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F U, govt. If there is a backdoor, anyone can attempt to crack it and some nefarious users could be successful. We shouldn't give up our freedoms for public safety.
Hogwash. He said Apple wasn't going to release numbers prior to launch. It's more strategic on its part rather than anything else.
Technicality. The lawsuit should just be dismissed.
Yea and the iPhone never had a removable battery or sd card but the sell record quantities year over year.
I remember when jobs released MobileMe. It was flawless and everyone still uses it...
"But because I actually think I am the intended: a nontech person who wouldn’t otherwise have too many gadgets (a phone, an iPad, a laptop), but who could be seduced into buying another because of its desirability."She got it wrong. It's not for her.
Aren't they valid options?
Because Apple never changed the sizes of its "screens" on previous products. Why is everyone looking at the iPhone/iPad in a vacuum?
Pretty sure Apple doesn't do market research for unannounced products. Plus can anyone rely on such pre-release surveys? Apple still sold a bajillion iPhones so it's better to under estimate than over estimate.With Sammy's ex-con leadership, would any of us be surprised if they did?
Just because Cook quotes them doesn't mean they're accurate. It is just that IDC is known and the lack of a better alternative.Apple competes with itself and I'm not talking about the Sammy iClones.
New Posts  All Forums: