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The key word is "mention". You can use other products but can't mention them.If I were the athletes I would not use the Note.
How do you know they haven't? An hour of your time may have minimal impact, but an hour of their time may not be.Apple and Googs do want to get in but they intend to make profit. Selling at a loss != profits.
Hi, have you met Apple? iTunes is their starting point. I'm sure they will adapt what works there for the Apple TV.
So how does Ive figure in that.Price people are willing to pay? If it's the only game in town, people will buy it if they want it.
At the same time if Amazon kept 9.99 as the price, competitors would go out of business or exit the ebook market effectively making them the only reseller of ebooks. Then Amazon can raise prices because sooner or later shareholders will wake up and want more revenue/profits.
I had a vaio in 2002. It sucked, probably due to XP. 3 years later it crashed w bsod.
How is it competitive when one company can sell for a loss indefinitely? If other companies do this, they'd go out of business. Competition is more than just prices.
You just said Amazon is taking a loss on each best seller it sells. I don't know about you, but I would like to make money by selling ebooks. More companies would rather sell ebooks at the same price rather than lose money at lower prices. Hence more companies will get in the game.I am also talking about ebook competition.
Predatory pricing is illegal. That is what Amazon is doing. It illegally created a barrier to entry. All Apple did was level the playing field. Notice after the agreements were made, more competition was formed.
Gas stations sell current supply to pay for future supply. Meaning they take an educated guess on what the wholesale price would be when they next get supply and adjust retail price accordingly.
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