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Obviously he took a Sammy re-education class.
Well we'll get a several different and competing tech but the wireless companies get to choose what to support if any at all. So tech companies can choose not to make its patents non-SEP but then what good are those non-SEP if no one'a gonna use them.
Did Apple force you to buy those products? Nope. And the data revenue sharing was in lieu of subsidies.When did this happen? Please post a link where Apple wanted royalties on its design patents.
Certainly a third party should. The SEP patent holders shouldn't be allowed to charge Apple more $$ than another company simply because the iPhone cost/is worth more.And iOS devices don't have to use 4G LTE tech.
For the comscore ranking for Apps, is that across all US smartphones or just the iPhone?
If you can't beat them, join them (finally). Hopefully some good games come out of this: Mario Kart, Smash Brothers, Metroid, etc.
Haha. You forgot the sarcasm tag.
Nope. While Apple has its own legal dept, it can hire outside law firms to help. And I doubt they are allowed to roam the halls.
Are you serious?Google "how to run a marathon" and I guarantee you step 1 is not "wake up, then start running 26 miles. "
You just said " There are many things to compete for, not just first place." They are competing against themselves for personal best times. Hence they are athletes. No one runs 13 or 26 miles just for the hell of it. It takes months of training. And that makes them serious athletes.
New Posts  All Forums: