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Zero benefit for Apple. Why should Apple spend $$$ to subsidize free loaders (Android)? I tell me people if you want to get group messages, get an idevice or Mac. My brothers have idevices and most of my friends do as well.
Doomed. Rules of Apple punditry: 1. Apple is doomed. 2. Bad news for others is actually worse news for Apple 3. Good news for Apple is actually bad news 4. Only Apple needs revolutionary products 5. Apple must maintain margins AND sell no-profit phones.
How long have other vendors have larger phones than the iPhone? I never heard of a disgruntled purchase before. If size is so important, go get it elsewhere. The avg consumer doesn't care too much.
Ok. It wouldn't kill Apple but what benefit is it to Apple to have iMessage on a Android?
Who says they aren't thinking outside the box now?As for TW, I don't think so. TW is a provider. Apple needs content and Apple doesn't want to be associated with poor service.
Yeah, it would kill Apple.Different scenarios. iTunes for windows happened to sell more iPods. iMessage for android does nothing for Apple's bottom line.
Apple should just buy it for $20 billion and then shut it down as a big F U to Googs and Facebook. .
A new one would always outsell the old one. I hope Apple still releases a 4" if they do release a 4.7" ish one. With the same specs of course. We'll see who "wins" then.
He was quickly added to my block list. Threads are so much better to read since.
And yet the iPhone is #1 on the US big 4.
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