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Shhhhh. They don't count. Cook hasn't been CEO of three companies!!! /sStill analysts will always gloom the next qtr: Can Apple keep it up? The underlining meaning is: analysts want to be the first to predict Apple's eventual doom even if they have been wrong for 15 years. One day they might be right.
Exactly. Unless Apple is going to charge $300 per license, it makes no sense.
Perhaps restaurants should start offering steaks at 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 oz. And also ribeye, skirt, sirloin, porterhouse, etc. with 10 different sauces, etc.
Have you read history about Apple? Licensing Mac OS almost killed Apple.
Disagree. Apple should focus and not shotgun approach. Also more choices mean more confusion. Witness the variations of Windows. Witness restaurant menus.
SK isn't communist. However you did get the crooks part right.Who has more power? Googs or Sammy? I hope Sammy drops android and see both companies implode in mobile.
Other than Sammy? Yes, the internet.
Rumored iPhone prone to scratches!
So how does an unannounced product with no release date get delayed?
"Tallest Relic" sounds kind of Phallic.
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