent occurrences, you have to give him a second chance.
Jared will serve his time. He will always be a sex offender.As for other convicts, I think we have to give them second chances once their time is served.
The public kills people for using the n word 20+ years ago yet barely anyone bats an eye when physical abuse occurred in the distant past. As long as "real" discrimination or in this case physical abuse hasn't occurred recently (10 yrs), I'm willing to give second chances. Actions speak louder than words.
New Posts  All Forums: