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Long term projections are meaningless as things change all the time.http://mobile.theverge.com/2011/12/7/2618225/eric-schmidt-le-web-paris-google-tv-majority-all-tvshttp://mobile.pcadvisor.co.uk/news/apple/119355/apple-needs-netbook-quick-warns-idc/
Band are putting on small sets. Do they have to pay the venue or security or any of the set-ups and take-downs they normally do on their own? Basically they are given the opportunity to play for millions of people for free.
Projections? So what are netbook projections prior to the iPad. Didn't Creepy Eric project that Google TV will be on the majority of TVs sold by now?I totally trust Google. I trusted they would not bypass the "Do not track" settings in Safari.
Googleguy: Well, Nest is a subsidiary of Google and is run as a completely separate company. Just like Moto. Google has no control.The fine print in the privacy statement: *subject to change according to our Google overlords.
You don't like the compensation? Don't sign up for it. Promotion and exposure is valuable.Everyone has an opinion. Mine is he's an idiot and an attention whore.
What about their families? I can't imagine the Death Star containing just the military.
If I was a TV exec, why would I want to limit a potential hit show to five seasons?
But they did know the major story lines for the show. EW had a feature on finales and the Lost guys were part of it. I don't remember if it was them or other writers but they question who says the finale has to be the best episode? The finale wrapped up the show. Unfortunately you can never please everyone. I enjoyed the finale.
Nope. Into Darkness was a mess. I enjoyed it because I'm a nerd but it was still a mess.How can you write the ending if you don't know if you'll make it past 13 or 22 episodes?They can have a loose guideline of what they want to cover.
Beaten to it, but I will make Han shoot first in every scene. Will they release the prequels so fans can write better dialogue, plot, and kill JarJar?
New Posts  All Forums: