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But can I see ads on the thing?
You brought it up saying Apple wants to force the other guys out of mobile.Let's see Google has "simple common business sense" and Apple is a bully.
Yes, I meant the first iPhone. I didn't mean to say you thought otherwise.The definition of smartphone is arbitrary. Feature phones can install third party apps but it is not easy. That doesn't mean they are smartphones.Smart phones don't live in a vacuum. Apple's market share of all cell phones is increasing if you want to play that game.Again Apple has never had the majority of "smartphone" market share. It hasn't hurt them one bit.
Everything but Amazon is awesome! DOJ to investigate Apple. Amazon is just doing business.
Oh please. Everyone looks for deductions and it's all legal. I'm sure you pay all your taxes including sales tax for online sales, right?
Not black and white. If Google didn't care about market share, why even bother with Android to begin with. They could sell ads on all the platforms and behave decently for a change. Why are they offering free services if they could play ball in the ad games.Apple couldn't care less about the low end market so they have conceded it to those willing to play at that end.
...yet. But as they say, some folks rather be the boss rather than an underling.
Based on what non anecdotal evidence? The "Your verse" campaign is great as is the "Powerful" campaign.
That's been the case for 7 years yet iPhones are still selling shit tons.
Wrong. Usage market share is more important than shipment market share. Devs care about who is using smartphones than who has them. If usage drops to single digits, yea Apple will be in trouble. Then again iOS apps can be used on all idevices. Why do people forget that?The iPhone is most definitely a smartphone. Deny it all you want, but you won't change history.
New Posts  All Forums: