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Google is out to harm Apple and others. That's why it offer its services for "free".Apple isn't out to destroy competition because Apple still charges a premium for its products/services. However that premium offers outstanding value.
The gaps/breaks in the curves are in the same spots! They flipped it, added a layer, traced it and deleted the original. It's a copy.
Yes but if I copy a copywrited text and use a thesaurus to change a couple words and push it as my work, it's still plagiarism.
Yes but fewer and fewer customers do that stuff when they could replace a HD or RAM themselves
You serious? The curves, gaps, spacing are the same if the flip the copy. If this was text, it'll be plagiarism.
Laziness in graphic design.
Yes because Google never works around privacy settings.
Google will probably just use your photos for free in advertising. Why pay for stock photos when some sucker purposely gives them access.
So it's ok for a judge's buddy to fleece Apple because he doesn't have the correct experience? Will Apple get a refund when this whole thing is overturned?
Instead of a fingerprint, Android Pay probably serves a 30 sec ad per use. Who has time to wait for a damn ad. Secured!
New Posts  All Forums: