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1. Less buggy? I forgot there were no point releases for OS X and iOS over the last 10 years of Jobs.2. I don't know how you can quantify that.3. Jobs wouldn't have liked the 5C. Just like he didn't like the multi color iPods or the fat iPod Nano or the colorful iMacs.4. Forstall was hated or disliked. Most of the insider info that leaked agrees.5. Who's delusional now? Jobs RDF worked so great that he only got Verizon on board immediately after ATT. Oh that didn't...
Follow the money.
Big IF since Apple has a 90% satisfaction rate.As for Sammy, they don't report numbers.
2. Innovate on a schedule, like is a check mark on a To-do list. "Good news, I innovated today. "Stupidest thing, ever.Btw, how long did the iPad come to market from an idea? 6-7 yrs?3. Dumb dumb dumb. I forget that Jobs build 100 different product lines.Right, I forgot iOS 7 was delayed and took 3 years.
Would've could've should've. As of right now, it's still up since Cook officially took over.
Google probably said: you want Maps? Stop frakking with Android. You know, because it's open. Hahaha.
Amazon barely makes money: stock up. Googs wastes 12.5 billion and has a negative ROI on Moto: stock up. Apple makes money hand over fist: stock drops. Perfect sense!
Haha. Great ROI. Where's Googleguy?
Or just block him.
Sammy needs two because one CEO must have deniability while the other bribes the govt.
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