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Easy, Republicans allegedly have more money so they leave the cities when crime increases. Not saying democrats are criminals.
Apple polled each one of them?Many people find guns offensive, yet they are still there. Don't get me wrong, no govt building should fly that flag. But PC has run amok.We have people apologizing for jokes, people being offended by everything. Enough of this already.
I thought marriage was a states right? Regardless let's move on.
BSOD-gate. I hope they find a root cause soon.
If she was, she may have written a letter about the confederate flag. HahaEdit: I thought this was the Swift thread. Whoops.
They don't need each other. Tay Tay is doing fine without streaming. Apple Music will do fine without Swift.
If June is Pride month, why did they wait until now? Also I don't recall seeing an Asian heritage section in May.
Well no one was tried for treason because Johnson et al wanted reconciliation and to come together as one country.
This is ridiculous. Who decides what's offensive? Are they gonna ban football (NFL) apps because they mention Redskins?
Well it's my choice to release a song that's 5 mins long. Personally I rather have people buy it.Who says my 5 min song is worth more than a 3 min song.
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