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But but but what about the folks who preordered but get a June delivery time?!
Why is he suing Apple? Apple should take the work down if it was plagerised.
I didn't flag him for anything and I received a "reply from him" notification in my email but don't see his post.In any case my original analogy applies. There's a finite number of apple watches available for preorder. It was exhausted.
Thats a common troll trope: Apple is a religion.Apple didn't guarantee apple watches would be available to everyone if they preordered.Your complaint is analogous to people complaining about the home team not selling them tickets to the opening day game because it's sold out. The team should have added more seats to the stadium due to the obvious demand.
Unscientific polls are useless. Perhaps slightly better than anecdotal evidence but still useless.
You just stated "No one is suggesting that "everyone" who wanted a watch would get it on 4/24" so why are you complaining? Where in the press release did it say NoSpamMan is guaranteed to get an Apple Watch?Apple has rarely had the supply to fulfill all demand for preorders. That's the fact of life.Apple is multinational like you said but they're not going to delay their roll out schedule until demand is met in the initial roll out. That's ludicrous.And you're right, it's...
Point to the press release where Apple said everyone who wants a watch would get it on 4/24.More crying because you couldn't get one. Fact is you're not the only one who wanted the watch. That is the TRUTH.Where did you get 97% from? Oh right, it's just a made up number. So if they announce 3MM Preorders, 100 million watches would have been in demand on day one? That's more than the 75 MM iPhones sold in the holiday qtr.
1000 units? Hahaha. Demand is high deal with it. They probably has a couple million or so units for the rollout countries.They didn't over promise anything. Point to the PR where they said everyone will get a watch in April. They have millions available but that's for all countries in the immediate rollouts (not just the initial one).
Well the numbers do bear that out with respect to the competitors, doesn't it?A 1st gen device will never be a 100% perfect. That said even 85% is damn good for a 1st gen.Apple doesn't need to artificially limit supplies for hype. Good business sense is to sell everything it can make.
Probably similar to those who upgraded from the 5 to the 5S.I can't fathom any prediction until Apple releases initial numbers. Currently everyone is guessing and it's not an educated guess.
New Posts  All Forums: