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There are more entrants because of the Agency model and not the DOJ's early interference.
So do you have a specific example of this occurring?How can the market set the price when Amazon had a monopoly. Surely you have to give the market time to balance. 2+ years is a small time frame.
You're analogy is wrong.When has the govt acted so quickly in history to level anti trust accusations? This is a relatively new market. Why did The DOJ allow Amazon to set Market Price?Consumer protection is more than just price.
Then Amazon would have cried that Apple is engaging in predatory pricing. DOJ would investigate as well.
Just goes to show that Billboard should stick to covering music and not tech.
-Said no one ever.
Maybe Apple will get a better price? Get this, Dr Dre isn't a real doctor!
1. Apple doesn't take 30% margins. You do realize they pay for servers, CC fees, etc.2. The avg ebook price fell after Apple got in the game.3. Prior to Apple, Amazon used its monopoly power to take up to a 70% discount off the wholesale price.
And how much was Amazon taking prior to Apple being in the market?Thank God the DOJ allowed Amazon to keep a monopoly.
I wear a watch on my left wrist and write with my right hand. I'm under 40 and use it to tell time. I take it off for bed. Still, I don't see a smart watch in my future even if Apple makes one.How does one listen to calls on this watch? Will it be a speaker phone? That won't get annoying.
New Posts  All Forums: