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See post #11.
They probably had the existing products and said we can do so much better than this.The Apple watch was outed long before it was announced.
Im gonna get sick of that jingle. 😄
Prediction: the Apple watch will be compared and measured against all watches just to downplay its success.
1. Design is subjective. I trust Ive's vision.2. My iPhone is usually in my pocket. In cold weather, it's in my jacket and/or covered by my coat. It's easier to check my wrist than unzip my jacket, whip out the iphone.If I'm exercising, I rather take a glance at my watch rather than stop, take the iPhone out.3. iPods were tied to the Mac originally. In due time, Apple watch might be a stand-alone product but we shall see.4. What's wrong with the crown?
While I do believe the watch will be good based on Apple's track record, how can anyone predict how many will be sold? It hasn't been released.
Last time I checked Walkmans at the time couldn't play mp3sDon't worry, I disabled Siri use from the lock screen. It was tough on the 4S but better with the 6 and Touch ID.Troll much? Apple makes news. If the media spends half the time it spends on Apple following other companies, they'll find much worse conditions. At least Apple is trying to do something about it.
Tim Cook to analysts: Keep your advice to yourself. You're usually wrong.
The iPod made the MP3 market what is was prior to the iPhone. The Apple watch might do the same thing with smart watches. Why denigrate a product when you haven't seen it in person?
Isn't the echo plugged in and always listening? I don't want that for Siri.
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