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Haha. The same consumer reports that recommended the 4 before the antenna "issue" was discovered?Get real. Again the 4 wasn't redesigned. The bumpers was temporary and the 4 was still sold for 3 years afterwards.
The watch isn't finished yet. How can you predict anything on it.
So the 4S improved on the 4. So I'm glad we're in agreement.
1. Design may not have been finalized2. iOS 8 may not have been finalized3. Um they still produce/sell last year's iPhone.4. QC with the first units before ramping up.5. Components.
1. So they should snap their fingers to create 60 MM iPhones this instant? All of companies wish they had this "problem".2. So if they delayed rollouts to other countries just to fulfill demand in the US, you don't think the grey/black market will increase its size?3. I'm patient awaiting my 6. Less than 3 weeks to go.
Again, by your logic the 4S design was a complete disaster because they replaced it with the 5.And as you previously ignore my comment, the 4 continued to be sold for another 3 years with no changes. The bumper was only free for a limited time and was not included with all 4 purchases.
You're full of yourself. If the 4 antennae was bad, why didn't they change the actual 4 design? Why didn't they include a bumper with every 4 they sold?In addition, technologies improves year after year.
I guess the home button was faulty with the 5 since they changed that button with the 5S. According to your logic, that's the only reason.Also the bumpers were for a limited time only to shut the media up.
The 4S is a different phone than the 4. If Apple "fixed" it, it would have changed the 4 as well.
True but Apple doesn't need to spend that much for product placement. I bet most players use iOS devices anyway.
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