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That's racist. /sWhere ever there are cameras, Jesse will be close by.It's interesting why there aren't more Asians in upper mgmt in a lot of the tech companies.
So they are counting Windows tablets and not iPads? What kind of data manipulation is going in here.
The land has to be deemed abandoned or blight before the govt can eminent domain the sucker for private developers.Taxes.Robots or aliens.
Did the NFB pass a resolution prompting Google to comply? After all Android is "winning." Apple has done more for accessibility than other phone software/hardware companies.
**** Amazon. Customers my ass. Is that why they blocked or delayed shipments?
This guy's a loon. / play along with him.Hot damn, we found the guy who is the arbiter of innovation! I'm glad you gave Apple credit for the 64-bit chip. What about the M7?Outside of Apple, what other company has innovated in the cell phone market since 2007?
You can't force someone out for private development use.
No except that it will waste Jony's time. Besides it's better to get trusted outsiders on an advisory role.
Ugh. Another one of these articles. Sorry, I don't trusts sources that are unnamed and are former employees.
Um no. People are cheap and hate change. They are used to bsod and viruses and crashes.If your anecdotal evidence "proves" Sammy's ads, wouldn't it also "prove" no one has Android phones then?
New Posts  All Forums: