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I know but I like teasing her.
Money doesn't buy happiness.
You are family. Sort of like that creepy aunt with lots of cats. Haha.
Cashing in? In times of loss, people will search for his works. No shame in providing a little area for us. Apple isn't jacking up the prices.For anyone who needs help, get them help.
Are you saying if he didn't grow up "white", he wouldn't be successful? Genes count as well as upbringing.
Jesse hasn't found a camera he didn't like.
Steve Jobs, who was half Syrian.
How is Tim Insulting his workforce? He's unhappy with the pct, not the people.
Take care, Relic. I do enjoy skipping over your longer posts. 64 bit is just for marketing. /s
Well I don't buy much music and I prefer a physical copy of movies. I also don't stream netflix. I also prefer physical books. So basically you're wrong. But that's not a surprise.What killed video stores? Netflix.
New Posts  All Forums: