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It's not. Just the same credibility. Unless a scientific method is used, the results are just talking points. I didn't go through their methodology so I don't know if the "inner circle" is representative of Apple watch owners.
They are looking at only the 20% that don't use Apple Pay for the more detailed "why they don't use it" data. In other words 5% of the 20% don't use Apple pay for security reasons. I believe that's 1% of the total pop.
80% seems a bit high. But then again, these are Apple watch owners.
Didn't you hear? Only Amazon is allowed to undercut its competitors. Apple will be investigated by the DOJ if Cook sneezes into a napkin instead of a tissue.
Introducing the eyePhone.11. Only fanboys would buy it!
If Apple watch is a failure and it allegedly has a majority of the market, what does it say about its competitors? Of course Apple is always graded on a curve. Its sales being compared to a completely different product.
Someone can opine that the world is flat. It doesn't make it true.You don't think Cook et al had a product roadmap already in place?
Another sign of Apple Music's failure: festival cutback from 30 to 10 days! /s
The iPhone scored a 77. Plus CR is subjective. The only negative was the iPhone didn't have a removable battery.
Pure bull. It's only obvious if Apple does it.
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