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I wonder which moron case makers have already started to produce cases for this thing.
This guy seems quiet now
That's why Apple got out of the PC biz and why HP and Dell are thriving. Oh wait.Define the smart phone market. Define the cell phone market. Apple share of the cell phone market is increasing.
Like I said, carriers would put folks in a payment plan. Low cost PCs haven't hurt the Mac bottom line.
I think what it is that no one wants a cheating, slimy company like Sammy to survive. Or a stolen OS for that matter.
Congrats, your comment is still in the running to become America's Next dumb comment.Congrats, your comment is still in the running to become America's Next dumb comment.Stock buy backs, more cash in hand.As for this race to a $1000, that's the stupidest thing ever. Apple could have reversed split to reach that target if it was a meaningful goal.
"Quality control" or lack thereof just about sums that up.This is not the mid nineties. Apple is still selling more iOS devices each qtr (yoy). Devs are making more money on iOS than in Android. iOS users also spend more $$$. A larger % of iOS user spend money.
Who wants only one company? Is that Google's talking points?I wouldn't mind seeing Nokia or HTC survive with Apple.Nope. People are in the mindset to upgrade every two years when their contract runs out. That's not going to change.As for subsidies, I don't think tmobile is doing them anymore. However they offer a payment plan if the lump cost is too high. Likewise for the other carriers if they choose that route.But why would that affect only Apple?
I like it. So much easier to sell 100 shares post split than 14 shares.
Difference is the iPods were different gens and not a cosmetic change.
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