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More bad news for Apple: 1000 infants were surveyed and none of them knew what an Apple watch was.
That's what she said. Sorry, too easy.I don't know if the Apple watch will be a success but to predict it will be a failure is foolish. We barely know anything about it.
So why does AAA single out Siri? Why not Google Now and the majority of Android? Click bait. I've never txt or update Twitter/FB while driving. Oh Android users are too cheap to own a car. I'm joking. Haha.
Bullshit. You know it.
Perhaps it's AT&T. I preordered my 6 from Verizon on 9/13. It was quoted to be delivered on 10/14. I recd it on 9/30.
It read this as iBacon. I'm hungry now.
Bizarre. I've been rubbing my 6 all over my facial hair and nothing happens.
Negative headlines attract trolls and hence page views.
It's not Apple's job to create a market for competion. Survival of the fittest.Plus the Apple of the 80s/90s is a lot different of the Apple of today. Apple has focus now.
They didn't pay for the prototype. They paid for a regular iPhone.
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