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Apple doesn't have to beat the Chinese manufacturers in China, Apple just has to take the middle to high end of the market.
So a rumored product has rumored components, a rumored volume manu rate and a rumored release date. Analysts thinks it's rumored to be more successful than the iPad? Yea, right.
Quote from disgruntled former employee? Check. Fitting a story to a predetermined headline? Check.
The vast majority wouldn't know that. Hell, I had to Google the Pixies song.
SosumiIs it trademarked? The story doesn't say.
Once it's announced, the DOJ will announce they are investigating Apple's free OS.
You're kidding me, right? The Mac Pro is a professional grade machine.It's whiners like you that complain Apple hasn't released stuff like they "promised." Apple has maintained products will be released through 2014. It's five+ months into the year. Wait until Nov to complain if they haven't released a thing.
Look at a fucking calendar. There are twelve months in a year and we haven't hit the halfway mark.Apple has a clear vision. How many consumer-level accessories are TB2?
Nothing will advance if "none" was a choice.
It's only a multiple choice if "other" was one of the choices.
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