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Negative Apple news sells. Positive ones don't. Negative news gets the iHaters foaming at the mouth.
Mac Pro, lightning connector, iOS 7. I guess they don't fall within YOUR subjective definition.
Why is Apple the designer for the world? It's sad that barely anyone else can be original. There should be punishment for thieves.
Exactly. I don't mind the ads, just put everything in order!**ding ding ding** perhaps that's why they screw up the order so people will complain about that than complain about the ads.
So a rumored deal is allegedly rumored to be delayed. How long until this rumored deal is rumored to be cancelled?
Hey Facebook, how about a version that keeps posts in chronological order!!!!
Your concerns are misplaced. Apple doesn't do fads. Apple doesn't need a range of phones. It shouldnt lose focus and use the Sammy shotgun approach. It should keep its 3 levels of iPhone models.
I agree.Apple will release new phones as usual so that's a wasted wish.For what reason for the steep price drop? Market share? Haha.
Hey it's the "let's make the 5C sales look as bad as possible" reports. I doubt the 4S is outselling the 5C.
Lots of downloads from South Korea.
New Posts  All Forums: