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Another sign of Apple Music's failure: festival cutback from 30 to 10 days! /s
The iPhone scored a 77. Plus CR is subjective. The only negative was the iPhone didn't have a removable battery.
Pure bull. It's only obvious if Apple does it.
Anecdotal evidence isn't real evidence regardless if I see people waiting for the watch or not.I must've miss the memo that only Apple fans/customers could buy the iPhone and iPad upon their release.
Don't blame Apple. You should have waited for the promotion as they do a promotion every year.
Wrong direction?Was Jobs wrong to tether the iPod to the Mac when it was released?
How did the watch fail? It outsold the iPhone and iPod did at the same point of their initial releases.Did you really think the Apple Watch was a replacement for an iPhone, iPod, iPad?Obviously this has to be a joke post. No one can be this dense.And Jobs did prefer the 3.5". Look what the 6/6+ did in sales.
And I'm sure you have all the receipts to your charitable contributions. And if you don't donate to charities, what's wrong with you. It's shameful you don't donate more money to charities. Perhaps we need a shame list for that. It's only fair you donate your fair share.
Apple supplier cuts output/$$ forecast = Apple is doomed because only Apple products would see decline. Apple supplier increases output/$$ forecast = Apple is doomed because the gains are attributed to non Apple products.
Whether people like to admit it or not, we all have biases. Many biases come from experience. "Well so and so was this race and was not an ideal employee. Maybe I should be more skeptical of hiring someone similar." Even though you can't generalize, we do fall back to a gut feeling.
New Posts  All Forums: