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But but but growth is going to end! Sell! /s
I'm on unlimited but I don't think I ever used more than 5 GB in a month. Seems fair to me.
A car costs at least $15000. Most iOS devices Quote:Originally Posted by schlack seems like1) a month battery life is pretty poor. should be able to do better than that...AA batteries can.2) lightning connector on the bottom???? total fail. so un-apple like.1. My current Magic Mouse eats batteries. Considering the mouse is always by your Mac and near a cable, it's not an issue.2. Charge at night. Solved.
Prior Windows version numbers are marketing. I think 10 is the actual version number. (Plus it matches conveniently with OS X ).
Hey MS, why don't you give us Win 10 for free. The best Windows machine is a Mac.
Oh Sammy. Will you ever cease to amaze us.
Can't wait to see what numbers they announced. If no numbers are announced, can't wait for the "Surface Book is a failure" articles although I doubt that will happen.
Easy solution: Set up a personal space radius of 20'. If anyone enters the zone, move.
I understand why Apple left the number pad off but it's so convenient to have one. A lot of people use spreadsheets for home use. Companies uses Macs. The company I work for has a retail component. Items numbers are typed in. Same with order numbers and such. Apple even uses the number pad layout on iOS devices. So there is a need for it.
So true. When I move my mouse, it shakes my screen thinking I'm swiping. It's nauseating.You plug it in at night. Unplug when you use it again. You know, like you do with your iPhone.How often do you get new Macs? These should last for years.Or you can use what comes with the Mac.Hmmm. Maybe I missed it but I'm surprised no one complained about having multiple lightning cables utilizing multiple USB ports. Apple hates users. /s
New Posts  All Forums: