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Cubs fan?
Nope. The battery life is fine for most users. The heavy power users aren't going to be satisfied no matter what.Um because I can't do laps in a pool with it. /s
Additional week of preorders mean nothing. None of those people received it before launch unless there's an error.
The next iPhone must be made from transparent aluminum and levitate or Apple is doomed™!
No apology. Cook expressed an opinion. Sorkin lied.
Clearly WS is clueless. The number would have been 13 MM with or without China.
Depending on the industry, companies can use calendar months as fiscal months or use 4-5 weeks ending on an appropriate Saturday.
It's an amazing number. Beware the trolls.
Have you , I dunno, talked to an Apple genius? Or does complaining about it on the Internet fix your issue?
Cook was speaking as a friend of Jobs. As a friend he considers it's exploitive for others to see the life of the friend as entertainment. Sorkin was spreading lies.
New Posts  All Forums: