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Nope. Apple announces when it's ready. If they wanted to "cover up a bad qtr" they would announce it the next day.There are more iPads in offices than Macs. It's a numbers game.Good for me, then, on both!
More likely due to the announced layoffs.Googs could release shitty product after shitty product and WS will reward them.
That sound you hear is Microsoft employees collectively shitting themselves.
Sign me up. I predict 100 billion sales in its first year.
Sammy never lies /s btw, what was the difference in battery life? 10%?You shouldn't. I don't. I just bring my charger with me or stop using pointless apps if I'm on the go.
It's east to get big percentages with small numbers.
Doomed! It's fascinating Apple still has 50% of the orders even though Andtoid is "winning". I personally use my Mac to order but look things up on my iPhone. Wtf is Amazon doing?
This is obviously bad news just for Apple. /s
Most investors didn't lose confidence, douchebag. Nothing has changed in five months. How you still have a job is amazing to me.
Doesn't Apple "surprise" these analysts all the time? Many analysts are surprised Apple still exists, still surprised Apple us making money, still surprised Apple does anything positive.
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