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CapEx money cut. Apple future in doubt. /s
Is the App Store the only way to subscribe to spotify? Nope.
Why do the Apple trolls look for the storm clouds in an otherwise bright and sunny day?It is the market analysts that failed. Apple met its targets. They shouldn't be punished by wild guessing by clueless analysts.As noted a billion time over, it was announced in the fall that numbers won't be released. Why are trolls too stupid to figure those words out?
Stuart Smalley and the watchdog group has it all wrong... iPhone doesn't have a monopoly and spotify chose to sell at a higher rate. It's an opt in to Apple Music. Exclusives aren't illegal.
It shouldn't be 0%. 6-10 is a good number.
Agreed. And what would the rate be on this tax holiday ?
Market isn't held back by Apple's encryption requirements. It's held back by vendors not able to produce software/hardware to align with Apple's encryption requirements.
Of course Tim was vague. He said in the fall Apple wouldn't announce numbers. Analysts will always guess.
No it doesn't as Apple said in the Fall it wouldn't release numbers. That said, analysts have been guessing and Applr did say it sold more than the iPad in its launch qtr.
Apple didn't miss. The analysts missed.
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