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DOJ: Apple is getting close. Time for an investigation.
How'd you take a pic of my thumb? Or are you kind of giving a thumbs up to the 4.7"?
Sharks with death rays?How can investors be happy with this waste of money?
Calm down. Chillax.
Sammy makes money by stealing, copying, bribing, etc. it's shameful. They are like those sub prime mortgage companies. Can't wait for Sammy's bubble to burst in consumer electronics.
None are those products were game changers.And yet you shortchange Cook. The iPad mini/Air, Mac Pro come to mind.
How long until Sammy steals this.
I thought they moved to surfing hot spots. Big Sur comes to mind.
Mine, too. But he did that on purpose.
This could be proven if the other guys release actual numbers. But they don't because these numbers make them look better.No they include 2-in-1 Windows PCs and "others" as tablets after they exclude tablet PCs and "others" in the beginning. They are arbitrarily defining the market.This is why there is no "tablet" market but a PC market.
New Posts  All Forums: