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Apple advertised the iPod touch in 2008 over there. http://www.technologytell.com/apple/40966/apple-advertises-ipod-touch-on-youtube-homepage/Besides it would be foolish if Apple didn't advertise on YouTube considering the demographics of the site.
There he is!
Hopefully he's looking for a new line of work.
It's normal. It's called advertising.
"As for Morgan Stanley's "bull case" scenario, the investment firm could see shares of AAPL going as high as $150 if the company's larger-screened iPhones were to drive more mobile share gains,..." This is why I hate analysts. What does market share have to do with anything. Leave the temple of market share!
Don't forget you can trade in your old iPhone so you get a couple hundred back. I traded in my 4S for $200 when I bought the 6.
Apple will be fine. But I was really commenting on your "what's next" comment.Not really childish. "What's next" is a useless question. You can ask that every year. Apple has a lot of people thinking about and designing "what's next".I don't believe I ever said Apple shouldn't do a big phone. I hoped it wouldn't do a Phablet. I was ok with the
How is it a bad product? Because it's not for you?
But but but analysts know better and Apple should follow their advice or they will fail! /s
You're kidding, right? 18% increase in iPhone != 18% decrease in iPads.Plus Apple doesn't need your advice. Me thinks they're doing fine on their own.
New Posts  All Forums: