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I wish the World gets together and say to Sammy: enough of your thievery. The profit from Your sales of stolen tech should be prorated and returned to its rightful owners.
I had to quickly read all the posts prior so I could be first! Haha.
Haha. The iPad has been out since 2010. There's always an opportunity but no one is buying that tripe.
I think the eye pain is caused by Glassholes being punched in the face for wearing the dumb things in public.
But can you dance with the thing? That's what I want to know!
It's the principle. Apple: "you steal out tech, we'll sue the shit out if you. Now **** off. "Quinn's a lawyer and works for Sammy. That's double scummy for him.
Omg Apple TV hasn't been updated in two years!!Apple blew it? In what way? Why would they want a studio? Not every show is a hit. I guess the content on Netflix was so popular, they needed to raise subscription prices. Please Amazon has a different business strategy and goals.By the way, how much 4K content is out there?
NFC? Apple has moved on. Next the analysts will say Apple will add micro USB and sd card slots.
Walt just gave Munster a Nerdgasm.
Another country says "frak you" to Sammy. There has to be some real and meaningful punishment for Sammy's actions.
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