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What's my Bluetooth headset got to do with it. Apple's turning it up to 11!Android is free. Windows is not.Quit before they try?
"The LORD said to Moses, "Create a new document on an iPad like the first one, and I will write on them the words that were on the first iPad, which you broke."-Exodus 34:1
More bad news for Apple...wait, what? Think about it: less demand for < 10" tablets. Lenovo will start focusing on the 10" tablet market. Windows windows windows! Only non iOS tablets count as computers (for arbitrary reasons). /s
I can't imagine the pubs agreeing to this.
It's not for all jobs. my company prints out paper lists to do physical inventory and then manually inputs the numbers back into the system. Imagine if the users just input the numbers directly into the system via the iPad. That would be easier to carry around and use than a laptop. No paper waste, no time wasted writing numbers down twice.
MS can afford to keep them monetarily. It's not good for business to have too many redundant employees. Hence why WS loves layoffs.
Because you don't understand it, you don't like it.Cook has done a great job. Not sure why you can't see that. Let me guess: no new product lines?
Sammy has a history of stealing designs from other companies. No one is suing. It just continues a pattern of thievery.No one said Apple invented headphones. Again, it's Sammy proving its rep as a thieving company.
Such a shame for the employees. I heard the layoffs will continue until morale improves.
I thought it was an Onion article. **** off, Sammy.
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