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Kanye's an idiot. His misinformed comment is one of the dumbest comments of ALL TIME!
Well Sammy did screw Apple over with its copying.
Publishers should be able to set minimum prices for their own goods.Who allowed Amazon to set market prices when they had a near monopoly?
Is this idiot for real?
Awesome. Get Creepy Eric, where will we be able to move now?
People can question the Beats acquisition as long as they make coherent thoughts and good arguments. Stating Beats has been detrimental to Apple because of "hip hop" or "thug" culture is not one of them.
You still pushing this tripe? Apple has perhaps dozens of secret projects they are working and won't announce anything until it's ready for prime time. Google announces shit purely for PR and no where near consumer ready, if ever.
No shit. Did we really need an analyst to "confirm" this? Perhaps Dodo did.
The LA NAACP honored Sterling once and was about to honor him again.
How did they get this estimate? Oh yeah, I saw an analyst bent over with another analyst pulling a number out of the first one's ass. There is no iwatch and we don't know what it does.
New Posts  All Forums: