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I don't buy it.
Haha. You think Apple R&Ds one product at a time? What a stupid comment.You think it's frakking easy to develop a phone battery that lasts a week? Why haven't you done it.The original iPod relied on a Mac. Was that half baked at the time?
The real winners are the lawyers and Amazon.
Half baked? Just because you don't have use for it doesn't mean it's not useful.
I don't think it can happen.
That's not Apple's fault, that's your fault for not knowing what you were getting.
You don't get it? Benchmarks shouldn't be biased. Otherwise they lose credibility.The fact Sammy and other optimize its phones for benchmarks instead of real world use makes me distrust benchmarks for those companies.
It was from Spam's note but I wasn't advocating it but hypothesizing if it were to be voluntarily.
Who's telling who where to live. I didn't bring this up. I was postulating a hypothetical situation.The current situation is gridlock. They should learn to work together.
But could you imagine the parties finally realizing what the other party bring to the table? Libs will realize they can't keep tax/spending money. Cons would realize taxes provides for roads, public transportation, etc.
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