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Anemic offerings? I'm sorry, what? Tell me what products Jobs had in his last year as CEO and what Cook doesn't have now.
I wonder if Sammy's marketing cash found its way to Mueller.
Apple may earn more but without an iwatch, Apple TV set, 6" iPhone, NFC, they are doooooomed!
Keep living up to your name.
But isn't it also true that anyone that steals an NFC enable phone can use your NFC data? That's another reason why I probably won't use a mobile phone wallet.
If companies don't pay for product placement, TV shows can cover the logos. No such thing as free advertising and official sponsors could be competitors.
I think Apple will utilize Passbook somehow with Touch ID to pull-up a credit card in barcode form. Almost every vendor has a bar code scanner.
Ford just sells cars. Apple sells Macs, iPods, iPads, iPhones.But I believe Apple will sell a
Not going to happen. Apple has moved on.
Did you read the article? Analysts also created this "white box" segment too.
New Posts  All Forums: