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You're smart enough to use Google or Bing...
Istanbul not Constantinople?
Or cones of silence.
You can easily switch train cars. You can't switch plane cabins.
Hit these fuckers on all fronts.
Have you been on twitter? Journalists and people respond to negative attacks because they are human.
They should ban it permanently. I don't want to be stuck next to the dbag who can't hear the other caller and forgets to use his indoor voice.
I don't disagree but Apple isn't going to release a Sport version. If Apple deems the tech worthy, then All iphone X will be water resistant.Pct of peeps needing a stylus. Not that significant. There are third party options for those that do.
These "research" companies should be regulated. No use of "others".
So much wrong in this comment.1. iPhone MS isn't that large. They have a good, better, best already. Designing for everyone is designing for no one. Can't please everyone so don't waste time trying.2. How was the 5C botched? It outsold what the 4S did last year.3. Apple doesn't have a problem. Why would the plans change according to device?4. Lots of people use their iPhones outdoors and have no problems. Sport version is a marketing gimmick.My prediction is the 5.5" will...
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