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Cue the "Amazon is doomed" analysts. What? Only Apple has to release numbers and have home runs for each product release?
Smart teams would change play names, signs, etc if they faced a old teammate.A lot of info can be gleaned from TV broadcasts.
How long until smart watches is separated from wearables? Probably when a non Apple smart watch takes hold on the lead.
1 year until they kill it and not faze Wall Street. Damn, Google. Any viable original ideas?
Yea, Jobs isolated his COO/successor from any discussion on future products. Seems logical enough. /s
Hot damn, IDC created yet another product category just to skew numbers for its clients. I wonder why they don't further redefine a category: 16:9 ratio media tablets with colorful cases.
I guess Liang wanted to fit in with Sammy's theft culture.
Doesn't excuse theft of trade secrets.
Trolls, tech "journalists", and analysts.
"High enough standards" = Minimum bribe threshold.
New Posts  All Forums: