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Not a bad choice. Perhaps Media should be person of the year for over -hyping it and controlling the narrative on certain other stories.
Oh Gosh. Why give this race hustler the time of day?
Clearly the potential plaintiffs include Walt Disney, Mickey Mouse, Elmer Fudd, etc.
Sometimes media can be scummy. They are trying to monetize the video. Shameful.
Prove a monopoly existed. There wasn't one.
Police are trained to eliminate the threat. MB attacked the cop and reached for his gun.Like grabbing for a cop's gun? You make it sound like he was shot for jaywalking.Why would MB rob a store? Why would the cop try to pull him into his car?
But Apple never had a monopoly in MP3 players or MP3 music.And there aren't 8 MM plaintiffs. Most of those don't care about DRM.
And that's the problem. Listen to your parents. Listen to your teachers. Listen to the cops.Talking is fine unless the other guy is trying to get your gun.
Both instances are tragedies. Both could have been avoided if they listen to the cops. The NY cop probably should have been charged. Wilson should not. Wilson has no complaints against him. Had not fired a weapon in the line of duty. And I'm pretty sure pulling a guy through a car window is not standard police tactics.
Hey I wonder if we can protest the protesters by fake attempting to get a cops gun and then fake robbing a convenience store.
New Posts  All Forums: