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Dolce and Gabbana? .Cook shouldnt waste his time appeasing analysts any more than he has to. There are four qtrly conf calls already. Cook shouldn't have to repeat himself. Apple also shouldn't announce products that aren't ready to ship. The Pro was an exception because the previous release was a long time ago.
Are you saying street thugs don't honor trademark laws?
I am concerned Candy can be trademarked but then again so many bad Devs would seek to capitalize on Candy Crush's popularity to confuse consumers. Ugh! Not sure what's right?!
"Blames BO on 5C failure."
WS always provides their own guess...er...guidance regardless if Apple does. WS really doesn't care what Apple says.
They might not share it but they will use it to their advantage. Don't be surprised if you are targeted with ads conveniently addressing your medical records.Sorry, the Street is just looking for page views.
They don't share my medical records. Unfortunately it's a given that our names and addresses are shared.
Last thing we need is Google getting its hands on our medical info.
Define smart phone market. There is an overall cell phone market. People who buy smart phones generally came from having a cell phone.Apple should not cater to the $250 phone market just like they shouldn't cater to the sub $500 PC market. Apple isn't going to release a new device with crippled specs.How can it be not an issue? If they could, why aren't they doing it now. Why were there supply constraints?I apologize for that comment.
I don't know what you do but it's kind of arrogant to think you can "help" Apple.
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