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Hateful much? Don't lump all Christians together. Besides, have you been to the Middle East? Where is your Muslim hate?Ain't that the truth.Don't lump all Christians as one group. That's being a bigot as well.
5 yrs may be too short but there should be a limit. You shouldn't be able to patent things if you can't eventually use it. While future companies shouldn't be able to patent it either, you shouldn't be allowed to sit on it until someone violates it.I did read the ADD article. Apple did use it until Jobs came back.
Maybe it's just an indicator for readers to skip/block.
More channel stuffing. Come back with some usage information.
500 mm Androids. 59% US. Kindle Fire has 33%. So you expect us to believe Amazon sold 98 MM units?Oh btw, the report indicated 500 unique devices, not Android devices.
True but if there was a time limit, Apple would have been using it all those years in between.
Uncalled for.Probably the same rate George Soros pays.
I think he said the analytic companies excluded Japan in the charts to show Android was "winning" everywhere but the US.
It's Sammy. They didn't spend $14 billion on just commercials and ads.
I agree. Use it or lose it within 5 years or so after patent is granted. As long as you make a product using the patent, it won't expire.
New Posts  All Forums: