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I heard it comes with a keyboard and stylus. And to charge the battery, you'll need to dance.
I don't understand the hatred. Would you have sold the stock if you knew Jobs had an illness? Would you make him resign? He could still do the job.
The difference is it'll be a very rare occurance of leaving your iMac at a bar or restaurant. Or having someone grab your iMac from you on the street.If someone is able to steal your iMac from your home, the password would be the least of your problems.
So true. The vocal minority complains the loudest. Still, though, I want a new Apple TV.
It's ok. There are third party drives and thumb drives.Can't believe it's just $2500. I would have figured at least $3k.
So the mini is refreshed now so on to complain about Apple TV not being updated.
Neither the 6+ nor 5C were failures. This is just a survey.
Where are the 6+ is a failure articles like the ones they had for the 5C?
Me thinks you mean Two-Face.
So Batman is Jobs? Sweet. Was the Jobs the CEO we deserved or the CEO we needed?
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