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You do know that D&D was influenced by the LOTR trilogy.Adults love them because they read the books as children and now have a worthy interpretation on film.
Bugs never existed before Jobs died. That is truth as I found it on the Internet.I hope Cook says to POTUS, "now about the DOJ's bogus investigation..."
I'm pretty sure Siri did this prior to iOS 9.
The book was iCon and it was removed from the Apple Store as someone already chimed in on that. But thanks for being all righteous without the correct facts.I can see how "the Bank Job" fits in. I never knew Steve robbed s bank.Of course if Apple did remove all Jobs books, you'd be accusing them of censorship.Please. Apple has supplier reports that show otherwise. It's practical the only company that works to improve workers conditions/pay in China. It's also one of the...
Sorkin is exploiting a dead man to make money. I was going to see the film.Apple isn't exploiting anyone.
Hey Sorkin, prove that Apple uses child labor or shut the Frak up.
Yea. No different than waiting in line for a new book or new movie.I heard lines are 1% shorter. Apple is doomed™!
This feels dirty. Non obtrusive ads should be allowed for free. The guy just set up a toll booth on Apple's highway. What if a nefarious "redirect ad" company gives him $1 MM?
But but pink. Oh wait, those people already commented. Seriously. Who cares, you're not getting a rose gold iPhone.
Sweet, a unicorn giving the finger while eating a taco and burrito.
New Posts  All Forums: