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More lives may have been saved however the ship still sank and there weren't enough lifeboats for all the passengers anyways.
That's not the lesson. The lesson is to make desirable products.
Haha. This exec change for the mobile division is like changing the captain of the Titanic after striking the iceberg.
Predatory pricing isn't free market either."Depending on the outcome, consumers may only recoup $50 million and lawyers $20 million..."What's Amazon's share?
The lesson from all this: don't bullshit, over promise and then under deliver.
This is nonsense.
Concern trolling. Is the 6 "just bigger" or can you pay for things now with just your finger?I don't think you know what a commodity is.
Bullshit. If the DOJ was really worried about the children, they should enforce all the laws.
Dear partner vendors, Stop over promising and under delivering.
Why can't the rest of the tech companies create something original? This is not a "convergence of design". It's laziness.
New Posts  All Forums: