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Are you f'n kidding me Sammy? Adding "Plus" to its name?
Just because you don't like doesn't mean you an call her that. What has she done to deserve that epitaph?
It's the current law. He broke American laws. Why would other countries' laws apply?Leaking classified information in itself isn't treason. Leaking classified information to benefit our enemies is treason.
Albums have themes. They put them together based on that. Do we allow selling chapters of a book individually? Grant it many songs suck on an album but I'm looking at it from the artist's perspective.
Point to the federal laws in which any of those things are illegal.
Execution is a punishment for treason. How is that intolerant?
Nope. People feel he's a traitor. Traitors should be punished.Just like murderers should rot in hell.
So how did that lead to intolerance, gay hating, racist?Snowden isn't gay. He's also white.Is having a viable opinion a form of intolerance?
How so?Why couldn't a gun seller decide the gun bans were unconstitutional? Isn't that violating someone's rights?I guess as individuals we have certain biases about certain constitutional rights. That's why SCOTUS should decide it.
Ok so now we wait for SCOTUS to rule and not rely on a mid level analyst?
New Posts  All Forums: