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The 4S is a different phone than the 4. If Apple "fixed" it, it would have changed the 4 as well.
True but Apple doesn't need to spend that much for product placement. I bet most players use iOS devices anyway.
Siri to critics: bite my shiny metal ass.
Are you mental? If the design didn't pass the test (ie breaks), they won't use the design.
Brilliant. I bet they will have six versions of their jerseys: Home, Home premium (when the good teams come), Road, Road premium (when they go to good teams), home premium ultimate (home playoffs), road premium ultimate (away playoff games).
I heard he's renaming the team to the Los Angeles Clippy of Microsoft.
Well if you feel resistance from your phone when you sit down, adjust its position.
Ideas get traded around. Sammy outright copied Apple down to the packaging. You cannot deny that. Where was the fingerprint sensor on the Atrix? How did it work? Was it as simple as touching a button?Apple continued to sell record numbers of iPhones? Continued to earn the most profit?
Hey it's the "religion" troll talking point.
Oh Schmidt.
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