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You're still here?Is this a scientific survey or a web poll?
What's the battery life if these cameras are always on?
It's the new iwatch.
"Part of the blame rests with the declining sales of large televisions, or those with displays over 40 inches diagonally. " Yup, sounds like a market Apple wants to get involved in. /s I think I hear Gene Munster's head imploding.
My question is if she's holding the phone and panel, how is she taking the photo?
You can say "many". Google searches aren't scientific. People usually post to complain. The avg consumer isn't going to post if they like something.
Amazon already paid the DOJ to investigate.
How the Giants were doing that year. Android, most likely.
Actually the cable companies have to pay fees to get the "free" networks.
Source? You != most people.
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