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Except or accept?Google is a thief. F*ck all thieves.
Apple should build a moat and fill it with sharks outfitted with lasers. Apple should put up posts spaced 3-4 feet.
What a coup. Nokia is "Finnished".
Is it a Google jet pack?
What's the source for that average? Does that included taxes? I spent $22K for my car.
I've flown on a plane, have investments, am a white collar worker, semi religious, eaten at McDs. I drink wine or beer, if I'm in the mood. I have an iPhone.
So I can one for
Haha. Sammy would just bribe the govt for a pardon.
No offense, but that's the dumbest idea ever. Apple sells iOS devices. They make money selling iPhones. HTC isn't making money on Android.----So 106% is the new 103%.
His favorite design tool was a copier.
New Posts  All Forums: