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Is that why people are promoting Holiday Trees and banning (non religious) Christmas songs at schools?Merry Christmas!
Is this a joke post? They are making the majority of profits. They don't chase market share for market share's sake.Hey TS, I know you responded already but how many troll talking points were hit?-I love Apple but...-coasting on Jobs-innovate more-bored/boring-feature checklistJudging by his last sentence, I bet this guy has a 5S.
Lawyers. What do you call 1000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? A good start. The eventual fine will likely be just a week's worth of Apple's profit. Hardly damaging to Apple's finances.
Don't tell dr blank.
At least we agree it's a Christmas Tree and not a Holiday Tree.
Yup, because people like to be lectured. What the most watched video in YouTube. How many views? What's the most watch TEDtalk? How many views?
That's the same line they've been using since 2007.These are IDC numbers. Take them with a grain of salt.
What would get your attention, a guy writing a check or someone dumping water over himself?
Steve Jobs would never... What, shouldn't Boston College be known as BCE instead of BC? Ha
Yes because there isn't any other data. No one but Apple reports numbers.Still, I wouldn't trust IDC for anything.
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