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Right. Police rather not hand out tickets if they can get cameras to do it for them. Cops can't be everywhere at once while cameras could.The ACLU is an opponent of speed/red light cameras.
Just because YOU don't see a need for it doesn't mean it's a failure. I didn't have a need for the iPhone before the 4S so those phones are failures. /s
So what do you consider a success? Top three or is the cutoff just before Apple?Btw Apple TV was 1st in 2013 and 2nd in 2014. I guess it wasn't a success then either. But really market share is pointless.Introducing Apple Bank...
But but they had more days for preorders! Fail fail. /s
Sorry, that won't work. What if you want buy an iPhone for you and your significant other?They could force a "no cash for two phones" purchases.
You can have any color you want as long as it's blue.Apple TV a failure? Why because it's not for you?
Midsize car or premium luxury. Definitely not an SVU the first time around if this report is true.
Apple watch expands availability as it looks for users. /s
Are you drunk? Apple hates to compete?Haha haha haha.Apple hates theft. Apple wants to avoid competition, that's why they enter these competitive markets and become a business. That is such a foolish statement.And I do believe Amazon requested this inquiry as they hate to compete. They set a low-price barrier to entry. That's why Amazon has 90% of the ebook market prior to Apple.
When the Pope's in town this weekend in Philly, I wonder who/what would draw more lines?
New Posts  All Forums: