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Did you even follow the keynote? I think after 8 years of the iPhone, we would know how to use a touchscreen. No need to explain the wheel again.I don't recall, but did Apple talk about upgrades, trade-ins with the iPhone? iPad? iPod? iMac?
Why buy a car, it loses value the moment you drive it off the lot.Nope. I wonder if Mercedes owners get a new engine and technology package every 5 years for free.
Either way most people can't afford it so it's not for them.True that although I bet some analysts will be disappointed.
Wait, weren't some analysts predicting Apple would have millions of these suckers available? Fools.
Sarcasm is lost in this one. You don't know what else it can do yet. If your wife's primary must-have is a silent alarm when sleeping, it's not for her. However it's not a major shortcoming. Just like copy/paste wasn't a major shortcoming for the iPhone. Hate to tell you this but your wife probably isn't representative of the majority of potential users.
How'd you get an advanced release of the Watch? Not a major shortcoming at all. I hate wearing a watch while sleeping.
Apple = page views = accidental clicks = $$$
That's unfair. Jobs founded Apple and resurrected Pixar prior to becoming CEO again. He already has money. Plus Jobs had those stock options.
I wish I could visit my mother's homeland but the flight would kill me.
Apple knows where it doesn't have stores. If Apple can snap its fingers and put a store there, it would. Unfortunately the real world doesn't work that way.
New Posts  All Forums: