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Galaxy Fail? I wonder how many ads would be targeted for vandalism.
You do realize that China controls the media.----Back to the topic, how do they get these scores? Who created those terrible Mac Genius ads?
I always thought the first film was set in "present day" at the time. It may have taken a year or so to rise up and then spread anarchy thought the Bay Area. The iPad could have been from ground zero of the primate attack. If they were smart, they would have attacked the electrical infrastructure first.
Ah yes, Google's version of "Open". You can do anything you want with Android as long as you don't change the GUI.
Or the kid has been grounded for a month.
I never publicly said I was straight so am i in the closet?
It depends when the world fell into anarchy. iOS 6 could be the last update prior the fall of civilization.
Technically Ma Bell was bought by a Baby Bell.
Who cares. Unless Tim is changing the Apple logo back to the multi colored one but in the LBGT color order, it shouldn't concern anyone.
Watch the MSM spin it as bad news for only Apple. Luckily I paid my verizon bill yesterday.
New Posts  All Forums: