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For accounting purposes, GAAP is followed. Sales occur when the company transfers the inventory to another seperate entity regardless of payment being received. So that's shipments. Payments outstanding is accrued.
Maybe but being an a-hole doesn't mean you're necessarily undesirable. Anyone can be an a-hole depending on who you talk to.When I think undesirable, I think criminals, gang members, druggies.
Yup. That's why analysts don't understand Apple. Apple is skating to where the puck will be and not skating to where the puck is currently.
They'll still write the story. Then update with a correction a week later.
Undesirable people tend to have tattoos. What you're saying is if you have a tattoo, you're probably undesirable. It's not the same thing.
That's great for Sammy. I'll wait for a press release on its actual numbers.
Airplane-gate. /s
I'm a little disappointed. All these posts and no Herve Villechaize jokes?
Perhaps Apple has a drone competitor and did this deliberately/s
Welcome to Wall Street. Apple is doomed no matter what.Slowing Growth: Apple in decline.Record Growth: Apple can't keep this up.Expected Growth: Apple is flatlining on way to decline.
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