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Just semantics, but Apple didn't throw things out there to see what sticks.It just took 14+ years, but the iPod has failed. /s
No, I think your point was Apple's a horrible partner/customer and you shouldn't do business with them. All I'm saying is once you sign the deal you have no reason to complain. Just deliver what you promised.
Don't like the terms? Don't sign the deal.I'm sure if your contractor is building your house and says it'll cost twice as much and take twice as long you'll just go along with it.
Steve Jobs would never...
Fair enough. And my comment was geared towards unlimited apps running simultaneously. There has to be a limit. Perhaps not 2 but definitely
I rec'd my 64 GB about a month or so after release.Source? It's not crippled. It may be lacking for you, but 16 GB is perfectly fine for someone who plays a handful of games and/or just checks, the Internet, email, Facebook.
But an iPad isn't a laptop replacement for "power" users.It's easier to increase when your numbers were small to begin with.Still iPad sales > Surface shipments.
Why would you want to do that? So it'll drain your battery faster? Consume more data faster?
Well then that's their fault. When you settle, you already know it's not what you wanted. So you have a built-in complaint.
Well they probably do but Apple probably has the "out clause" where they can break the contract if certain goals aren't met.
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