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Antitrust laws also should prevent predatory pricing. Amazon selling ebooks at a loss is a barrier for entry. That's how they had 90% of the market. You want fair competition? Start with fair pricing.
Right. Amazon holds the publisher's physical books as hostage. Sign the ebook agreement or take your books elsewhere.
Apple doesn't mine your search history, email, social network posts.You can't really hide your age and gender when in public. Or even your location.
As much as I want that to happen, I doubt Android/Windows whatever is going away anytime soon.
Apple has no where near a monopoly-level type of market share.
Sounds like someone is scared.
Looks like Amazon's check to the EU hasn't been received. Imagine if the DOJ here had the balls to take on Amazon instead of stifling competition.
Maybe Apple will put a glass sphere inside the glass cube and then build a glass pyramid around the whole damn structure.
But why would Apple want to sully its brand by licensing?
Why would Apple sell it off? You can get other MP3 players but the writing is on the wall. Apple shouldn't keep things around for nostalgia.
New Posts  All Forums: