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There's no bribery here.
After they make 'em, they each jump off a cliff like lemmings. 😏
Not free. Haha.
True but orders don't count as sales until they ship.
If true, it would be awesome. Can Apple make that many phones in a qtr? It's probably a "pump and dump" ploy by analysts.
2nd store with a cylindrical entrance. Although they only have a handful of stores in China.They are expanding.If all it took was money, they would have a lot more. But you have locations, regulations, politics, permits, etc.
But but but open! Still analysts will spin this as a negative for Apple: If Apple captures the market now, where's the growth in the future?
Bad business deal = not my fault = lawsuit.
Sock monster has checked in to your dryer.
Nope. I can hear my toaster pop open. I can hear my dryer ding. I can hear my washer stop. I don't need them to connect.----I wonder if the the Sammy Galaxy S Toaster will have a stylus.
New Posts  All Forums: