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Hit these trolls where it hurts.
A company with $200 Bn in the proverbial bank does not need help in launching a new service.
Well TS isn't using photos for commercial gains. Apple is using music for commercial gains.
Perhaps Apple will bring force click to the whole screen!
As least "swift-boating" now has a new meaning.
Monster, you blew it. Jobs was friends with a lot of people. That doesn't mean he wants to buy everyone. In addition beats had a deal with HP for use of its design/logos/etc. if anything, HP probably would have been a more obvious suited.
Ah. That makes more sense.
What are you talking about? Swift doesn't need streaming and she did pull her music from spotify.How is she seeking attention? She already has it with her album.So if anyone offered their opinion, they're attention whores?
You can't be serious. In her line of work, they get royalties.
I still don't understand why it could be considered anti-trust issues. Apple can make individual agreements with the labels/artists. Unless Apple forces the labels to redo the contracts for other services, it's perfectly legal.
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