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Don't forget you can trade in your old iPhone so you get a couple hundred back. I traded in my 4S for $200 when I bought the 6.
Apple will be fine. But I was really commenting on your "what's next" comment.Not really childish. "What's next" is a useless question. You can ask that every year. Apple has a lot of people thinking about and designing "what's next".I don't believe I ever said Apple shouldn't do a big phone. I hoped it wouldn't do a Phablet. I was ok with the
How is it a bad product? Because it's not for you?
But but but analysts know better and Apple should follow their advice or they will fail! /s
You're kidding, right? 18% increase in iPhone != 18% decrease in iPads.Plus Apple doesn't need your advice. Me thinks they're doing fine on their own.
Luckily you don't work at Apple.
Weren't the Chinese too poor or they prefer the knockoffs or Something.
Apple changed the release date to spite Kuo. /s
If Apple's a haunted empire...please scare the shit out of me more often.
Cook needs to start building the expansion to the gold coin swimming pool.
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