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Or magazine subscriptions, banks, charities.Yes. What are OEMs gonna do? Windows? Develop their own OS?
Disney has posted blogs about Walt Disney's birthday.The real reason Cook is in Germany is to test the iCar on the autobahn.
According to who? If they can require OEM s to use google services, they can require anything they want. (I know OEMs can choose open source Android).
I trust the banks more than Google.Why not? The hardware vendors are desperate and Google has the software they need. Googs can say "here are the minimum requirements." But they choose not too.Again, the user experience by Google is design that way to get more eyeballs on ads to benefit it's real customers.
Once again Google shows it cares more about its real customers (advertisers) than its end users.
So Sammy phones will have both?
How long would that take and how many places have external outlets?I doubt that. Electric cars have been around for a while and you still need and app to find a recharging station.Plus if I go down any highway, I'm bound to run into a gas station.I can easily get 400 miles on my 2014 4-cylinder. 11 gallon tank seems small.
A lot of newer sedans can get 400 miles per tank. And we're talking 5 yrs from now so that number will keep increasing. Plus it's easier to fill up gas because gas stations are everywhere. Find a recharging station when you're near "empty" or if none, your round trip is cut in half.
New rumor. Apple is working on a ispaceship but won't be completed until 2161.
Apple doesn't comment on rumors. This has been debated ad nauseum on many threads.So you want "people familiar with the matter" to comment on rumors attributed to other people familiar with the matter?
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