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When did the One come out and when did the Sammy clone come out? If it's just branding, why did Sammy copy every almost everything about the iPhone. Why didnt Sammy just brand its pre-clone phone?
Because Moto and HTC didn't copy Apple down to the icons.
Before stealing Apple tech, did anyone know they owned a Sammy phone? Branding, my ass.
I thought teen interest in the iPhone is waning and that teens love large screens. Why can't these analysts make up their minds.
Thankfully they aren't calling it the "mmmBop" platform.
Apple doesn't cater to the lowest common denominator. If the customer doesn't care about performance and would settle for a underpowered laptop, perhaps they actually need an iPad. Apple makes those.
She's probably the only good thing in the movie.
Well thieves will avoid the house with the sign. They'll attempt to break into the house without the sign before being scared off.
Is JP Morgan's new Apple blog called iStupid? iOS isn't made for a mouse. Get over it.
I hate when data has an Apple-bias. /s
New Posts  All Forums: