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Reasonable rules. How long until Amazon cries to the DOJ?
1. That is his smile.2. You never met Jobs do your opinion doesn't hold water. I trust the guys that have worked with him for 14 year to have an idea of what Jobs would like. Btw, were there no bugs in ios or OS x was Jobs was around?
What does that even mean? Tired? I guess you want signs screaming for attention: Look at me, the iPhone 6!!!!
Doubtful. People would pay a couple hundred more for a phone. They won't pay thousands or tens of thousands more for a car.Considering all these brands sell a lot more than one model, it's a fantasy to say Apple will get 10% of the market.
How small will this store be if it only sells Apple Watches?The watch is a new breed of technology. It's not just a watch. Will it transform the market like the iPod? Who knows. The iPod was ridiculed when it was announced.
10%? Is this clown crazy? We know nothing about this alleged car but 10% Of the market?
So basically you don't know if it's trees or an empty field.
No one's whining and I know the ball is in Discover's court.
Not sure but isn't Ive in charge of software and hardware design? So they may have a hand in future releases.
Well in some states, you do need third parties to sell cars by law.I still don't buy this project. It'll take years before it ever sees the light of day. Apple will need to get in the tire business as I doubt they'll trust others to make tires for the car.
New Posts  All Forums: