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I hear you. I don't use Apple Pay yet until discover gets on board.They shouldn't have installed the NFC terminals if they weren't going to use them. It's easier to add than it is to remove.
Absolutely. The media companies own a lot of networks so to keep those niche networks operating, they'll charge more for the popular ones.
And that's Google's promotion of Wallet. It didn't work out for them. Plus how many android devices have NFC?I predict in due time, you'll see the Apple Pay logo if that is what Apple wants.
Like you said, they already have NFC terminals. If they didn't have them, it wouldn't have been this cluster for them.
Let's be honest here, Google wallet has been around for awhile. CurrentC didn't deem them a threat. Apple Pay comes along and they are scared.
This is a "feature". Everyone wants their email addresses be filled with spam. /s
Keep biting the hand that fed you, Frakkers.
These retailers still accept non NFC credit cards. Also the cc fees are baked into the product prices. So cash customers are subsidizing credit card buyers.
I'm sure they'll sell "millions". It would be deemed a success since it probably top the TV dongle sales charts.
Fun thread. As a shareholder, I hope cvs changes its mind.
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