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Apple won't guarantee that because some fool would take an hour shower with the watch directly underneath the shower head.
Google store will make people sick as Google Earth will give people nausea due to motion sickness. Thanks, Google.
Does the watch magically stop working after each "evolution" of the watch? My 4S kept working after the 5, 5S, and 6 were released.
You're using your watch wrong. You need a wrist and a finger free.
Rip that frakker a new one.
Nice scenario. What if both your hands are busy and you can't put things down to take your phone out of your pocket?
Did you even follow the keynote? I think after 8 years of the iPhone, we would know how to use a touchscreen. No need to explain the wheel again.I don't recall, but did Apple talk about upgrades, trade-ins with the iPhone? iPad? iPod? iMac?
Why buy a car, it loses value the moment you drive it off the lot.Nope. I wonder if Mercedes owners get a new engine and technology package every 5 years for free.
Either way most people can't afford it so it's not for them.True that although I bet some analysts will be disappointed.
Wait, weren't some analysts predicting Apple would have millions of these suckers available? Fools.
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