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It doesn't but the average Joe/Jane views stock prices as a measure of success.
Wait I thought China is too poor and Apple needs a cheap iPhone to succeed. My faith in analysts has decreased.
Lawyers would get $4.9 million, any class action participant will get $.50.
Is it Apple banning third parties or third parties refusing to comply with the rules? It's the latter, of course.It's like saying "I want to go in the country club but they're banning me for not getting a membership".
I wish Facebook would fix its most recent/top stories curation algorithm. Too many times posts will display in top stories 3 days later that never appeared in most recent stories.
Lay off the maryjane, Steve. It's messing with your mind.
Why is that considered low for a new service? I don't believe I was prompted but if I was, I declined. Not everyone wants a streaming service. Not everyone listens to music.It's a good start. And with additional improvements, the numbers will keep growing.Is Spotify considered to be on the low end considering its on both iOS and Android?
It's not unreasonable to say Apple Music affected any alleged gain in Spotify numbers.
What's the rate for Spotify and others?Also what's the ratio for active subscribers.
There are a billion iOS devices and only 6.5 million Apple Music subscribers? Doomed! /s It's a good start. I'm sure the numbers will continue to increase.
New Posts  All Forums: