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This is a "feature". Everyone wants their email addresses be filled with spam. /s
Keep biting the hand that fed you, Frakkers.
These retailers still accept non NFC credit cards. Also the cc fees are baked into the product prices. So cash customers are subsidizing credit card buyers.
I'm sure they'll sell "millions". It would be deemed a success since it probably top the TV dongle sales charts.
Fun thread. As a shareholder, I hope cvs changes its mind.
Haha. Facts? Who needs facts when you can get more page views?Possible NYT headline: Apple partner lousy with security.
Are you using the same app? I'm replying to you with the app right now.
I want the judge to say "GPNE has wasted everyone's time and is now required to pay Apple's legal fees."
I'm sure there's a "Troll Apple fan sites" app in the Play store.
Possible NYT headline: Apple double charging Apple Pay users. Paragraph 10 of expected article: ...this glitch is not Apple's fault per se, but with Bank of America...
New Posts  All Forums: