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1. Banning contraceptives is part of the beliefs. They also include abstinence, monogamy.2. Saying someone is going to hell is not the same as murder.3. Freedom of speech is just that. That's the speech that has to be protected. You can't please everyone and someone will always be offended. Of course there are some limits but that's because it could affect safety of others.For instance, your anti-religion sentiment offends me but I will fight for your right to express it...
You realize 30m is about eight stories high. The doors appear to be 1/3rd the building. There are 8 visible steps leading up to the building. Those steps are about 1/6th the height. So yes, it's 30 ft.
That's foolish. I know Muslims that aren't jihadists. The media in many of the Muslim countries are state controlled propaganda. Eliminate state controlled media is a start.
Apple has guidelines. You can freely look up any offensive information in Safari.How many of us would draw Mohammed? I bet most of us won't either but we value others' rights to do so.----You can't "re-educate" extremists. You can only hope to contain them.
Side note: in the Philly area, our major supermarket chain is Acme Markets. So whenever I see the WB cartoons, I search and can't seem to find those products there.
90+ feet high? I don't think so.
The lawyers should pay all court costs and Apple legal fees for a dismissed lawsuit. My vaio died within three years of purchase and I never thought about suing Sony.
What has Apple shamelessly copy? Inspiration != copying.
There's always Microsoft. Haha.
If true, sucks to be Sammy.
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