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I know we've posted before, but I don't trust google. You can say they don't want to violate the law, but a $22MM fine is the cost of doing business for Googs.No Apple shouldnt. That's not its DNA.Facebook didn't have ads when it first started. TV networks don't mine my information either but they sell ads.
Why not? iPods and iMacs have different screen sizes.
Three times. The original iPhone was bigger than anything else at the time.
Apple doesn't scan your email, your search history, your social media posts, or your photos for data. There is the difference.Apple used Google data for Maps and when Google wanted more info in exchange for updated features, Apple brought out Apple Maps.
Say you're in a rush and you leave the house. Minutes later, you're wondering if you left the lights on, the door unlocked, or the AC on. Boom, you check your iPhone and turn them off, lock your door, reset the AC temp...
This is a lot better than "installing" ear worms in people.
But it's an iPad. People still look foolish take pics with it let alone video. Then again I'm sure the next iPad will have a better camera.
How about the rumor to reveal an Apple TV Service at WWDC was wrong. How come we don't get those types of stories? Edit: I meant the service.
The services are free but Apple's competing services are not. So for every person that uses free services, that's one less paying for Apple services.
Actually it's probably the law rather than common sense.
New Posts  All Forums: