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Where are all the "Cook must go" or "Cook is only a good COO" posts and "Apple must release a cheap iPhone or 4" iPhone" posts?
Maybe you can go away.
When do made up numbers correlate? HahaStill if the numbers are remotely accurate, $$$.
"apple has to prove me much more wrong than my guesstimate " -various analysts.
The surface failed. Those laptop-tablet hybrids failed. OS X wasn't built for touch.
Yup. Maybe the new guy will steer MS in a direction rather than Ballmer 's treading water.
All but one of friends has an iPhone. Whenever we group chat, he gets lost with the conversation. It's funny that way.
Stop whining. You're using other options so iMessage doesn't apply to you anyway.Own what market, the messaging market with no money to to be made?
Just because you can't compete...
New Posts  All Forums: