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Exactly. The philly convention center had 6 unions and were losing business. The admins wanted new friendlier work rules and 4 of the 6 signed on by the deadline. The other 2 were SOL and were not allowed to work. Now business is up yet the members of those 2 unions can't work at the center. Plus those 4 were more productive than the 6.
You lost me at "Civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson..."
You blaming Apple for the ridiculousness of the Bay Area housing prices?As another mentioned before, ESPP.So what's the average pay of non manager types at Apple?
BREAKING: Apple market cap falls from $700 billion. Investors questioning Cook. Bad news for iPhone sales.
Puh-lease. Apple needs a detachable keyboard, a stylus, and a kickstand. /s
I bet they will say the phone is stored in a climate controlled case and they only handle it with white gloves in a clean room.
100,000 views?! The horror! /s I'm sure I have some scratches but nothing to cry online about. Plus I have a case to minimize any damage.
Doomed! Hey, I still think Apple needs advice from Business Insider. Hahaha!
More lives may have been saved however the ship still sank and there weren't enough lifeboats for all the passengers anyways.
That's not the lesson. The lesson is to make desirable products.
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