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What you and the judge dont realize was the average price for an ebook dropped. In addition, price isn't the only factor to consider for anti trust purposes.
Great, the Apple Tax extends to toys now. /sIt looks cool but it is expensive for me. I want to test it out though.
These witnesses should introduce prior art to invalidate them.
Seriously? Google even said they had to do an about face once the iPhone was released.
Horrible analogy. Why shouldn't all companies strive to be Apple: profits without compromising the user experience.Attacking competitors by name is woeful as it says your own merits aren't enough. Witness political ads and negative campaigning.
Appeal all the way to SCOTUS already.
Um why are you looking at the back pants pockets of young girls? Still I hope Apple keeps the 4" and add the "plus" model at 5" for a phone is absurd.
You're still here?Is this a scientific survey or a web poll?
What's the battery life if these cameras are always on?
It's the new iwatch.
New Posts  All Forums: