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Are you still serious? People don't play songs because they're shorter. The play them because they like them or the artists.
.Pay per second? What next, pay per word in a book?iTunes is $.99/$1.29 a song regardless of length and right holders get 70%. So why should rates change for streaming?
So what. Movies vary in length too. You can rent a 90 min animated feature or a 2.5 hr epic LOTR movie for the same price.
Apple Music and the free 90 day trial wasn't what she was referring to. She was referring to artists not receiving a dime or even $.002 during that trial period.Plus she makes the most money on tours. She just played Philly and sold out the football stadium for two shows. That's 50000+ tickets per show. Add the merchandise sold and that's a lot of $$$.
Why the hate? Did her music just magically appear and record itself? She earned it.That's like saying Chris Pratt made millions of dollars over the weekend without doing anything.
The Apple fans are buying second iPhones to pad Apple's numbers. /s
Everyone has exclusives. Target has exclusive tracks. GameStop has exclusive DLC. Doctor Who Funko Pop collectables are exclusive to Hot Topic currently.But just because Apple, it's a bad thing.
Nice try Apple. We all know you're developing the iVan.
But but Too expensive in China. Analysts are never wrong!
Once you submit the call, it goes through. It's best to stay on the line when that happens and explain yourself.
New Posts  All Forums: