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You chose to click on the story. Perhaps you should ignore headlines with Sammy's name if you don't want to read about them.When you read the sports section of a newspaper, do they only have stories on just the local teams?
As soon as Sammy stops stealing.
Exactly. Who keeps the default background? Sammy is trying so hard to be original but I bet its marketing material plagiarizes someone.
Everyone knows villains need to explain their plans. A quick death is not enough time for a soliloquy.
The 5S came out 5-6 months ago and the S5 just came out. Normal people would have thought the 5S would have been reviewed already. So yes you didn't clarify and footnoted your comment.
DOJ: Apple is getting close. Time for an investigation.
How'd you take a pic of my thumb? Or are you kind of giving a thumbs up to the 4.7"?
Sharks with death rays?How can investors be happy with this waste of money?
Calm down. Chillax.
Sammy makes money by stealing, copying, bribing, etc. it's shameful. They are like those sub prime mortgage companies. Can't wait for Sammy's bubble to burst in consumer electronics.
New Posts  All Forums: