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No it doesn't. The mini is a smaller iPad. No difference in how it works. iPad apps works on both sizes.
Nope. ios was not designed for the mouse just like OS X wasn't designed for touch. Hybrids have failed.Apple has no problem cannibalizing its own products.
Who'd have thought 45 MM iPads would be considered a struggle.
Drones may be cheaper but are they authorized to go down streets at a low altitude? Plus vans aren't noticeable per se.
You have no basis for criticizing her alleged actions. She was a successful CEO of Burberry. Ballmer failed and MS. Elop failed at Nokia.
Rob Enderle is an idiot. Why anyone would pay for his services is beyond me.
Apple has 10% PC market share but take a large chunk of the profits.But this is US numbers, what's Apple worldwide share and correlate that to its worldwide profit.Market share for the sake of market share is pointless.
I believe your point was to remove Tim as CEO but give him less responsibilities.That's like removing Belicheat from his Head Coach job and turn him into a Defensive coordinator. (Side note: he should stop cheating).
Then don't read it. Still it says something when market share is not high on Apple's priority list but it is "winning" that battle in the US.
"Normal" people don't post on tech blogs. So you are not an ideal example of the masses.Why would anyone replace Tim after a record quarter? Define "too much". Tim is doing what he has been doing for 4+ years. Apple hasn't suffered.
New Posts  All Forums: